Monday, March 30, 2015

[PHOTOS+TRANS] 150330 Yoochun - SBS Power FM 'Cultwo Show'

  • "Hi, I'm Park Yuchun."
  • Asking Yuchun to introduce the drama but he's speechless for a moment.
  • Yuchun introduced himself as Choi Mugak who can't feel anything.
  • Yuchun used a traditional word for "police" and the MCs laughed at him
  • Yuchun said recently it's difficult for dramas to hit 10% rating but it's good if they can hit 10%
  • Yuchun said he has read a little bit of the webtoon
  • Shin Sekyung said Yuchun has a lot of sense
  • Asked if there will be kissing scenes in The Girl Who Sees Smells, Shin Sekyung says she doesn't know if there is either
  • Nam Goongmin says that they get a lot of presents from Yuchun ie. sweaters, snacks etc. (fan support basically)
  • Yuchun is asking for favor for the broadcast of The Girl Who Sees Smells on 1 April

  • Cultwo Jung Chan Woo was saying how he heard that many people say that Yoochun has really good manners

Credits: As tagged + JYJ NORMALLY
Translated by: yochwennie + KatHeartsJJ
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