Sunday, February 8, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150208 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Fukuoka (Day 3)

  • "People called Changmin's name during the opening MC and he sang a bit of Rainy Blue" #TohoWithTour (cr. achapao1206)
  • Yunho: "Survivor" became "Yabaibor"!!! (TVXQ114Bigeast) (T/N: "yabai" can mean "risky"/"crap" but also "cool".. what happened lol?)
  • YH: *rambling*: if maybe…it's a 'maybe' here, but if maybe- CM: haaaai today's MC is over~
  • CM: Backstage I was thinking "maybe we can rest now" but today's encore call was the strongest so far…
  • Yunho to poor-hungry-whining-Changmin: "I'll make you motsunabe!!" (cr. yunhonho)
  • Yunho did his 'old' impersonation of 大滝秀治 "your talk is boring! Boring!!" (cr. yunhonho)
  • Still about failing to say "Moshikashitedakedo" ("maybe") - Yunho: "It's cos my tongue is acting funny!!" XD (achapao1206)

  • F: qingxin218 during rising sun changmin u unbuttoned his white jacket and danced
  • F: super_macy the camera even did a close up of changmin's abs
  • sex appeal when Yunho unbuttoned his top shirt button in Baby Don’t Cry RT @Honamixtvxq:
  • Changmin’s cart was in frt of his dad but their eyes didn’t directly meet. bt when e truck moved, he shyly shook his hand. RT @hiyomiyuko
  • during Sakuramichi, Changmin’s dad was tapping his feet to the rhythm RT @hiyomiyuko

  • According to this fan, you can really see Changmin's neck a lot todayㅋㅋㅋ (bruni2618)
  • CM: So, let's sing the next song... Fans: RAINY BLUE!!!!!!!11 CM: It's not Rainy Blue!!! YH: Since this is a THSK live~! (@T___Holic)
  • #STL Y can't say 「So this was TVXQ」 properly. C asked 「Let's do it once more?」 while Y was trying to breathe properly, then did it again tgt

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