Thursday, March 26, 2015

[NEWS] 150326 JYJ′s Kim Junsu Confirmed to Appear on ′EBS′ Space Sympathy′

JYJ′s Kim Junsu has confirmed his appearance on a music program.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, "Kim Junsu has confirmed to appearing on EBS′ music program, Space Sympathy. By appearing on Space Sympathy, which has been continuing for more than 10 years, we′ll be showing a new side to Kim Junsu through audience interaction on the small theater stage.

As the Space Sympathy performance will be held in a small theater, Kim Junsu is preparing to put on a stage that will make his voice stand out. Especially with his voice and performance acknowledged, people are anticipating the special stages that Kim Junsu will hold.

Ahead of the performance, Kim Junsu stated, "I′m very happy to be appearing in a program that had many amazing artists, such as Shin Joon Hyun, Song Chang Shik sunbaenim, and even Jason Mraz. I′ve said at many interviews that it′s my dream to hold a small theater concert, so I feel that my dream has come true. I hope to have a great time sympathizing with many people in the audience."

An affiliate also stated, "It′s a huge issue in itself that an acknowledged global artist like Kim Junsu is appearing. As he′s been performing in Korea, as well as Asia, Europe, and even South America after album releases, we′re discussing whether or not to set up an online streaming for global fans who love Kim Junsu."

Kim Junsu released his third solo album, Flower on March 3, receiving much praise for having many genres and showing a new potential as an artist. He is currently traveling to meet fans on his Asia tour, stopping in Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok and Tokyo.

Kim Junsu′s appearance on EBS′ Space Sympathy will be broadcasted in mid-April.

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