Monday, March 9, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150308 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Seoul (Day 2)

  • Epik High, Haru and Dok2 are at #XIAinSeoul day 2 concert! And Junsu sang H.O.T's Celebration(축복)! (Source: 癫狂柱)
  • Junsu danced to Survivor and he did a double encore which is Tarantallegra because fans requested
  • Haru raised her hands during Genie Time and fans shouted Haru but Junsu didn't hear it aw (Source: 癫狂柱)
  • TABLO IS ON STAGE!!! (Source: 麦_M)
  • Everyone went crazy when Tablo was on stage. After the performance ended, everyone screamed Tablo together. ㅋㅋ (Source: 癫狂柱)
  • Junsu said that Tablo is his first invited guest in his solo concert. First guest in 10 years. Everyone's getting crazy~ (Source: 麦_M)
  • All members of Epik High are present. Haru seems a bit tired and thus a little unhappyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (Source: 麦_M)
  • Fans requested triple encore. Junsu talked about the broadcasting ban and said he has never tried acting for a drama yet. (Source: 麦_M)

  • Fans ask JS to continue to sing. He said your parents, kids and hubby are waiting at home! Fans shouted they don't have hubby!
  • Chinese fans ask JS how to say "My Night" in Chinese when he intro this song. JS was shy and said "Thank You" in Chinese!
  • Tablo and Epik High members at Junsu's concert today! 👏👏👏 (KISSJYJ)
  • JS with his new bareback top: "I've chg 2day, I used to get screams when I turn to the front, now it's when I turn to my back."
  • Junsu "forced" to do Double Encore Tarantallegra under fans' pressure and dancers' "betrayal"!
  • Haru raised her hand during Genie Time. Fans shouted "Haru!" like crazy to Junsu but Junsu still didn't heard them~
  • Everyone went crazy when Tablo came on stage to sing 'Flower' and shouted Tablo's name after the song ended!
  • Fans shouted for Junsu to do Triple Encore! Junsu stunned and said he can open another concert if he continues to encore!
  • JS: "I won't appear on TV as I don't act in dramas, movies etc." Fans shouted "Scent Of A Woman"! JS: "Don't even mention that!"
  • Staff kept giving water for fans to drink in the mosh pit but many fans are still being carried out. JS insists not throwing out his towel today after seeing the quarrel yesterday.
  • JS: "JYJ are really like secondary school students whenever we get together, even our managers are very shocked. I don't know why when we're 2gether, I become very funny. JJ will smile a bit more too. YC loves to joke too much."

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Translated by: yunjaery + vichellelicious
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