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[TRANS] Tohoshinki - Interview with ViVi Magazine May 2015 Issue

Congratulations on 10 Year Anniversary TOHOSHINKI ~Our questions and their responses~

TOHOSHINKI debuted in Japan in 2005 and this year they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. They have responded us always enthusiastically, in a mannish fashion, and with full honesty. They have opened themselves to talk about their thoughts on TOHOSHINKI, gratitudes toward each other, love for their fans that they have fostered/cherished for the past 10 years. The background (drawing) that we prepared for this interview with a theme, "interactions between TOHOSHINKI and ViVi", has a hidden message for them. Please enjoy the interview together with their comments (to the hidden message).

We followed them closely since their debut. This time, they are celebrating 10 year anniversary and in order to commemorate the anniversary, we will recapture their memorable comments. These words are all gems, wise/witty remarks that reflect the weights of their 10 years where they have run through together with their fans.

2010 April issue
Q. What type of man do you want to become?

YH answered with earnest look in his eyes "Like my father, I wish to become someone who can give courages to many people. It is the most important thing in my dream/wish."

Q. Please tell us your strong point and weak point
"Including bad part of me, I like myself (laugh). I am completely the typical B-blood type - I am impatient. But because I have the side of me, my strong part will stand out even more."

2011 October issue
Q. What part do you think that you have improved/advanced when you look back yourself at your debut?
"I guess I do not worry too much in these days. I was not able to forgive myself if I make mistakes in choreography. I think I evolved to be a free-spirited person from a perfectionist."
CM: "I have started to give compliment to myself. In old days, if I make mistakes, I will be harsh on myself and blamed myself."

2013 April issue
Q. What do you think of the album title of "TIME"? (when they just released the album and appeared on our magazine)
The word, "TIME" convey past, present, future - all the time. I believe everyone has a variety of experiences in the past - something that made you feel happy, sad, and bittersweet. Many feelings that you have since you were born and till you die.. such feelings are captured in this album, I think.

Q. What is your future goal after achieving a dream to complete 5 Dome tour in Japan?
We wish to become an existence that we will remain in everyone's mind even after time has passed. There are many artists who are good at singing and dancing. We wish to become a group that will remain in people's mind and will shine brighter even after time has passed.


Q1. What is your favorite fashion style right now?
I like to dress in simple fashion with a scarf to accent the outfit.
CM: I love clothes crisply tailored with clean lines. But most importantly, I wish to tone and sculpt my body so that I can fit into such clothes.

Q2. What is the part of you that you feel you are aged/become weaker, when you compared to yourself at your debut?
Nothing! I will not admit that I lost some physical strength, even I did.
CM: There is no part that I feel I lost some strength.

Q3. What is your favorite fashion style 10 years ago?
wide-leg jeans and a pair of sneakers. I used to wear a street casual clothes - wide-leg jeans and shorter top/pullover but these days I like longer top. The balance became the complete opposite. I love slim modern fashion right now.
CM: I did not have any interest in fashion! Sorry.. I only have such an answer…

Q4. Were you able to imagine yourselves right now 10 years ago?
Absolutely not! I have something vague that I wish to become in my mind. But I have not been able to live up to that. I can imagine myself up to 50 years old, at the age Michael Jackson was still on stage. I wish to go beyond him, I have been thinking that I quit after 51 years old (laugh).
CM: I had no idea, really no idea (laugh).

Q5. What are fans for you?
They are our mates and members of TOHOSHINKI.
CM: They are someone who created my dreams.

Q6. What part is your charm point?
My eyes. My pupils are deep black.
CM: Its not a part.. but my tractability/acceptingness flexibility/honesty/innocence. I wish to remain being like this.

Q7. In this last 10 years, which encounter in Japan is the most memorable one for you?
Gospellers.. We saw their live when we were new comers in the business. I experienced how great they were for the first time in the live. Their singing ability, harmony.. I realized what artists should be through their performance and I learned that singing should be an enjoyable thing.
CM: Our manager. We have met him more than 10 years ago but I think its really incredible that we can work with the same person for such a long time. Of course, not to mention our fans and staffs, he has always stayed right beside us and walked on the same path with us. I am not trying to exaggerate here but I truly am grateful to him for that.

Q8. What was the most embarrassing moment?
In Fukuoka, during this tour, my pants got ripped off about 15 cm (laugh). Our stage was translucent and the audiences under the stage could see everything. I was supposed strike a pose to stop while opening my legs apart, but out of emergency, I changed the choreography and closed my legs and stood while trying my best to look cool.
CM: While I sing on stage, my voice flips. When I am doing all my best, my voice flips on occasions. I feel embarrassed and feel down when it happens, even I have been in the business in many years now…

Q9. When do you feel the happiest?
When I am on stage, I feel the happiest. After we finish the stage, mostly I am almost dead (laugh).
CM: Oh, on many occasions.. When I am singing, eating something delicious, taking a bath, listening to my favorite music, playing with my friends… but I guess I will be the happiest when I am performing live!

Q10. What did make you surprised/astonished the most?
At our live, I found audiences come with their family members, a lot more than I had anticipated. That is really remarkable! A gentleman in his 60s who had suits on and sang together with us (shaking) our tour towel. He was cool!
CM: When I first ate Katsu-Don in Japan. I ate the bowl of Katsu-Don at a restaurant in the basement floor of our company building. I was amazed by the fact that there was such a delicious thing (in the world)! And of course, Nissan stadium live. The venue was enormous and the power of our audiences overpowered me.. and I was so deeply moved.

Q11. Do you think your charm point has changed over 10 years?
I believe my charm points are passion and my personality..? But I still love my eyes.
CM: I have not thought about my charm points 10 years ago! I was working my butt off every day.

Q12. What is your most attractive feature as a man?
My sense of responsibility is very strong! Whatever happens, I wanna protect someone that I care. And, When I am alone, I am always thinking over something. I think I am the type being in earnest.
CM: I do not know.. I guess women can tell me about it. Even I as a man think that this part of me is cool, for women it may not be like that. I do not quite understand the mind of women.

Q13. Can you tell us in short what your thoughts are about your fans in this 10 years?
We are connected/united. Including through our live concerts, I wish to be connected with them forever.
CM: I am so grateful to them. Truly. That is it.

Q14. Which work was the most extravagant/luxurious one?
Last time, we went to Singapore. I anticipated that we would be quite busy. But in reality, we just kept eating crabs! "Aren't we working? Are we okay?" I was worried something like that.. but we kept eating crabs.
CM: Our photoshoot session in abroad and Nissan stadium live. (The staffs) set up photoshoot for us in abroad that is really a hard thing to do and also set up the large scale stage at our live. These are truly luxurious.. or I should say we are so fortunate, do not you think?

Q15. Which one of your lives in the 10 years that is the most memorable for you?
The Tokyo Dome concert in 2012 live tour. For the first time in 10 years, I cried on stage. I rarely show tears in front of people, back then.. I cried really hard to my heart's content.
CM: Nissan stadium live in 2013. Not to mention the size of the venue but everything was in the largest scale in my history. There are many artists in this world and I wondered how many of them could be on that stage in their life times. .. I was filled with deep emotion.

Q16. What will you give to each other if you are going to reward yourselves for hard working in the past 10 years?
Hmmm.. perhaps LEGO. Changmin loves LEGO very much. I wish to make a special order for something he can build.
CM: A massage chair. Because Yunho always works so hard to his limit, I wish him to feel relaxed by that.

Q17. If you were not TOHOSHINKI, what do you think you are doing now?
A judge! To be honest with you, it was my childhood dream. I had studied for that for awhile.
CM: I suppose that I am working hard to find a job right now..

Q18. Is there any part of your partner being still mysterious to you after 10 years?
We have been together for such a long time so there is not that many.. But when he is along in his room, I wonder what he is doing and I am a bit curious about that. But I guess it may be better that I do not know about it (laugh)?
CM: Ah~ Yunho tends to bumped into someone else when he is walking. Usually we avoid other people when we are walking. But somehow Yunho does not notice other people are in his way and he walks straight to the person and bumps into him/her. It is really strange/puzzling /does not make any sense/ I do not understand him …. (laugh).

Q19. Is there anything that you want to get after 10 years?
As a reward to myself, I wish to purchase a special watch of a bland that is commemorating their 10 year or 20 year anniversary.
CM: A sport car or a house.. something that a man wants to get typically.. I guess.

Q20. Which one of your MVs was the most hardest to make?
For "WHY?" We worked really hard for three days almost without any sleep. I think that we worked the hardest in our 10 years to make the MV.
CM: It is "SOMETHING". Up to "SOMETHING", we had many MVs where we showed off our coolness. But in "SOMETHING" we showed off our "playboy" appeal. For that, we worked together with many women in the MV shooting.. and I was so excited/my heart fluttered with excitement (laugh).

Q21. Have you changed your favorite type of woman over 10 years?
After 10 years have passed, I do not really have my ideal type of woman. I used to have an ideal type such as, "I like this kind of woman!" I guess someone I fall for is my type right now.
CM: Instead of saying that I have changed my type.. I guess I added more conditions. Someone who is active.. someone has a job and a hobby.. something like that. In old days, I did not really care about such things.

Q22. What was the most fun thing in 10 years?
Whenever I am on stage, I am the happiest! I could feel strongly that I am an artist when we sing the very last song of the live concert along with our fans.
CM: I travelled alone. Last year, I went to Italy by myself. Until then, I was either with our fans or our staffs. That is my very first trip in my life that I traveled alone. It was so new to me and also so surreal.

Q23. Is there anything that you want to learn anew?
I want to study to get a license for riding a large-sized motorcycle.
CM: English and guitar. I do not expect that I could compose a song but I really wish to play a guitar to the ordinal level.

Q24. Which part of you do you think that you have advanced greatly since you debuted?
In old days, I was thinking really hard/strict about performing live. But these days, in a good sense, I am taking it a bit easier. I am not only focused in singing but I wish people to enjoy listening to my song and enjoy together with us. Such a change in my thoughts may be reflecting how I have grown as an artist.
CM: About performance, of course, I think I have advanced.. but I think I still have a lot to learn. In private, I've come to be able to enjoy living (which I could not do in old days). To eat meals, to take a bath, to drink a cup of tea.. something the little (I can enjoy now).

Q25. If the world ends tomorrow, what do you like for your last supper?
I was a grown up in a town full of food, I wish to eat my hometown specialities.
CM: Instead of having supper, I wish to be together with my loved ones. It is because that if the world ends tomorrow, it is not the time to eat meal, do not you think? Sorry, I am brutally honest…

Q26. Which fashion item that you think (or someone tells you) that is best suited to you?
I guess suits. (To staffs, "Which item is that I am the best suited to?" Staffs said, "Suits, a jacket.. something clean tailored?") Oh, I guess I was right (laugh).
CM: A long coat. I love it and people around me say that I look good in a long coat.

Q27. My body is made out of XX.. what do you eat/drink very often?
Iced chocolate! It's a drink like cocoa and it is not popular in Japan yet. When I am in Korea, I drink it every day. When I drink iced chocolate, I can tell the quality of it of the store and I can tell immediately if they skipped details (they are sloppy) in making it.
CM: Recently, protein and chicken sashimi. In order to build/tone muscles, I am eating proteins diligently.

Q28. Is there anything that you have kept doing over 10 years?
I pray before going up to the stage. Whatever happens, with determination that I may die on stage.. I pray.
CM: Pig-out. I love eating. Especially we are touring in local area, there are many local specialities that are evolved from the culture/history of the local area. If I have less appetite, I won't be able to eat them all, so I keep pigging out in order to keep my large stomach.

Q29. Which movie (or comic or book) do you recommend ViVi's readers to watch before they die?
Beauty and Beast, Gone with the Wind. I wish them to watch it with pure/genuine heart.
CM: I want them to read Slum Dunk. Something like Little Prince.. depending on age of the person who reads it, how you feel about the book is totally different. When I was a child, I just thought it was an interesting book. But now, every line of the book will reach to the depth of my heart.. "Oh, this has such a meaning.."something like that.

Q30. What hobby have you started to do in 10 years and do you still keep doing it?
Bowling! My best score is 248. But perhaps right now I could only make it to 150 (laugh).
CM: Wine collecting. Red, white, rose… I have a lot in my collection.

Q31. Is there anything that you used when you debuted, you liked it so that you still are using it?
A notebook. Before debut, I write a message to myself or an idea that I came up in the notebook.
CM: iPod. In these days, many people download and keep music in a smart phone. But I want to have a lot more music. iPod is great because it has larger memories/capacities.

Q32. What kind of advices do you give to the readers of ViVi who are about in the same age as you 10 years ago?
Even you fail or whatever happens, tomorrow will come, so please enjoy your best in everything!
Instead of keep saying I can't do it, I can't do it.. If you do your best for something that you are just dealing with, eventually you find yourself being shaped up nicely/becoming cool/being mature. "Right now" is the most important moment.

Q33. Do you have something that you always wanted to do in this 10 years but you were not able to do.. and you wish to do it in the near future?
Travel abroad. My friends and I have already picked the place to visit, but we have not been able to do so. Where? it is a secret.
CM: Travel with my friends. We want to rent a car and drive around without destination and stay at some place that we find by chance. I want to go on mancation.

Q34. Who is the person that you wish to meet with, for once in your life time?
It is no longer possible to meet with him but, I would like to meet (Thomas) Edison. Thanks to him, this modern world exists .. I think that he is someone that great. I am also interested in innovation. I am Yunho, so perhaps I should call myself as Hodison (laugh)?
CM: I think some day I will meet the person. She will be my wife. What kind of person is she?…

Q35. What is the attractive point (weapon) of TOHOSHINKI that only TOHOSHINKI has?
Sincerity and connection/relationship with our fans. I believe that TOHOSHINKI will grow even more stronger, when everyone enjoys the more.
CM: I believe this also applies to other artists. I think it is Yunho and my intention that we want to give all of ourselves out on stage. I think we can beat others at least by that.

Q36. Which part of you do you think that you can further develop?
I wish to gain more power as a man! In old days, I used to think that it is so cool to show off my masculine side, but now, it is more important not to reveal the side of me.
CM: Singing and dancing. I often am inspired by watching other artist's videos, "Wow, he/she is so good!" and it tells me that I have not reached to the level of the artist yet. When I do not feel being inspired by others, I think I have finally reached to the level. I wish to continue to keep working hard to reach to the level.

Q37. Do you remember anything special in previous ViVi photoshoots?
Hmmm, to be honest with you, I do not quite remember anything (laugh). When we were taking the magazine cover shots, I was really exhausted but I remember that I put a lot of efforts into it because we were with Rina Fujii.
CM: The photoshoot with a lot of candles. I should confess to you that I was extremely sleepy back then, because the room was dark and the warmth of the candle lights.

Q38. What is your aesthetics?
I put my heart and my soul when I do things. My heart is in the work. I personally believe that a man should not express/reveal his inner thoughts too much. I do not reveal what I am thinking too much.. but I actually am thinking deeply in my heart.. something like that.
CM: I wish to be happy and enjoy doing things whenever if its possible.

Q39. Which character of your partner have you finally figured out after 10 years.. something like.. oh he is actually like XXX..?
Changmin is straightforward/gentle and he is very honest to himself, but actually he is very shy.
CM: Yunho is a lot more innocent an purer than me. He may look more mature than me, but on contrary .. he still has a boyish spirit (of enthusiasm, adventure, recklessness and etc).

Q40. What is your current obsession?
I like to invent something in a small scale in my daily life. For example, I like to put straw (into a drink) in a different way/angle.
CM: Exercise to build and strengthen my muscles. abdominal muscles, chest muscles, leg muscles.. I have been doing full body workout.

Q41. Can you tell something brief to yourself 10 years ago?
You can do it! You do not need to worry about anything! I actually wrote something like that 10 years ago in the letter that I wrote to myself.
CM: Keep doing your best.. I guess.

Q42. What is your favorite spot/place in Tokyo?
Odaiba, I guess. Rainbow bridge and the ocean. I love being near water. It is a good place for a date and also a healing spot/location.
CM: Ramen restaurants. I love ramen noodles more than anything. I wish to check out all of ramen restaurants in Tokyo.

Q43. What kind of things that do you want to challenge yourself doing after 10 years before you reach to your 20th year?
Directing and producing stages
CM: Specifically speaking.. I wish to be able to speak English. And even more specifically speaking, I wish my English to improve to the level of my Japanese right now.

Q44. What moment do you think that you are cool?
I guess, most likely when I am on stage. For example, when I am performing, "Somebody to Love".. the dance choreography is really hard and it wears me out, right? But under the circumstances, I challenge myself to work twice or third times harder than usual! I put everything of me into performing the song until I nearly collapse on stage.. then naturally I think I did my best… and I think I was cool.
CM: Lately, it is the time when I come out of a shower room after finishing muscle training and taking a shower. I am feeling refreshed and I think that is the time for the most of men to look good/attractive, do not you think? (laugh). And I wanna believe that I look cool at our live concert!

Q45. Can you give a message to your partner who have worked with you for the past 10 years?
I know that I am pretty self-absorbed and I believe that sometimes I work like maniac as a leader. However, Changmin has been always here, right next to me.. you (CM) believe in me and have stayed with me, without saying anything. You have been working very hard with me and we share the same sense of value. I am grateful to you for everything. When we had hard times and happy times, thank you so much for being with me. We are both men so I seldom tell you these things in a direct fashion. But because Changmin is here with me, I am/we are able to come this far.
CM: I sincerely thank you (YH) for doing all your best while staying right next to me. You inspire me… sometimes I realize that there are so many things that I still need to work harder on to get to your level.. I think you have helped me a lot to come this far.. I wish you to remain as you and be always in full gear.. well.. I do not think I can remind you about it.. I think Yunho will be always Yunho (Yunho will not change)… So if I want to tell you something.. instead of giving a long speech… I want to say, simply, "Let's continue to work harder together!"

Q46. What is your favorite girl's fashion style or an item?
I guess, it is an one-piece dress.. because it will make a girl look feminine. I think a cheerful looking coordinate with a hat is cute. But I guess, a girl that I like will look great in any outfits.
CM: I do not really care about an item. Rather I like to see that someone is putting some effort to fit into the clothes. For example, if the girl thinks that she gained a little, even though she usually does not like to do exercise, she makes herself to do exercise, or she studies harder to find outfits that will suit her.. someone like that.. a girl who puts effort in improving herself.

Q47. What part of your partner do you think that he has changed from him at debut?
Changmin has been stoic and harsh to himself for awhile, but after he has overcome many things and I feel that he has been able to relax a little lately. He can now even joke about his weak point.. he can take things easy to the extent. He has become more true to himself when compared to him 10 years ago. To see the change, I think he is really cool. Me? I do not think I have changed much? I believe Changmin would agree with me.
CM: I do not think Yunho has changed much. I, myself, think that I have matured a little.. but Yunho has always been mature and to me, he has been a brother on whom I can lean. He was already perfect when we first met (laugh).

Q48. In contrast, what part of your partner do you think that he has not changed at all?
Changmin is always serious/earnest about stage, especially about singing.
CM: Almost everything. I just told you that Yunho is always cool and he is someone that I can lean on. I think he won't change/continues to be like that to me from this time on.

Q49. What is your collection item that has been accumulated in the past 10 years?
I have a lot of shoes.. I guess. As far as I know, I think I have 200 pairs of shoes.. and among the 200, 100 of them are never worn. Actually, I have a pair of shoes that Michael Jackson wore on his last stage! Some day I wish to put on those shoes on stage.
CM: Long coats. I have just too many and I gave some to people.. but somehow I get more…

Q50. Is there anything that you want to apologize to your partner.."I am sorry.. back then!" that you can finally talk about now?
It is at Fukuoka concert. There is a part of choreography that we need to make a high touch during the song, "Special One". I was not paying attention to Changmin and I passed through him without making a high touch. Once I realized my error and looked back him, I saw Changmin had kept his hand still up in the air! I felt so bad to make him feel embarrassed. Since then I make sure to give him high touch.
CM: I guess I am fortunate not to put on weight easily unlike Yunho. So I like to go out and eat at many different places. But if I go out to eat by myself freely, I am afraid that Yunho may feel sad/left alone, so I usually ask him out, "Do you want to go with me?" If I do that, Yunho always come with me, "Sure! Let's go" .. Because of that, I have been an obstacle for Yunho to build/tone his body. I am sorry.

The below is a bit of extra comments from TOHOSHINKI.
CM: I will answer any questions sincerely (laugh).
CM: This picture is relating to "TONE".
YH: It is fun to play under "TREE".

2011 October issue
The candle lights were really comforting and I was trying my best not to fall asleep. I was thinking why ViVi-san gives me such a hard photoshoot session (laugh).
YH: Although I did not say it loud, I remember "Hot! Hot!" while surrounded by candle lights. And looking at the picture, I think our faces look so young (laugh).

2013 April issue
When we were shooting the picture, we had to wet ourselves by water and I caught a cold. But when I saw the finished product, it was really great and I was happy!
CM: I remember that I was really nervous to take a cover picture with Rina Fujii. Wait a second! I just realized that it has been a quite while since we appeared on your magazine last time (2011 Oct). Please give us work more often! (laugh)

Credits: Qingxin + Miokiko
Translated by: beriko0214
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