Saturday, March 14, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150314 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Osaka (Day 1)

  • Changmin singing BEGIN -
  • (cr:akapitvxq7) Yunho got suntan at Hawaii, and became more handsome. He looks good with a tan
  • (cr:yun_my_treasure) (Mar 14 WITH Osaka) Yunho's words "I cried here in Osaka before, so I'm saying that I won't cry again. But seeing the faces of everyone, I thought it is good to be an artist." "I am really happy that I could do a concert tour this year. I am very happy that I could meet all of you on this special year, on this special day. I am very happy!"
  • (cr:hnniedidityaa) Hearing the encore for the song "Begin", - YH "One day, we may sing the song!" CM "For those who want to hear more, they have to go to the Karaoke with me" YH "There isn't a Karaoke (room) that all these people can get into! There isn't!" he was saying it desperately xD
  • (cr:minho2186) Changmin said "There isn't a new story today, so I will sing a little bit of a song that all of you know very well." and he sang one phrase of "Begin". Yunho said "Changmin! Oh, Lovin you is really a good song!!" Changmin said "No.. the song is BEGIN xDDD"
  • (cr:yunpeco1250) pic Today is White day❤️ Should they have thrown candies since there were so many pitiful girls at the concert? xDD
  • (cr:TVXQ_U_Know1226) I got a White day candy from Changmin!
  • (cr:610theyunjaetic) (during the MC) Yunho gave Changmin some time to speak, and Changmin sang "Begin". Yunho said "Lovin' you is a very nice song", then, Changmin said "Oh, this song is not Lovin' you" and sang a bit of Lovin' you, too. The audience called "once more!", and then, he again sang "Begin".
  • (cr:aru_mina_) During the introduction of Sakuramichi, Changmin said "You shouldn't go to a different (artist's) live concert a year from now, thinking about Sakuramichi. For me, those words were the high light of today...I think, those words were his true inner feelings...
  • (cr:aru_mina_) They threw candies from the trolley since today is White day. He said countless times "Coming here on white day, you poor girls" xDD And, he introduced Sakuramichi as a song that will give us poor girls courage and hope xD
  • (cr:Ari3ming) "For those who don't have partners although today is White day, you can find your partner here." said Yunho. Then, Changmin said "No, the men have the right to choose, too." xDDDDDDDD Don't be silly, who should be the reason why we don't have partners

  • #TohoWithTour in Osaka today's receipt (in dialect) CM: Osaka, I really like you! YH: follow us properly~^^ (owners)
  • (cr. hiroyunhoho) During Somebody To Love - Yunho: Minna mecha daisukiya~! ("I love everyone" in Kansai dialect)


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