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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150318 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Osaka (Day 4)

  • (cr:01B2STVfXQ05) Changmin seemed so tired. His high notes were not as usual, he was messing up his hair, stooping forward to put all his strength into the song, and also bending backwards. He was doing all his could in order to uplift himself. He was unsteady during Love in the ice and Rising sun, he grew so pale.
  • (cr:_____jjoppa) Changmin looked so tired TT He didn't seem so during the first half, but on the second half...he was bending foward so many times, laying his hand on his knee, messing his hair, he looked painful so many times. During the encore, he didn't run on the stage. At the last pose of Rising sun, he looked unsteady, and the lights went off there.
  • (cr:sayu_urin33) YH: Oh, here, its soooooooo warm xDD YH: Oh, I really want to eat Yakiniku (grilled meat) xDD Yunho suddenly said Yakiniku xDD Yunho is so cute xDDD
  • (cr:sayu_urin33) I feel so sorry that only 3 days (of the concert) are left, but all the staffs around us are doing their best, so I am really happy that I became a member of Tohoshinki. I really like the staffs here, and I also love the audience here! I am really happy!
  • (cr:scck_0318) Changmin's closing words. "I feel lonely that the Kyocera concert will end tomorrow, but we will surely come back again. Until the day, everyone, I hope all of you will be well.
  • (cr:_TVXQmania) Changmin said about Yunho, who tend to stand in the center of the stage as "center illness" xDD "Look! You're coming to the center again!" xDD
  • (cr:moco2627tvfxq) I think Tohoshinki showed us today "the superior brilliancy of life". That was what I thought today.
  • (cr:shokorara) Before singing Sakuramichi, Yunho said "I want to put much expression into the song, since it is a very special, meaningful song. During the time he sang the song, he was nodding his head looking at the audience, and when Changmin was singing, he was again nodding his head looking at Changmin. Yes, I understand that it is a special, meaningful song for you, Yunho. I will treasure every moment I hear you sing the song.
  • (cr:rinlope) During the introduction of Sakuramichi - CM: The Sakura is not in bloom yet in Osaka, is it? Audience: Not yet! CM: I am sorry that I couldn't see the Sakura here... Audience: You should come again!! The Kansai girls are so strong xDD The audience burst out laughing.
  • (cr:chami0604) Changmin looked as though he was shortening his life today, I was in tears. He was really great.....
  • (cr:shihoho26) Yunho said the words looking at the seats where some of the performance can only be partly seen, "I think it is difficult to see some of the performances there, isn't it? But, thank you so much for cheering so loudly!" TT He said the words with a warm smile.

  • yunho: we're rly glad you are part of Tohoshinki too #tohowithtourosaka day 4 i feel lonely that there are only 3 days left, but the staff around me are doing their best, so I am really glad that I became a member of Tohoshinki. I really like the staff here, and I also really like the people (audience) here! I am really happy!
  • f: scck_0318 Changmin’s greeting ment: tomorrow, this year’s kyocera dome concert will end, it is sad but i will return to a healthy form again. everyone, please be healthy.
  • f: shokorara Before singing Sakuramichi, Yunho: "I want to sing (the song) with great emotion as it is a meaningful song. When singing, Yunho was nodding his head while watching the audience, when Changmin was singing, he was nodding his head as well, while looking at him.
  • today, yunho’s maximum was the best. in that moment, he seized the power of the place. it is all yunho’s world. f:baborina
  • f: 212ykc825 i had an good view during DIRT, yunho made the Honey Bunny ears next to his head. ah, isn’t it hard?! Camera timing, take note
  • Yunho’s last greeting: I really want to say, the truth is just that it is all. i really like (in osaka dialect) f: yunhospace
  • f: shihoho26 yunho looked at the seats with restricted view and said: “it must have been hard for you to see (the concert) but thank you for supporting us a lot”

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