Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150317 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Osaka (Day 3)

  • Minho came to #TohoWithTourOsaka Day 3 - he is sitting behind - there shld be someone else (Taemin??) f: nodako206
  • SHINee’s Minho and Taemin aren’t sitting in P seats but in the stands, 1st floor, front
  • f: qingxin218 yunho threw a ball to shinee but (she) didn’t see clearly who got it
  • Changmin stripped f: qingxin218
  • Seems like Yunho slipped in his own sweat during Humanoids but he stood up quickly like a professional f: jagaimo_02018
  • f: mayamin26 yunho fell in his own sweat during humanoids but quickly got up and said he's fine, he's pro
  • Changmin took off his top and bathed (poured water) ww “@tv2xqjamocha
  • iamwatchingmomo: changmin thanked cassiopeia today
  • Yunho’s “I am everyone’s Yunho” was a bit hit with Minho-sshi www RT @ 14771nachisachi

  • Person with blonde hair shld be Taemin! Both Taemin and Minho are quietly sitted on their seats with their T lightsticks. Cr: nodako206
  • Both Taemin and Minho were really high during WHY and were raising their T lightsticks high up, just like fans! Cr; nodako206
  • YH: feels weird saying it myself, but my butt is actually quite cute. CM: why dont u just say YH is actually cute Cr: nodako206
  • Changmin sang and danced to Shinee's Everybody! (Cr; qingxin218)
  • Changmin threw a signed ball to Minho!
  • Oh Yunho threw his signed ball to Minho too!
  • THSK: what's ur favourite old song? CM: ah? Everybody~ everybody~ every every body~ (dancing at the same time) YH: CM,r u ok?(Cr:qingxin218)

Credits: As tagged + reminisccence + moteco26
Translated by: snxy + tvxq_et_moi
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