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[TRANS] 150326 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Tokyo (Day 3)

  • Genie Time 1st wish ment: (TAXI) Junsu: From what point of the song? Ah, please sing it everyone. ~silence~ What!!! ~fans singing~ Junsu: Ah, I'll try to sing it. Please understand it even if it's wrong. It's because this song was from 7 years ago! ~sings taxi~ Junsu: A corner like this. I don't know if what will come out...ㅎㅎ (withxia)
  • Genie Time 2nd wish ment: (Really) Junsu: Well, the 2nd wish~ Yes, a person jumping there~ (laughs) Because I was asked to choose, what should I choose? In here? Ah, I don't know, I really don't. (laughs) Well, what is this? Yes? Ah. It's called ほんとうに (hontouni / really), a song that I sang in my first Musical and Ballad concert 2 years ago when I played the piano, in Japanese. It's 정말 (Jeongmal / really) in Korean. cr: withxia
  • Genie Time 3rd wish ment: (PICTURE OF YOU) Junsu: Wow, 22 years old! It's young~ a nice age. (laughs) Uhmmm..... ah? This is a song that I made? (What? What?) Picture of you, do you know it? Ah... I was probably about 22 years old when I made this. (laughs) Ah~ If I didn't do this song even though I made it~ I don't remember it well. Ah anyway, this is the last wish~ it's because I'm really bad at it. Another one? (laughs)
  • Opening ment - Junsu: Today is Tokyo's last day. To the extent that this (concert) will be able to go more smoothly that much until the end... sre you ready, everyone? (high energy) Wow, today will completely run smoothly. (laughs) Awesome. I must have to work harder. Ah, I will work harder? (laughs)
  • Junsu: I continously sang three songs- from Reach until X song. How was it? The atmosphere of those different songs. In the new album this time, I worked hard to insert various atmospheres and genres. It's nice to tell this to fans. (laughs)
  • (Introducing My night) Junsu: The next song is the loneliest song in this album. I think if everyone's sitting alone, it would be good if you'll listen to it. (fans laughing) ....would you? (laughs)
  • Junsu: How was last night, everyone? Yes? It's cold? ...your heart? (Fans: because there's no Junsu!!) If I'm there... it's not cold?
  • Junsu: By! Any! Chance! Any audience who went today who saw me for the first time? Oh, it's the first time? What made you come here? Ah... you saw my musical, but it's your first time in a concert? Which musical have you seen? You watched all? Anyway, it your first concert? Do you like the original musical? Ah... you like the original musical. I see...Ah... Thank you for coming to this concert.
  • (Dance medley ended) Junsu: There are still songs left? Wow, I've been doing only this for 30 minutes. (laughs) Ja, then again...
  • Banner event - Junsu: EBS SPACE! Congratulations! Ah, thank you. It's been six years that my songs came out on a show, right? (short silence) ............syuk! ........syuk! (gun sound effects)
  • Jun-chan comparing the reactions of the fans in Tokyo and Osaka XDDD - Junsu: Wow, Osaka's really great in this. Osaka, really! It was the best. Let's do it once more? ........shoot! Receiving it like this while walking normally in Hirajuku or Shibuya? You'll not take it? Osaka accepted it? It's the same as Nara, why is it different? Because I went to Tokyo and to the staffs from Osaka, how was it when I do the shooting action to people who doesn't know it? Because if you do it, I heard that you would be treated like a complete fool. The fans here are nice. Ah, I should try it also? Okay. ......Ah! (fans pretending to be shot)
  • Ment about the kisses he did in musicals - Junsu: I hear these words a lot from my friends or the people around me when I do musicals. It's, "Am I really doing the kiss?" But, I don't do the kiss like that. I make it look like, "It can appear like that, like this~". Ah... it's really this. Doing it with the feeling of chu (sounds) is not easy. It's different if you will kiss with chu (sounds). It just looks like it's a kiss, really. Ah~ what is that reaction. Work is work. Do you understand? Ah, really, please rescue me. (laughs)
  • Junsu: The next song is really a musical song. From the musical Dracula... what? The kiss in Dracula? Ah, that was done for about 30 times. But, that's not a deep kiss. Well, I'll say it again but, it's work~ (fans: work)!
  • Junsu: Work is work. Do you understand?
  • Junsu: When I say always that there's nothing but one song left and I am sad because of it... I heard a voice yesterday that said, "It's a lie!" It's true. If I ever have a chance, I want to be with everyone until the morning. However, it was not consulted with the president at this venue. There is something? What? What? Which one? Let's sleep together? That is not a new idea, right? I did it before, right. Sleeping together? Ah, let's sleep together everyone in this venue? Shall we sleep for about 2 hours? Sleep, then get up... oh... what should I do?
  • Junsu: Should I make monjayaki in Tokyo? When I make monjayaki, I will tell everyone it's good. (3D2N concert) It will be a good stage.ㅎ
  • Junsu: Should I sing a song with a high note? Like In Heaven? Showing everyone my disheveled hair image when it's just going to be sleeping. The member with the best voice is assigned for the meals? But, should we stay for a few minutes? Here? 1000 people only? Wow, to prepare a meal for 100 people...
  • [Living point] Junsu: I was surprised when I heard 送り出して (O ku ri da shi te / drop off) with おしり出して (O shi ri da shi te / showing the butt), I asked and handed the mic over to my Japanese teacher.
  • Junsu: 3 days and 2 nights concert with everyone... it really sounded like a joke for me when I first heard it. This is becoming more serious. The number of everyone's requests on the official site... what should I do on the stage when I do a 3 days and 2 nights concert? Tell me if you have a good idea. Should I make monjayaki in Tokyo? When I make monjayaki, I will tell everyone it's good. It will be a good stage.ㅎ

  • JS: "Today is Tokyo's last day..." Everyone laughed as it should be said as Tokyo's final day.
  • JS: “Next song is My Night, it’s a song in new album that goes right into the soul...Hope everyone can sit down quietly and let me listen.." Fan: “Wrong wrong..” JS: “..Oh, let you guys listen?” Fans: “Correct!” JS: “I sing for you guys to listen, you guys teach me Japanese, not too bad~”
  • Few ladies shouted really loud, JS ask them thrice if they’re a real man. JS then laugh out & said: “You all are really cute~"
  • Genie Time: Fan request JS to sing TAXI, he didn't know how to sing and fans sang for him to hear. He's singing it now!
  • JS: "Butterfly is a song written by my brother, Junho. I feel healed every time I sing this song."
  • Genie Time 2: JS singing 'REALLY' now!!!
  • JS: “Is there anyone here for my concert for the 1st time? What’s the reason? How do you feel?” A fan said: “I watch musical before, this my 1st time watching concert.” JS: “You originally like musicals?” Fan: “Yes~”
  • Genie Time 3: Junsu sang 'Picture Of You'
  • Genie Time 4: Junsu sing and dance INTOXICATION now!
  • GENIE TIME DANCE MEDLEY! 1) Intoxication 2) Purple Line 3) Turn It Up 4) XIAHTIC 5) Tarantallegra 6) Wake Me Tonight
  • Junsu said recently when he have nightmares, he will dream of GENIE TIME, as this part of the concert makes him most nervous!
  • JS not only played “dududu” with fans, he asked fans to do gun pose and shoot him too! JS went “biubiubiu~~”
  • Junsu said he didn't kiss the dancer during 'Musical in Life' on stage~ He only acted like he did~
  • JS: “There’s many things we can’t do as artiste, however there’s many things you can do on stage, I take that as a bliss. Ever since I started acting in musicals, fans and people around me always ask me about kiss scenes..Actually I didn’t really kiss, I didn’t stick my tongue inside, that is not counted as a kiss right?” Fans: “Ehhhhh!!!” JS: “That’s only counted as a deep chuchu (kiss) right?” Fans: “Not counted!!!”
  • JS: "I’ll sleep with everyone for 2 hours if I open 3D2N concert. I'll sing high pitch songs once I wake up. It’ll be good to sing together with JYJ and BBQ on the spot as well. Bathe together? No cannot!"
  • There'll be special performances in Fukuoka concerts!
  • There'll also be special performances for Nagoya concerts too!! He will sing new songs!!
  • JS: "If you guys really want to bathe, let’s turn the whole venue hall into a bathhouse!!!"
  • During the last song, fans shouted their goodbyes (发送り出すOkuridasu), JS heard it as “reveal your butt” (お尻出すOshiridasu)!!! Fans laughed like crazy and started asking JS to reveal his butt!!!

Credits: As tagged + TVXQFrance + xia_marii
Translated by; Paulisteu + Vichellelicious
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