Tuesday, March 3, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150303 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Osaka (Day 1)

  • (cr:ANGEL3JYJ) Junsu sang Midohyo (t/n: I Believe)
  • (cr:rw_gamja25) JS "While I'm preparing, everyone, please go on doing the 'Rassungorerai' (t/n: YH is continuously using the phrase 'Rassungorerai' during the WITH concert) Audience "Rassungorerai, rassungorerai' (claps)
  • (cr:tvxq_pg) Junsu didn't seem to know 'Rassungorerai' so well, however, he was so cute doing it xD
  • (cr:_____jjoppa) At the end of the concert, Junsu said "I don't want to speak anything negative... I get so embarrassed so I don't say it often...but I really love all of you" It is rare that Junsu says "I love you". He isn't the kind of KPOP singers who easily say "I love you". I was very impressed.
  • (cr:_____jjoppa) Junsu genie time - 1.BACK SEAT Japanese version: Junsu seemed to have forgotten the lyrics, so when the song started, he was standing stiffly xDDDD He was stiff for the whole minute, he looked so cute xDDD \\ 2.Emotionally sing Midohyo \\ 3.Emotionally sing "That Man" (Secret Garden)
  • (cr:_____jjoppa) "I don't want to sing ordinary songs" said Junsu. I thought...he is truly the King of Songs....The songs which Junsu makes are very special, nobody can do it in the same way.
  • (cr:er_1215ti) During the ballads, everyone was listening so earnestly, and the whole venue was very quiet. Junsu himself said "I felt like I was singing alone, just by myself."
  • (cr:si_sole235) The voices calling for the encore was mixed, "Kim Junsu" and "Xia Junsu". Sitting near the ceiling, it seemed like "Shim Junsu" to me xD
  • (cr:xiahponta) pic.twitter.com/wCuRgPNGK2 Thank you, Kansai TV (t/n: the flower stand on the right is from Kansai TV, Yo-idon staffs)
  • (cr:xiam0101) Yes! For Midohyo, he once stopped a bit in the middle, but right after that, he said "I was singing the chorus part, so the melody part didn't come out right away. Oh, I was singing at this pitch..." and he also sung his own part. He said that the song made him recall the memories of the past.

  • Junsu: I really love you, everyone! You know...I'm not like Jaejoong. I'm not very good with words like this. (Dopi_yjbrownie)
  • When singing Mideoyo... Junsu: My part was not difficult to sing! (Dopi_yjbrownie)
  • JS: Did you listen to the album? Fans: Still listening~ JS: Why? JS: (tough expression) You don't like me? Fans: We like you! JS: I knowㅋㅋ
  • Junsu sang the first verse of Mideoyo
  • Junsu didn't really know Rassun Gorerai so he said that he'll look for it on youtube today, practice, and he'll do it perfectly tomorrow.
  • The fan who requested got the spelling of Mideoyo wrong. She spelled it as 'mideoyeo 믿어여' instead
  • So a male fan requested during Genie time that Junsu should dance Xiahtic but Junsu refused lol (gain__xia)
  • Male fan: JUNSUUUUUU~~~~! Junsu: It was a man, right? Male fan: JUNSUUUUUU~~~!!! Junsu: I love you. (Dopi_yjbrownie)
  • Junsu: You don't like Junsu?
  • Junsu and the dancers started doing tap dance like Charlie Chaplin during Musical in Life.

  • Junsu sang Miduhyo omg!!! (A few lines maybe) (Source: VV_aka)
  • Fans asked Junsu to say "rassungorerai" and Junsu stammered while repeating it once. Then he clapped and said it thrice. Junsu: What does it (rassungorerai) mean? Fans: No meaning. Junsu: No meaning... (Source: kuroichigo15/duanmubu)
  • "The shock brought about by Flower is not presented in the MV. I was totally stunned when I watched the live."
  • "Too many jokes happened during #XIAinOsaka concert. He fell as soon as he appeared."
  • Fanboy: Junsu! Junsu: Was that a man who shouted? Fanboy: Junsu!!! Junsu: I love you~ (Source: _6oa2jxn/duanmubu)
  • Fans were looking at Junsu's crotch at the last part because his crotch area was shiny and it looked both like zipper's open and design HAHA
  • Junsu: I didn't want to say such things... I love everyone. I'm not good in expressing my thoughts like this. I'm sorry.
  • Junsu threw something at an area and the fans pretended to be shot. Junsu then act as if he's shooting bullets at them and they co-operated.

  • Junsu: "Have you heard all songs in the album? Someone said she/he hasn't? You don't like me anymore?"
  • Genie Time – Fan boy asked JS to dance XIAHTIC, but JS didn't.
  • Another fan asked JS to dance BACK SEAT JP ver, JS said he forgot the moves, but when it started playing, JS danced!
  • Junsu threw something to a zone, fans in that zone acted like they were hit by it, Junsu then do a gun pose with his fingers 🔫 and went “pong pong pong” to that zone! Fans played along with him and acted like they were shot! Junsu was very happy! He went “pong pong pong” again!
  • JS said he was very nervous the night before attending KTV's "YOI-DON!", he couldn’t sleep. It’s been 6 years (since last time).
  • Junsu: "Actually I don’t wish to talk about serious stuff... (paused for a while)... I love everyone." Junsu "I’m not good in expressing myself... Jaejoong is very good in expressing it using this method..Really very sorry to use such ambiguous way to express myself..."

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