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[VIDEO+TRANS] 150209 Tohoshinki on Asadesu


MC: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They had three days live concerts at Yahoo Oku Dome in Fukuoka. We are able to get their messages to our audiences.
MC: Everyone who were gathered at Yahoo Oku Dome were waiting for TOHOSHINKI. Their live tour (in Japan) this year was kicked off, here, in Fukuoka. Since February 6th and the next two days, they brought 120,000 people to their concerts. We asked their fans about best part of TOHOSHINKI..
Fan: They are so cool in dancing!
Fan: Its so rare that their tour kicks off here at Fukuoka!
Fan: Please eat Motsu-Nabe (One of Hakata-speciality, signature cuisine: fire pot with beef/pork intestines and vegetables) and get energized and be prepared for the concerts!
Fan: We love TOHOSHINKI! (in Hakata-dialect)

MC: This year again, Asadesu was able to interview TOHOSHINKI!
YH&CM: Good Morning!
MC: Welcome to Fukuoka! We are happy that you are here (in Hakata-dialect).
YH: Yes, (we are happy too)
CM: The very first place where we kick off this tour is Fukuoka and I am very happy about it.
YH: (to fans) You conveyed your feelings to the two of us, TOHOSHINKI. I was super happy.

MC: By the way, the 25th of this month, a new single, "SAKURAMICHI" will be released.
CM: People who will be making a new start of his/her life in this season, may feel anxious and nervous, but please step forward courageously/bravely.. this is a song to give hope/encouragement to people.
MC: Have you two dome cherry blossom seeing/viewing before?
YH: Perhaps we have done that before just a little bit while we were working. We wish to do that on private.
CM: Personally, I have done cherry blossom viewing along the Meguro river in Tokyo..
YH: Oh, you are right.. yes,
CM: While riding on a bicycle or taking a walk by myself.. I guess I did that for a couple of times before.. and cherry blossoms always give me comfort whenever I see them, right?
YH: Yes, they do.

YH: Everyone who is watching Asadesu, Good Morning!
YH: Well, Please do your best today!/Please keep up with your good work!/Fighting! (in Hakata-dialect)
CM: Well then, Have a good day!/Take care!

MC: Well, well.. it's really nice of them to say "Please do your best!" in Hakata-dialect.
MC: (T/N: I cannot get what the woman said)
MC: They had concert last night.. so...
MC: I am so impressed how well they speak Japanese.
MC: I guess, they are very busy so they do not have much time to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.
MC: I do not know how much they could enjoy Fukuoka while they were staying, but please come and visit Fukuoka again!

MC: Thank them for their hard work.. TOHOSHINKI…they had live concerts at Yahoo Oku Dome. We brought our gifts to them.

CM: The first place that we kicked off this tour is Fukuoka and we are very happy about it.
YH: Yes, you (fans) were able to convey your feelings to the two of us, TOHOSHINKI. I was super happy.

MC: This year is the 10 year anniversary since you debuted in Japan. Do you have anything that you want to tell your partner, on this special occasion?
YH: Ah, me?
YH: From me to Changmin?
CM: Yes
YH: When I was in the happiest moment of my life or in the saddest moment in my life, CM was always here beside me without saying anything. He gave me a lot of support (I counted on him a lot) and because of him, I am here right now. Usually, I do not say these things to him because I feel shy/embarrassed. Thank you! (to CM).
CM: The reason why YH was able to keep going and he is here right now is all because I was beside him ..I think.
YH: Yes, yes, you are right
CM: I really wanted to speak it out/say that loud.
YH: Yes, yes.. thank you

MC: February is the month that we have Yunho-san's birthday and we also have Changmin-san's birthday. So we, Asadesu, have birthday gifts to you two. These are Hakata Niwaka (Hakata traditional impromptu comical talking in masks) eye masks. We think you will be traveling a lot so..
YH: Eye masks… it looks a bit sad looking
CM: Are there any eye masks with this facial expression in other area of Japan?
MC: No. there aren't
CM: I see..
YH: Thank you very much!
YH: I am so curious about this facial expression.
MC: (When you see this), please remember Fukuoka.
CM&YH: Its really interesting. Thank you so much!

MC: I guess they are really exhausted now.. so I hope they have some relaxing time with the masks..
MC: I wanna see them using the eye masks..
MC: But we won't be able to see them in private so easily..
MC: (the masks) suit them..
MC: I am glad that they liked the masks.
MC: Thank them for their hard work at Fukuoka Dome. Please take care!
MC: Their concert tour will continue until April 2nd at Tokyo Dome, and on Valentine's day this weekend, they will have a concert in Sapporo.
MC: It will be really exciting!

Credits: yukichi_tvxq
Translated by: beriko0214 1,2
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