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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150307 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Seoul (Day 1)

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  • Finished playing Incredible. Now intro vcr!
  • Red Ocean for Xia Flower Con in Seoul Day 1!!!! ♡♡♡
  • INCREDIBLE!! Velvet sky blue tranch coat, black vest, black pants
  • Intro ment. Greeting. JS: Its been awhile. Us: YES!!!
  • X Song
  • Trench coat off. Sleeveless black vest & black pants
  • X song. Lots of hip thrusting. Lots of gyrating and body touching. Nice. Ends w lots of swag!
  • LULLABYE~~~~
  • Junsu got on his knees during the long note & starting gyrating on the floor
  • VCR. Red jacket. Black shirt.
  • Staging is beautiful w lots of LED lights & flower shapes... both in lights & cut outs
  • Love You More ♡
  • Junsu is on a raised platform behind a transparaent curtain that diff images are being projected on. Really pretty
  • Reach. White suit w loose white cotton shirt underneath. The platform went down and now singing w spotlight on him.
  • Ment now.
  • Junsu wiped his sweat off w a towel & all the fans in standing yelled & tried to reach for it. ㅋㅋ
  • 나의 밤 (My Night). Still in white suit. Sitting on a chair & singing. His voice & the music are so gentle
  • Now he's saying 나의 밤 in Eng & Jpn.
  • Ment
  • OST medley now
  • Interview VCR now
  • 나비 now. Butterfly suspension cart is now liwering onto the stage. Junsu wearing a purple suit with a dark fur vest
  • Junsu being lowered into the center stage in the middle of standing now.
  • Genie Time - First request. I Will Always Love You. He was very confused & asked the aud to sing it for him!!
  • He understood at the end but said he didnt know it orz. First request was on a board w th album art on it. Evryne was impressed
  • Now rapping Outsider =) Stops & laughs but comes back strong! BIG APPLAUSE
  • A fan asked him to sing Baloons but he said no. Now a fan asked him to sing No Gain. Asked fans for dance requests
  • DJ just did a mix of about 7~8 songs for him to dance. But mostly he just grooved to the music rather than actual choreo
  • Last request. Girl gave him a file folder full of DB5K songs.
  • Oh that wasnt the last request. He's doing 1 more.
  • He sang Always There for the 2nd request & then I'll Protect You for the ladt request
  • Junsu still in the center stage. Junsu playing green lasers. Tons of fireworks! Outta Control
  • LICENSE TO LOVE. Getting back on butterfly suspension. White confetti over audience
  • Dancers Dance Time.
  • The Out of Control choreo was awesome. Junsu and the dancers hit that dance so hard. They did a circle formation w lots of crumping mixed in
  • Musical in Life. Started out w tap dancing w umbrella. JS is so cute in this. Lots of funny moments in this. End w tap dancing
  • Ment now. Changing from pin mic to hand mic. Talking about the different musicals he's done.
  • Loving You Keeps Me Alive from Dracula
  • VCR now. Looks like a bts of the album. Junsu in meetings & in the recording booth, dance practice & styling
  • Now album jacket photoshoot. Screams for Junsu in the sheet
  • Flower. Red jacket no shirt underneath. Black pants. Church background. This choreo is AMAZING!!!!
  • Tablo perf was recorded & projected in b&w in the background.
  • Encore now. Singing 사랑숨
  • Junsu wearing black jacket, black pants, & black Flower tshirt.
  • Junsu wiping sweat w the pink concert slogan. Fans yelled for it. And Js teased throwing it.
  • JS then really threw the pink towel but it fell short-- just off the stage so standing cldnt reach it. Fans roared w laughter
  • JS looked a little embarrassed. Grabbed hot pink towel fo standing b & white towel for standing a.
  • Fans at JS's con are so responsive. Screamed all the heys and scream paradise during chorus & after he says go
  • Gold streamers shoot out at the end of FLP. JS did the dudududu gun sound & knife slaying w us at the end

  • When Junsu received the sheet music during Genie time, he said 'These are songs during TVXQ time'. The people were screaming that he should sing another song but Junsu said that he must sing it because it's the fan's wish. I don't know the other wishes but many were sent back to the fans, but in the end, he sang a TVXQ5 songㅠㅠ cr: 5ilse_fam

  • Junsu wipe his sweat using a towel and threw to fans!! he said fans all all very kind and find his sweat clean but in fact, it's same as everyone.
  • Papa and Mama Kim is there at Junsu's concert today!
  • Junsu said, last time he went to beyonce's concert, when she wipe her sweat, he was hoping to get the used towel from her too.
  • Junsu: It’s hot here right? Fan: Yes! Junsu: I’m sorry.
  • (there’s a fan shouted, it sounds abit hoarse. Junsu: Who’s the one shouting just now? You should make some rock music.
  • Junsu: According to korea, I’m already 30 this year. But “3” is just a number to me. but I feel good to be 30. Man starts from 30 yrs old!
  • Junsu: Butterfly is a ballad song written by my own brother. It’s one of my favourite. I’m actually shocked by the lyrics. How can one who used to be a baseball player wrote such a great song
  • Fan requested Junsu to throw his towel again. He swing it for a few times,but in the end it drop down infront of the stage
  • Junsu suddenly said "Hello everyone, I'm XIA. How's your parents doing? (in Chinese)

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Translated by: paulisteu + XIAkiss
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