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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150214 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Sapporo

  • Changmin: "Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015..." Together: "WELCOME!"
  • Yunho: "As expected, it's cold but full of love... Sapporo is the city of love, the city of snow.. and my city too!"
  • Changmin: "It might be cold but please enjoy it! Let's make good memories together!"
  • Yunho: "Everyone nice to meet you! Both : this is Tohoshinki !
  • Yunho: Outside it's soo soo cold but here it's so hot! Because of everyone's passion ne~
  • Yunho: This time.. during this couple hours, we are really cool right?~
  • Changmin: It's the second time right? The second time we're here in Sapporo Dome, our 2nd Dome Tour ^
  • YH: With this album, in Dome, there's something we really wanted to tell you. CM: What? YH: - CM: do you understand Japanese?
  • Changmin: In the album title, there's the message that we want to walk together with you..
  • CM: "Tohoshinki WITH Bigeast", "Tohoshinki WITH Sapporo".. and YH: Ah? CM: Go ahead! YH "Tohoshinki WITH you"!
  • YH: There are people who came for the con but didn't listen to the album right... CM: Just don't come then...
  • Yunho is speaking about how he failed to say "moshikashitedakedo" last time
  • They are speaking about how Sam-san almost didn't make it because his plane was delayed
  • Now making puns with the "RASSUNGORERAI" and "it's cold it's cold"
  • YH: "It's hot right... but yesterday it was so so cold, I thought my hair was freezing!"
  • YH: Because ichigo are super sweet, I'm not ashamed of saying it.. CM: ... it's time to interrupt with RASSUNGOGERAI
  • Now Yunho is making them try- YH: RASSUNGOGERAI! BE: T \o/ YH: RASSUNGOGERAI! BE: T \o/ CM: I want to do it. YH *ignores*: RASSUNGOGERAI! BE: T! YH: don't go with so little passion... RASSUNGOGERAI! BE: T!!!!! \O/ (t/n: the RASSUNGORERAI thingy, it's a line by a comedy duo in Japan that's quite popular there rn, it doesn't really mean anything)
  • Changmin is singing Rainy Blue!!! And Yunho interrupted! AGAIN
  • YH: The time we spent here really went fast... it was good! CM: you went to the toilet YH:it was just one second!
  • YH: Actually I want to go again (to the toilet)... CM: --- YH: but it was a good time!!
  • YH: the strawberries I ate in Sapporo were really delicious..
  • YH: Was the concert good this time? BE: \O/ YH: We sang songs from the past nee.. CM: Choosey Lover, Doushite;;
  • Speaking about band CM: Kazu~ YH: that "Kazu" was cute! CM: haii Kazu.. thanks! YH: It's Kazu-san!
  • YH: I think this time we were able to show you an even better image, I hope you could enjoy the concert well this year.
  • CM: In life you encounter many things... a lot of things happen and some of them are very painful, stressful but I think that while life is like this, that's how you can gather your courage and overcome everything painful
  • Yunho is asking everyone to sing the "lalala" part in With Love together
  • Yunho: "Sapporo, thank you so much for your support!"
  • YH: Sapporo, we are.. BE: T!!! \O/ YH: keep going from here!
  • Changmin: Thank you so much...!! Everyone, WE ARE- YH&BE: T!!!
  • Changmin removed his T-shirt during STL after pouring water on himself X'D That's why everyone was screaming :p (cr MAXxTVXQ)
  • "MC was long today. YH knew some people couldn't come, CM was worried everyone wouldnt be here cos of the snow& cold"
  • Yunho: 皆は俺の自慢だからね / because everyone here is my pride T__T (cr. Shim_Ls2v2)
  • Changmin: "On Valentine Day this year, to receive a love confession from Sam-san... aaaah it feels good!" #TohoWithTour (cr.All_About_Yunho)
  • (M6002H_WEareT) YH: Outside it's cold but here is really warm with everyone's love, it'll stay forever in my heart, thank you!
  • Yunho: "I was worried, there were people who couldn't come here by plane. But I felt relieved seeing everyone's faces here."
  • YH: Wanna do Rassungorerai!!!! CM: Say it politely! It's "I want to do"! YH: Wanna do "T"!! CM: It's "I want to do"!!!!
  • YH: Don't you want to hear everyone scream "I LOVE CHANGMIN!!"? BE: WE LOVE CHANGMIN!!! \O/ CM: No, thanks (mocaminnie)
  • Yh: I'm tireeed~ CM: Me too! It can't be helped! There's not time to rest recently! (cr. mocaminnie)
  • YH: It's cute how you said "Ka~zu~", Changmin ^__^ CM: Ah? YH: It was cute! Ka~zu~ CM: ..well thank you (mocaminnie)

  • There are many Bigeasts who could not reach Sapporo dome because of the snow, and some are trying to reach in time for the encore.
  • (cr:All_About_Yunho) Yunho said at the very last "I am proud of every one of you." No, it is the other way around. It is you, Yunho, that we are proud of. You are our hero.
  • (cr:kikikko4646) Changmin took off his shirt during the middle of Somebody to love, and showed us his wonderful stomach muscles.
  • (cr:MAXxTVXQ) After the final greetings, Changmin said "Thank you!" with a tender smile, and went off backstage.
  • (cr:CMkeiYH) Sapporo 18:05-21:38, Red T. Yunho "I was worried since there was a lot of snow, so many may not be able to see Tohoshinki. But the Sapporo fans are so friendly and warm. See you again!" Changmin "I took off my in-ear monitor and heard your voices. It was so big, I got the goose bumps."
  • (cr:mnmn94) I fully enjoyed Tohoshinki's live concert! Sitting next me was Yo Oizumi (t/n: actor and singer/song writer, born in Hokkaido) and his family, so I wan't able to concentrate on Tohoshinki xDD
  • (cr:yoshi08080) Yunho and Changmin found Sam-san (who was watching the concert from the middle of the concert) from the stage, and was talking about Sam-san's flight. (t/n: Sam-san arrived at the venue just before the concert started, since his plane was delayed and once went back to Tokyo because of the snow.) We could see that Yunho and Changmin was secretly worrying about the Bigeasts. They knew that there were Bigeasts who could not come (because of the snow).
  • (cr:smilemizuki) I heard Bigeasts sitting near by saying "Today the voices of the audience was louder than that of Fukuoka." I think that was because the Bigeasts at the venue were cheering with all their might, for the Bigeasts who could not come to the venue (because of the snow). I know that the 2 members understood how were were feeling.
  • (cr:naniwachangmin) The seat next to me was filled during "Sakuramichi". She was saying "I was able to hear only 4 songs, but I am happy." "There were so much girls left at the airport (on the flight waiting list) I'm just happy because I could come here." and was crying. She was smiling (through her tears) and swinging her stick light, I got teary myself.....
  • (cr:chami_chami410) The two members knew everything. That the season was not the best. That the airplanes may not be able to land. To those who were able to come, and those who could not come. They understood all of our feelings and thoughts, and said their sincere words. They showed us/captured our hearts with their wonderful concert. I was really happy to be there.
  • (cr:MEEGz0322) We heard that it was the best to take a taxi from Shin-Sapporo, and made a dash to the dome. The taxi driver was such a kind man, he said that since you came, you should want to see them, even if it is just a short time. He drove so fast, and when we got out of the taxi, he say "Please enjoy!"
  • (cr:tv2xqjamocha) There were a few girls that came dashing in during the "lalala" of "With Love". It is really near the ending. I was about to cry, thinking about what they went through (to come here).
  • (cr:yunhonho) The MC was really super long. When Yunho said "We'll go on to the next song", and the fans said "Eeeeeeee-------", Yunho said "(Today) the MC is the longest! (Usually) it takes about 10-15 minutes, but today, it is already past 15 minutes, going on to 20 minutes!" xDD It was really very long!
  • (cr:yunhonho) CM "It was lucky for me to have work to do on valentine day. If we had a day off today, we would have been lonely."

  • Changmin: It was snowing heavily today and I was worried if everyone can come today. BUt everyone's pretty early today. (S: qingxin218)
  • Yunho: Sapporo, the city of love, the city of snow, my city. ♥ (Source: qingxin218)
  • Yunho: Are you ready to become one with Tohoshinki? We will work harder, please don't give up, be prepared! I will look at everyone!
  • "The situation is not that bad. The venue is about 80% full." in regards to fans unable to make it to Sapporo Dome in time~ (S: qingxin218)
  • Yunho: As expected, Sapporo is so cold, yet so passionate! It's really different. The atmosphere of this live is really amazing.
  • Changmin: Tohoshinki with Bigeast, Tohoshinki with Sapporo Yunho: Tohoshinki with you, with you, with you, Sapporo with you ♥♥
  • CM: Tohoshinki with Bigeast, with Sapporo, with... (waiting for YH) YH: Eh? Is it my time? CM: Please say. YH: With you, with you, with you~
  • Yunho: There are people who have heard the album and there are those that have not. But we hope that everyone likes this album
  • Yunho: This year is a special year to Tohoshinki. Changmin: Yes, this year is Tohoshinki's 10th debut year.
  • Changmin: We were saying it's great that we have a concert on Vday. We won't get chocolates anyway. Yunho: Yes~ Everyone: EH?!?! (S: nodako)
  • Yunho: Is everyone happy today? We really want to thank everyone for coming. We are really happy today.
  • Yunho: I had great memories in Sapporo. I was worried bc it was snowing heavily. But it's great to see all of you here. Fans here are great.
  • Yunho ripped his pants during Humanoids! When the song reached its climax during "everybody make some noise"...the pants split apart.
  • Yunho: Did y'all see us at backstage? Band members had came out, dancers had came out, Yunho who went to the toilet had came out too.

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