Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[TRANS] 150324 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Tokyo (Day 1)

  • Junsu: It's been a long time, Tokyo! It's only a few years, right? Fans: 1 year~!
  • Junsu: I usually ask the staffs at the back! Because of the possibility of having a conversation like this with everyone, I didn't ask!
  • Genie time: Junsu received a paper with lyrics on it. (●`∀´●) Eh?! This is my song?! (●`∀´●) Eh? AH!! TVXQ? TVXQ song!!!!!
  • (●`∀´●) Everyone, you understand me even if my Japanese is strange?! It's been 10 years already~!
  • \Tamago~! Tamago~! (●`∀´●) Don't do itㅋㅋ I made it when I was 21 so that's a legend now!! I think that I was a genius that time!!!
  • (●`∀´●) It's required by the law to only have until 3 wishes in Genie time!!!JS: Eating hitsumabushi all together! Ah, Hitsumabushi in Nagoya, Takoyaki in Osaka, Mizutaki in Fukuoka, Teppanyaki in Hiroshima..in Tokyo?

  • S: “This is Yoyogi right? How long haven’t I been here?” Fans: “1 year!!” JS: “I haven’t been here for 1 year right..Other artistes will say “ahh we haven’t met for a year”, but I let you say it, it’s more meaningful right?”
  • JS took towel to wipe his sweat, after wiping he said: “Do you all want it (towel)? Everyone’s sweat is actually the same! I wanna give it to you all too but I’m afraid that you all will be in danger (fight over towel), so better not."
  • JS after singing : “How was everyone’s night yday?” Fan screamed. JS: "I only asked if it’s hot, why you scream? I don’t have other meaning, maybe because I didn’t opened window & didn’t turned on the aircon that’s why I felt hot.." Fan: “Cold!!” JS: “Why is it cold?” Fan: “Because JS is not beside us.” JS: “You’ll feel warm if I’m there?”
  • JS: “Is anyone here for my concert for the 1st time?” Someone raised hand, JS yelled: “What are you doing!!” Fan: “I’m here 1st time for your solo con!” JS: “Oh ok, then why are you here for?”
  • Junsu sang 'Don't Say Goodbye', 'Wasurenaide' and 'Love Is'!
  • Junsu danced 'Tarantallegra'! He went "dudududu" again with gun pose! Aigooo~~~
  • JS: “Fan boys, let me hear your voice!!” Fan boys: “Junsuuuuu!!” JS: “Fans in their 10s scream too!” Fans: “Junsuuuuu!!” JS: “Let’s proceed with next song!” Fans: “Eh?!?!?” JS: “Oh there’s also fans in their 20s? Ok you guys scream too!” Fans: “Junsuuuuu!!” JS: “Let’s proceed with the next song!” Fans: “Eh?!?!?”
  • JS: “Oh there’s also fans in their 30s? Ok you guys scream too!” Fans: “Ahhhhh!!” JS: “Let’s proceed with the next song!” Fans: “Eh?!?!?” JS: “Fans in their 40s shouldn’t force themselves... I think for the sake of your health...To prevent anyone from low-blood pressure or heart pain.... Alright~ You guys scream too~”
  • Junsu sings 'License To Love'! He says this song's lyrics is what he wanna say to all his fans.
  • JS: “Very regretful that it’s the last song.” Fans: “Eh?!?!” JS: “Every time when I say it’s very regretful that it’s ending, you guys “Eh?!?” I’m trying very hard to hide my regrets!" Fans: “Eh?!?!” JS: “You guys always eh here and eh there!” Fans: “You reveal the secret!” JS: “What have I revealed? Oh, it’s not really regretful actually, I acted that I’m regretful and you guys realized it?” 
  • JS: “Still recalled I talked about 3D2N concert before? Let’s analyse how we can arrange this, anyone has any requests? Singing, dancing, 30 mins interval to go to restroom, this very impt right, not gd if u hold it in... (laugh very hard) After that, sleep for 3 hours then continue to sing, can’t sing high pitch songs when I wake up~"
  • Fans: "Sleep 2gether! Bathe 2gether!" JS: "Eh?! Bathe 2gether? It's not right? Though I quite wanna bath 2gether, but still no~"

Credits: As tagged
Translated by: Paulisteu + Vichellelicious
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