Monday, March 9, 2015

[TRANS] 150308 Tohoshinki - Filming at Huis Ten Bosch

  • T/N: It seems that Tohoshinki is in HUIS TEN BOSCH (Nagasaki)
  • [Tohoshinki in Huis Ten Bosch] (cr:pirieri) I came to Huis Ten Bosch. Warm. Came here!
  • (cr:pinchonming) Today's Huis Ten Bosch is warm with no wind, beautiful weather. The tulips are in full bloom.
  • (deleted tweet of a fan) I was able to see Tohoshinki at Huis Ten Bosch.. I waved to Yunho who was riding a car, and he politely made a bow to me. Yunho is so kind.
  • T/N: seems that some filming was cancelled since so many fans gathered. they were spotted at the nearby airport yesterday, it cannot be helped..
  • (cr:gogo15) I see tweets that Tohoshinki came to Huis Ten Bosch but the filming was cancelled since so many fans gathered, but there were only 20-30 fans, and the rest were the regular visitors (t/n: non-fans). I think that Tohoshihki fans will not disturb the filming, so please do not criticize the fans (who were there)! We can be proud of the manners of the Bigeasts, it is one of the best in the world!
  • T/N: it seems that Tohoshinki's filming in Huis Ten Bosch carried on, they were spotted in some of the places within the park today.

  • combined tweet f: kome_chan and _CMAyataka via shim_ls2v2 about 2pm 150308 Tohoshinki @ Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki. shooting was in front of the building with a red van (1st pic on left in #lastrt) changmin was wearing a long, brown coat. yunho was wearing a short, black coat. -> took photo with sunny and luffy (t/n: i think it's referring to the one piece cruise ride at huis ten bosch)
  • compilation of various tweets f: kome_chan (pic on right #lastrt by shim_ls2v2) is place where yunho and changmin were photographed, smiling. changmin's hair was brown and round (t/n: i think like his usual, recent hairstyle) yunho's hair was black and set with bangs, they both looked cool. everyone was quietly watching, distance was not even 1m away. changmin didn't seem sunburnt (t/n: from Hawaii ww). the 5 shots were not cancelled, rather the shooting took place safely. there was a dummy fence placed in front of the hologram building (t/n: where the hologram concert would be held?) before tohoshinki appeared. and they were shooting elsewhere when people gathered.


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Translated by: yunhosmiley + yunjaery + snxy
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