Sunday, March 15, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150315 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Osaka (Day 2)

  • f: qingxin218 start of the mc ment- yunho: changmin, how are you feeling today? changmin: not bad today.
  • f: qingxin218 changmin used a wrong word. he said: i am korea. yunho: not korea. it’s korean.
  • Changmin said that this is his favourite song f: qingxin218
  • F: qingxin218 changmin took off his jacket while in the cart and he was just wearing a mesh vest inside.
  • Changmin was dressed like this (just the mesh top) when they sang LITI f: qingxin218
  • Changmin and hayfever (possible reason for his not feeling well? :) f: qingxin218
  • Today during Special One, Yunho made a ‘C’ with his hand. Changmin thanked Cassiopeia too. f: @12262618
  • f:12262618 Changmin was giving off T1ST0RY feels and both had a peaceful appearance

  • About "Sakuramichi" (cr. mocaminnie) CM: it's a perfect song for cherry blossoms, pollen allergy, and a runny nose!
  • (mocaminnie) CM: It wasn't like this in the past but the more we've activities in Japan, the more I've pollen allergy
  • (mocaminnie) YH: Singing for you all has become so much fun and I thought, "so that's why we've been working so hard"
  • Changmin: "So Sakuramichi is a cheering song so we won't lose to pollen allergy and runny noses!!!" XD (cr M6002H_WEareT)

  • (chamivv0218) Sakuramichi's intro CM: a friend who attended this tour said this was a nice song. It's Kyu. Such a cheeky guy.
  • (cr. chissyuh) Today during LITI Changmin took off his pink jacket. At the 'haa' part, he did some movements with his chest


Credits: As tagged + reminisccence + qingxin
Translated by: TVXQSound + clefaire + snxy + LuvTV2XQ
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