Thursday, February 26, 2015

[VIDEO+TRANS] 150226 Tohoshinki on Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke Eight



YH: Everyone who is watching SAKIGAKE MUSIC RANKING EIGHT,
YH&CM: Good evening! We are TOHOSHINKI.

Narration: This year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary since they debuted in Japan. They wish us to continue to walk together with them just like what we did in the past 10 years. Their new single "SAKURAMICHI" conveys such their message to us and will be released today.

YH: This is the season where you may have new encounters and also partings. This is a cheering song to you all, and the song will give comfort not only to you but to us too.
CM: When cherry blossoms start to bloom, cherry petals are falling off as if dancing..and I can picture such an image in my mind..The PV includes such a scene .. and I think this song is perfect for the season.

Narration: So SAKURAMICHI is a graduation song, what do the two of you want to "graduate" from?
CM: House cleaning and dish washing. I want to graduate from those tasks. I want to quit doing those things. I live by myself in Korea. When I just began living alone, I enjoyed everything. However, I have to clean house, just like to do a new work, in my off time...and I hate being under such pressure. I've started to understand how people who does housekeeping feels a bit.
YH: I leave stuff behind a lot. I want to graduate from that. When we are on tour, I tend to leave my stuff behind at the hotel and I return to Tokyo. Well, I do not do that so often lately.

What do you want your partner to "graduate" from?
CM: Indeed, to leave things behind. Because of the habit, our staffs have hard time. Please fix your problem.
YH: Lately, I am getting much better. Yes^^
CM: Please keep up.
YH: Yes

Thinking back the past 10 years.
CM: I was surprised to see myself in pictures and media/materials, I think that I am looking more handsome/cool than before. I feel regret that I have numerous previous media/materials. I want to delete everything. I believe everyone is like me.. you feel a bit embarrassed by looking at yourself in the past.
CM: Yes, I want to delete them all.
CM: Yunho is.. just like a well preserved fossil, he has not changed at all in the last 10 years.
CM: Something like that..To compare to him 10 years ago and Yunho now, his figure and face too
YH: My face looks older ^^
CM: You can't help it..But he is older than me, he still keeps much purer/more genuine mindset, I think.

Narration: So the two of you had birthdays in February. Did you celebrate your birthdays?
YH: To each other, we do not give anything, we do not receive anything. I think that will be easier for us.
CM: Rather than an extravagant birthday party.. well.. I have not had a party like that..After work, I would like to have a couple of drinks.
- Changmin-san, you like beer a lot!
CM: Yes! I love it!

YH: We have walked together with you and we have reached to our 10th year. I am really grateful to you all, I wish to walk to gather with you hands in hands

Credits: chachami + Tokyo Tvxqnight
Translated by: beriko0214
Shared by: DBSKnights

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