Friday, February 27, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150226 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Tokyo (Day 2)

  • YH: Do you know the title of the album? Fans: We don't know YH: Look at this...because of the things became like this.
  • Changmin: Then on to the next song slowly... Fans: EHHHH!!!! Changmin: I want to sing!!! I want to sing!!!! I'm an artist!!!! [ninoming64]
  • A male fan shouted during MC YH: I heard something...the voice of an animalㅋ Male fan: EHHHH! CM: That's an animal. YH: Seems like a wild boar
  • (*∵*) The title of this album is 《I don't know!》!!! (´・J・`) Let's do it properly.... [kyoumo0206]

  • Changmin covered Yunho's tummy 😂@f: 小桃爱樱桃酱 (pics)
  • f: yunhonho Changmin: even on a night w/o u, no more cry, do not cry. yunho: yes do not cry rassungoreirai rassungoreirai
  • Yunho: it's hot outside. BE: ne? (Cos it's cold) Yunho: it's hot because i say it's hot! “@s2_snsd_s2
  • While the stage was moving during STL, Yunho bowed many times in various directions to the arena. “@smallhare
  • STL changmin poured water on himself, took off his top (& slipped in e water) 💜x 4 Yunho: TOKYOo! “@sayu_urin33
  • Changmin imitated shooting a gun aT the start of DIRT “@anywhere4you
  • Seems there'll be a surprise announcement at Kyocera or Tokyo in April! #TohoWithTour “@tvxq2ho6no
  • 💜Yunho: (did i) properly convey (my) feelings? I am glad to be able to be standing here in Tokyo Dome #TohoWithTour “@akapitvxq7
  • During STL, Yunho shouted 'let's go! (Ikuwayo/cute way😂) ww “@tv2xqjamocha
  • During the MC, changmin said 'yunho with shimu--de-s-u~ qtps “@ryuhey0218

Ment 1 , 2
Maximum (umbrella dance)
Bigeast chanting

Credits: As tagged + cavry + TVXQVN8688 + sushikonto
Translated by: paulisteu _ snxy
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