Monday, March 16, 2015

[PHOTOS] 150316 JYJ - Others Instagram Update

#jyj #human documentary love #Cjes #mbc broadcast scheduled for May 내일방송이라고했던거는 다른방송이었어요 Preview will be out in April and broadcast in May!!

#daebak event at #MBC #JYJ visited, daebak they pass by in front of me
daebak daebak daebak daebak really liking this...

One of p_wisdom91's comments, "Even in person, Yuchun calls Junsu 'candy bar'."

p_wisdom91: "It will be broadcasted tomorrow. But it's something short. A promotional video? Something like that."

All 3 JYJ members will appear according to p_wisdom91

"They were blowing bubbles and were very cute"

Recording ended an hour ago and JYJ has already left the broadcasting station

The program she said which is scheduled for tomorrow is something else. Not the JYJ video.

Credits: p_wisdom91
Translated by: li-an + yochwennie
Shared by: DBSKnights

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