Tuesday, February 10, 2015

[VIDEO+TRANS] 150210 Tohoshinki on Asadesu


MC: Thank you for waiting. Last weekend, TOHOSHINKI came to Fukuoka and they had live concerts on 6th, 7th, and 8th, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at Yahoo Oku Dome. Asa-Desu did interview with them and they gave us messages. Please watch (the interview).

YH: Those who are watching Asa-desu, Good Morning,
CM: On February 25th, we will release our new single "SAKURAMICHI". People who will be making a new start of his/her life in this season, may feel anxious and nervous, but please step forward courageously/bravely as you always have done so.. this is a song to give hope/encouragement to people.
YH: Yes. That is right.
YH: Fukuoka is really great, is not it?
CM: Yes it is.
CM: The first place that we kicked off this tour is Fukuoka and we are very happy about it.
YH: Yes. People in Fukuoka are really warm-hearted.
CM: Yes. yes. yes.
YH: (to fans) You conveyed your feelings to TOHOSHINKI. the two of us, I was super happy.

MC: Do you have anything that you want to tell your partner, on this special occasion? Or do you want to convey your thoughts to your partner?
YH: Ah, me?
YH: From me to Changmin?
CM: Yes, Please go ahead..
YH: Well.. A lot of thoughts come into my mind.. among the thoughts, the most important one is that..all the time..CM was always beside me without saying anything.. I was grateful to him for that.. and he gave me a lot of support (I counted on him a lot) and because of him, I am able to be here right now. Usually, I do not say these things to him because I feel shy/embarrassed. Thank you, sensei! (to CM).
CM: The reason why YH was able to keep going and he is here right now is all because I was beside him ..I think.
YH: Yes, yes, you are right
CM: I really wanted to speak it out/say that loud.
YH: Yes, yes.. thank you
CM: Is not this great?
YH&CM: Hahaha
YH: Yes, its great..
CM: Hahaha
YH: Really..
MC: Okay. Thank you very much!
CM: Kya hahaha

MC: Ahh, Changmin-san is so cute! He blushed.
MC: Yes, his face turned red. He is so cute!
MC: They showed us something that they do not show us on stage.. very friendly…we could feel their friendliness very well.
MC: Yes..True.. I agree.
MC: The dome tour this time kicked off in Fukuoka.
MC: Yes, it did.
MC: And of course, they will continue to be on tour and the finale will be at Tokyo Dome. But since they sold their tickets so well.. they added a couple of concerts (to their tour schedule). The additional concerts at Dome is incredible!
MC: They filled the Yahoo Oku Dome with their fans for three days!
MC: There were traffic jams in the neighborhood of Yahoo Oku Dome.
MC: The weekend was incredibly.. (note: I can't get his words) But the tour goes on and they will have the final concert at Tokyo Dome on April 2. They will release a new single "SAKURAMICH" on February 25. Please check it out everyone.
MC: (to TOHOSHINKI) Please come visit us
MC: (to TOHOSHINKI) We will be waiting for you.

Credits: yukichi_tvxq
Translated by: beriko0214
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