Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[VIDEO+TRANS] 150218 Tohoshinki - Interview with Excite Music


THSK: Everyone who is watching Excite. Hello! We are TOHOSHINKI.

Cap: New Single "SAKURAMICHI"
YH: It will be released on February 25th..
CM: Yes
YH: About our new single "SAKURAMICHI"
CM: Yes
YH: Soon, some people will be graduating and some people will be starting new semester or new jobs.. everyone will have new encounters as well as farewells..I think this is the season like that.
CM: Yes, it is. This song suits very well to such season approaching very soon.. spring and it is a song to give hope to people. Therefore I want many people listens to it.

YH: Truly..the cherry tree.. We have a cherry tree in the video and we sang the song for awhile in front of the tree.
CM: Yes we did.
YH: We also took MV inside of a train. I thought the train was real but it was part of a set.
CM: Yes it was and … How can I say this..what we did.. what our staffs did was like this… (shook YH's body to show how their staffs shook train to look real)..
YH: Yes, they did.
YH: And…
CM: Its so funny…(note: I'm not sure about this.. can't get his words well)
YH: And they also directed us perfectly..
CM: Yes they did
YH: to make our PV best suited to the song.. I think..
CM: Yes
YH: So please listen to it..
CM: Yes

Cap: Tips for singing SAKURAMICHI
CM: Hmmmm well..
YH: This song is..
CM: Yes
YH: Because the lyrics is really great..
CM: Yes
YH: You'd better sing this song while thinking about the meaning of the lyrics.. but about rhythms.. some part is in high pitch and it is a bit difficult to take rhythms
CM: Yes
YH: If you put extra attention to that part and you sing comfortably.. that will be great.
CM: Yes.. You may have new encounters.. and it is sad.. but you will have some parting..If you think over those things..feeling sad and also hopeful/optimistic.. please reflect a variety of atmospheres.. situations..if you can convey your feeling to this song.. that will be great!
YH: This is a great song.. so that should be great!
CM: Yes

Cap: 10th anniversary since they debuted in Japan
YH: Actually year 2015.. more directly speaking in April, we will be celebrating our total of 10 years anniversary.
CM: Yes we will!
YH: Time has passed in a blink of my eyes..
CM: Yes it did!
YH: Truly.. the reason we are able to come this far is.. all because of you.. I think.
CM: Yes, I think so too! ^^
YH: Don't be silly! /Stop kidding around!^^
CM: No I am not kidding ^^ But..Truly…I should say..I tend to think that 10 years are short lately.. it really has passed in blink of my eyes.. and from now on, we should keep doing our best so that our fans will continue to love us!
YH: Yes! we will do our best!

Cap: The highlights of 5 Dome Tour
YH: This is our second Dome Tour.. and I think this tour will make our fans to feel closer to us..
CM: Yes
YH: And the venue is huge.. and we included a lot of sessions where our fans can create stages together with us.. We can give you excitement through this live (concert) please come to our live concert.

Cap: Messages to fans
YH: It has been 10 years since we created the name TOHOSHINKI with you all.. Every time, we tell you that we are grateful to you all.. but more than that..we wish to further mature as artists .. and we can do that because we have you who watch out for us and support us..From now on, Lets keep walking together with TOHOSHINKI..Changmin, please you say something..
CM: Please give us your support..
YH: Well then..

Credits: excite music
Translated by: beriko0214
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