Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150304 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Osaka (Day 2)

  • JS: For the tour last year, I said "let's do Mission!!", but the 2 others said "it's tough!!" so we didn't do it!! XD #XIAinOsaka (kissb__s)

  • JS: "Everyone's putting in a lot of effort today! It's more vigorous than yesterday! (Fan boys started shouting "JUNSU" loudly)"
  • Junsu: "Everyone got a shock when I suddenly flew up yesterday? Guess you all are not shocked today...I don’t have phobia of height... I had dreams of flying when I was young..."
  • Junsu said the curry he ate at “YOI-DON!” TV show was really yummy
  • He likes to eat Takoyaki, thus fans asked him to pose as "Takoyaki" (picture below.
  • JS: "The curry was too yummy, I forget about dieting, kept eating. I then suddenly recalled that I’m still recording on-air."
  • Fan boy who bought Junsu Unagi Rice a year ago came yesterday and today! He shouted “Junsu” and Junsu recognized him! Fan boy was then invited on stage and Junsu gave him a hug!!!
  • JS said it’s last 2 songs, fans said they don’t want (to end)! JS: “I actually still can go on as my stamina is very good..But uncles are very scary, all of you should go back earlier... Your mom and kids are waiting for you at home~"
  • Fans request Junsu to speak with “baby tone”, he said “Yoochun does the best and is cutest when he speaks with "baby tone"!” “I stop speaking with “baby tone” in my 20s, if I do it again, fangirls will be alright, fanboys will feel disgusted..." Fans said it’s ok! So Junsu said “A~RI~GA~TO~” with “baby tone”!!!
  • JS: “I always pick fast songs during encore, but this time I chose a ballad song. I really want to sing until tomorrow...But like I said yesterday, it’ll be very difficult for the person-in-charge of this hall..Don’t you think it actually feels good to leave a little bit of regret? In the past during JYJ concerts I said before that my Japanese is only "primary school" standard, thus please forgive me for my bad Japanese."
  • JS: “I want to open a 6-hours concert, eat Unagi Rice, barbeque Takoyi, sleep for 1 hour, and continue with the concert. But I can’t do this alone, I need to do it together as JYJ."
  • JS: "Honestly, I was really very nervous when I went on “YOI-DON!” TV show. As it’s in Osaka, I worried that I’m unable to understand the language. Used to think that I’m having fun during shows. But now I’ll do a lot of preparations and still be feeling very nervous."

  • Everyone was shocked when i flew out yesterday. I don't have phobia of height, it's one of my dream to fly when I was young
  • Genie Time. Junsu dance mission. (Fan requested yesterday but he didn't do it. So he did it today)
  • Actually they planned to put mission as one of the song list in JYJ con, but they decided not to cause it's too tiring.
  • After performing "Musical in life" Junsu ask fans how was it. This song is specially selected from all the musical roles he had acted on.
  • He even went to learn Tap dancing for this concert. but I find it quite interesting.
  • This is the last 2 songs. fans: No, Junsu: my stamina is quite good but you guys have to get home earlier because the uncle here are scary. your paretns and kids are all waiting for you.
  • Fan wanted Junsu to speak like a baby and Junsu said " Yoochun can imitate baby voice very well and very cute!
  • Junsu: If I try to speak like a baby, probably you guys will find it ok, but fanboy will feel disgusted?
  • fan: It's OK. Junsu then said "A ri ga tou" in a super cute tone
  • Junsu: how do you guys settle you kids and came to my concert?your kid will be thinking "What time are you coming back"
  • I choose a ballad song as an encore piece because I always choose a fast song to end the concert.
  • Feel like singing till tmr but like what I had said yesterday. The staff working here will be in a difficult position.
  • Last time during JYJ concert, I did said that my Japanese is bad. Please forgive me for that.

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