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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150328 Jaejoong ~The Beginning Of The End~ Concert in Seoul (Day 1)

Let the Rhythm Flow
Rotten Love
Now Is Good
VCR (career since 2004)
All Alone
Living Like A Dream (Dr.Jin OST)
New song - Breathing
Ment - Teaching fanchant for 2nd new song
New song - Good Morning Night
Kiss B
Ment - Following JJ to backstage
Don't Walk Away
Instrumental (Band time)
Modem Beat
Just Another Girl

One Kiss
At around 30 (Kim Gwang Seok)
I'll Protect You

  • Slogan for today! Means "We have so much to gain (from being with you), even when we're just waiting."
  • Instructions for today's banner event. A JYJ con wouldn't be complete without some CJeS Engrish
  • According to banners inside the venue, Jaejoong's discharge date is December 30, 2016. Where will you all be then?
  • Might be a slight delay because fans are still trickling in. But get excited y'all \o/
  • Let's go!
  • MINE
  • 9+1# His vocals are On. POINT. (as expected)
  • "Today's theme is Vacation. (In English) Vacation babyyy ....... (in Korean) My English sucks."
  • Jaejoong prepared lots of fun exciting songs so we dont feel sad about his enlistment
  • "Be careful. You might be banging your head to the music so hard that you'ĺl fall over and take everyone with you."
  • Let the Rhythm Flow
  • Rotten Love!
  • Jaejoong has taken one day off since Spy and working his butt off. And has gotten drunk every night... except three days
  • Jaejoong says he drinks to silence his thoughts. When he dreams, he dreams of his enlistment
  • Busker Busker's spring song depresses Jaejoong because the good weather makes him feel more sad
  • Jaejoong admitted he gained 4kg and all the fans cheered
  • Now is Good
  • VCR about Jaejoong's career
  • Already a lot of tears and sniffles amongst the fans
  • All Alone
  • Living like a dream
  • Another new song coming up! This one's gonna be wild
  • Second new song is called "Good morning Night"
  • Kiss B
  • Going backstage with Jaejoong
  • Jaejoong just took his shirt off and the mom sitting next to me is glaring at her daughter freaking out loool
  • Jaejoong tried to make his niece kiss the camera for him and she said no, and Jaejoong pouted
  • Jaejoong had the cameraman zoom on someone who had the sign "Be careful of female soldiers"
  • Omg someone dressed up as a sunflower
  • Jaejoong zoomed in on a Chinese fan and said "Nihao. Ni piaoliang. Xie xie. Zai jian (?)"
  • Jaejoong zoomed in thinking it was a Muslim fan but it was just a fan with the slogan towel on her head
  • Don't walk away
  • Luvholic!
  • Modem beat
  • "Don't scream like you would in front of your crush, scream like you would to your nagging mother."
  • Just another girl
  • Born free one kiss! encore time already :(
  • "Hearing you call my name after a concert makes me realize just how much I've succeeded as a singer."
  • "I might be enlisting later than most, but I got to fill my twenties with you all, and I'm grateful for that."
  • "I'm sad that I have to leave now, especially when we've jist started making headway, appearing in tv shows and stuff."
  • Jaejoong's trying to joke and lighten the mood, but I can hear him choking up and he's holding back tears
  • "But I'm not going to cry today. I want to go out with a smile."
  • Jaejoong's friend is an instructor at the boot camp he's going to!
  • Singing Kim Gwang Seok's "At around 30"
  • "The stronger the love, the less we want to let the person go. That's why it's so hard to say goodbye, right?"
  • Jaejoong will be releasing his 2nd album during his enlistment, the online version coming out MONTHS before the physical copy
  • We're singing it all together in a capella. I did not last the first verse
  • VCR of Jaejoong saying his final goodbyes. You said this was going to be a happy concert. THIS IS NOT HAPPY
  • Right before the video cut off, Jaejoong brought his hands to his face to wipe his tears away.
  • Oh god that VCR destroyed me. End of the con and I am wiping away tears as I leave.
  • "The true rich man is one with memories to spare. Look back on our memories. By the time you reach the end, we'll be together again" - KJJ

  • Jaejoong's parents and sister(s) are there too! Sitting near a fan~ (Cr: 琪琪QiQi罒V罒)
  • Jaejoong: I'm really happy to be with everyone. I prepared a lot of things today and there are new songs too.
  • Jaejoong said he gained 4kg because he has been eating properly everyday. He drank water and said "delicious"ㅋㅋ
  • VCR records images of Jaejoong from 2004 to now, pictures of pre debut Jaejoong as well as his dramas etc♥ (Cr: 楠楠思密达哟)
  • VCR includes what Yoosu and co-actors said about Jaejoong & the 2nd encore from last jparty where he came out and cried/screamed to fansㅠㅠ
  • Because there are foreign fans too, Jaejoong purposely said "stand up baby" aw!! (Cr: yukisama_)
  • Jaejoong is teaching fans the cheer for the new song. "It's fine if you can't react if you are older" he's at the third verse (Cr: 麦_M)
  • Junsu is holding to a lightstick and he's shaking his head along with the rhythm~ (Cr: 丢啊丢啊丢护照)
  • Jaejoong removed his jacket~!!
  • JAEJOONG REMOVED HIS TOP~ His tattoos can be seen~~
  • Jaejoong and the cameraman went to the backstage and Jaejoong sang a bit of a trot song. He took off his clothes :3 (Cr: 莲藕娃娃)
  • Junsu cannot be calm after seeing Jaejoong strip he's laughing uncontrollably (Cr: 丢啊丢啊丢护照)
  • Jae is showing the photos from the backstage. There were concerts and dramas and suddenly there's pictures of him in elementary school
  • There's someone who is wearing a maid costume and she has big boobs ;-) (Cr: 麦_M)
  • "The cameraman keep filming the lady with big boobs and Jaejoong keep staring and the fans are laughing"
  • Jaejoong teased his two nieces asking them to give him kisses. Hyuna ignored him while boss Seohyun gave a peace sign aw!!! (Cr: Marguerite)
  • There's a fan who wore a qi pao and Jaejoong said "hello, are you fine?" in Chinese and thanked her in Chinese too
  • Jaejoong is shocked because there's a fanboy wearing army uniform HAHAHAHA (Cr: 18只的CEO)
  • Is Jaejoong walking to where the audiences are? There are many guards and An-chan is standing beside a fan! (Cr: JJ__菁ing)
  • Jaejoong went up to where fans are sitting and hi 5 themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (Cr: 莲藕娃娃)
  • "I'm here for Jaejoong but I'm so close to Junsu. Junsu's really skinny. He has blue hair, and he's wearing shades and eating" (Cr: dmhk)
  • Jaejoong told everyone the next song is technically the "last" song and he acted as if he was crying (Cr: 麦_M)
  • Junsu's eyes following Jaejoong HAHAHA (Cr: 在中说他理想型是HK)
  • Jaejoong mentioned him crying badly in Japan. But he won't cry today and everyone should be happy. (Cr: 麦_M)
  • Jaejoong keeps talking to fans and he's controlling his tears but his eyes are watery. He keeps trying to make jokes to make fans laugh.
  • Jaejoong: Should I call our relationship friendship or love? I said I won't cry but in Japan... I won't cry today, really. (Cr: JYJCN)

  • JJ: This is the last concert before I enlist. Everyone, don't feel sad. I prepared a lot of fun songs today.
  • JJ: I prepared 2 particular songs from my new songs. The songs will sound better when I'm in the army. cr: daum
  • Jaejoong on how to use the lightsticks: "Just hold it above your head, don't shake it"
  • JJ: I think that there will be an opportunity to meet everyone after the army. I'm looking forward to it. The last song, I'll protect you.
  • Jaejoong: I'm sincerely thankful of you
  • Jaejoong's video message at the end of the concert - Jaejoong: "Saying that you're not alone because you've been always at my side during my teenager years, I think that you cannot replace being the best singer with anything. I am feeling sorry for the future time, and I think that I will miss you. As if a wealthy man with a lot of memories, I'm expecting a different story of ours again. Thank you to the fans who are like my friends and lover, thank you and I love you."

  • JJ: "Hi everyone, I’m Kim Jaejoong. Really thankful for coming today. I’ll be with everyone till the end of today. I’m really very happy to be here with everyone. I made a lot of preparations today. There will be new songs too, new songs will have lots of atmosphere."
  • Fans spotted Junsu's blue green hair around sound console zone! They say Jaejoong is in a very good mood today!
  • JJ: "Today’s theme is Vacation! This the last con before I enlist. Pls don’t be sad every1, let’s spend this moment joyfully. I’ll introduce the 2 new songs, these 2 songs are not the best among those that I’ve written/created...But because it’s an album that I’ll release during my army days, I have to make it even better!"
  • JJ: "I drink alcohol everyday after filming SPY, if I don't drink, I’ll dream of enlistment before I sleep. Recently I don’t like it when the weather is too good, I also don’t like it when it’s coming to spring..I drink and eat a lot now as I’m enlisting soon… I’ve put on 4 kg!"
  • JJ's new song: JJ sings "Hello~" Fans say "Hello~" after that
  • JJ: "Next is also a new song, it’s a very cheerful song so let’s get up now everyone! Stand up baby~ (JJ said this in English)."
  • JJ showing his concert and drama pics at backstage... he suddenly showed his primary school pics!
  • FANS' COSTUMES TODAY! 1) Maid 2) Lion 3) Faceless 4) Sunflower 5) Cheong-sam (JJ started speaking in Chinese...) 6) Military
  • A fan wrapped her head with towel, JJ thought she’s from Arab, wanted to introduce her, end up realising she’s not from Arab. JJ then kept asking her: “Why you hide yourself? Why???"
  • JJ: "As it’s live band today, if u don’t shout encore or my name, there'll be no encore~ If there’s no encore, I won’t come out~"
  • JJ: "Oh I’m actually a successful singer. I’m enlisting in 2 days’ time, I enlist later than everyone else...I spent my 20s with everyone, it’s enriching and meaningful, it feels quite good...If I enlist earlier, I'll be sadder, I might not have this kind of fate. Going on TV have got better too, very excited. Fans do promotional ads for me and watch my concerts."
  • JJ: "Thank you everyone for loving me all this while, giving me support... Thinking of myself during my 10s and 20s... I wanna thank fans, company... I’ll be away for 1 year 8 months... Fans shouted: “Wait for you!!!"
  • JJ: "I promised not to cry today, I’m really not crying. There will be bigger resistance... Persistence, cut my hair... I wanna look more handsome... I should lose some weight..."

  • Please don't carry a sad heart okay :) let's celebrate it with a happy and joyful heart
  • When I'm in the army,the new songs that come out has to be a good song so I chose the less good one to sing it now
  • Yesterday , We did the rehearsal so too.... /drinking water/ (ahhh....nice) lol
  • This lately , when I sleep..I kept dreaking that I keep re-entering the army although I came out of it in the dream
  • Jaejoong gained 4 kilograms
  • Jaejoong said his life is practically about drinking especially last month (spy filming time.......hahah )
  • /During the song/ JJ: what is it? Us: Now is good~~~ \\ JJ: your turn everyone! Us: If I'm with you~~~~ Now is Good /song lyrics/
  • VCR of Jae + JYJ members past achievements - JJ: even though its a hard task , I still choose to be a singer
  • There is the part " Hello , Hello" in this new song. So when I say Hello , you reply Hello
  • JJ : There's the "Beautiful Night Night" part , so when I sing Beautiful Night , you sing Night !!
  • /Stops song/ JJ: It's not yet finish yet! the part of the good morning night..lets change it to Good Morning "Jae"
  • JJ : Now is this time we have to be apart ,let's meet later~~ / sings in trot version/
  • Walks to the waiting room and takes off jacket and also shirt. JJ is half naked
  • JJ : That's my niece on cam 4~~ come kiss kiss~ Cousin : - no response- JJ : ur gonna regret hahaha
  • A fan wearing a gorilla mask shows one of the drawing block written as : "Be careful with Female Soldiers."
  • JJ : How are you~ Ur beautiful~ Thank you , Bye bye! ( in Chinese) Towards a fan wearing cheongsam
  • JJ: Where are u from~ Fans : Canada JJ : (in Korean) wow..from far.( tho I don't think she can speak KR well LOL)
  • JJ : /sings/ we will start singing the song soon and imma go up soon so those who are seating , please stand up now
  • JJ : Put ur hands up and clap while the song is playing...don't clap the person beside you haha clap above ur head!
  • Why stop the song? before we start the song , the stuff that u bought...put it up and lets start /plays song..and stop/ Fans : yaaaaaaaaa
  • Jae is walking around the audience area
  • JJ : After I went that there, it was so Scary!!scary~ There was this fan who hold my chest like this (shows action)
  • JJ : Since today is a live band, so encore would be none~ if no encore, I am not coming out haha! Fans : whatttttt! JJ: Now scream sincerely~ so I cam come out again. Fans: Ahh! JJ :don't shout cutely but shout annoyingly!! Fans: Yaa~ JJ : Its the last song ,so after this u have to shout loudly , so I can come out and give you my last greets okay?
  • JJ : Compared to other PPL who goes on their 20's for army , it's quite late for me tho but I spent my 20's with you all. With all the activities and company
  • JJ : I didn't want to cry but in Japan I cried so hard (reacts ) I cried a few days back...but I promised to not now
  • My friend who was in the army sent me a message "Soldier Kim Jae Joong"
  • JJ: urghhh my throat....I overdid my rehearsal I guess. Since there's a chair here , of coz while seating I'll sing
  • Fans : come a little to the front!!!!!!! JJ: what? Go forward? Alright (pulls chair and adjust it)
  • But for us JYJ , this 30's age isn't nothing~ We manage quite well , and still living awesomely. Its a good thing
  • JJ:we are always filming But we feel sorry to the filming team coz usually filming involves hot guys (we're not)
  • JJ: It's the last song now.....I'm always more onto the message of the song rather than the song itself.
  • JJ : I wanna hear ur voice ..let's sing in acapella ver. the ver that u guys have no confidence at..acapella~

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