Thursday, March 19, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150319 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Osaka (Day 5)

  • (cr:marichami1918) Changmin became bare-chested
  • (cr:tv5xq_yusu)Yunho said "Thank you for loving Yunho" \ "Daijyobu mata aerukara (t/n: don't worry, we'll be able to see each other again) \ At the ending, walking backstage \ "See you again! Right here!" \ I burst into tears. Thank you.
  • (cr:chamivv0218) Yesterday, Changmin seemed so tired...but today, he was dancing light steps, playing around with the dancers, and was smiling more than ever. He was in very good spirits. Good, I'm relieved.
  • (cr:mikanbread) Yunho's last greetings "Thank you very much for loving me, Yunho, just the way I am."
  • (cr:tvxq_shimuu) Changmin talked about the military, even twice today. "I may go somewhere, someday. At that time, please think Xiumin as me, and support him." I know that he said the words knowing that the Bigeasts will not leave Tohoshinki, but I didn't think he will talk so frankly about the military. Should this be from kindness, Changmin's way?
  • (cr:Changminnn777) OMG xDD Minho and Kyuhyun caught the balls that Tohoshinki threw to them, and immediately gave them away to the fans. But Xiumin caught the ball, hesitated for a moment, and then, put it into his TREE MA1 jacket's pocket xDD Oh, he is really a fan of Tohoshinki xDDDD
  • (cr:yunosanfun) The concert ended. Even during the final video (credit roll), the Tohoshinki call didn't cease. So amazing!
  • (cr:minodonghae) Yunho said "We are lucky that we have wonderful staffs and, of course the fans." But it is not just from luck. You've made so many efforts beyond our imagination, that is the reason you have wonderful staffs, and so many fans.

  • they asked about who had not listened to WITH yet, fans were cheering loudly then they said why are you so excited about it
  • asking people to listen to it a lot, that way they can feel everyone’s love. then they talked about the 10th anniversary’s special meaning
  • So both Changmin and Yunho sang and danced a bit of Growl f: nodako206 because Xiumin is there f: qingxin218
  • f: nodako206 changmin: abt ur gag some staff have come to say tt multiples of 3 isn't 10 yunho:... I just realised this (silent for v long😂)
  • f: nodako206 before yunho left the stage, he said: we will meet again. In this place.


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