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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150207 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Fukuoka (Day 2)

  • In the bomb detonation VCR, there's two wires - one blue and one red that has two wires tangled together. Both of them cut the blue wire.
  • Changmin to fans who have not listened to the new album: Please return home. 😊😒😒 (Source: nodako206)
  • A fanboy shouted Changmin loudly and Changmin: Although I like this voice from males, I still prefer voices from cute girls.😂 (S: nodako206)
  • YH: I didn't expect B.U.T to be the first encore song. CM: Didn't we use this as our opening a few years ago? YH: Really? Few year ago?
  • Changmin said that sometimes Yunho will deliberately call the new single's name as Sakura~bo~ and CM suddenly sang Ai Ostuka's Sakuranbo. Yunho: Ah! Ai Ostuka! Changmin had a shocked expression: So you know Ai Ostuka too! Yunho: Yes, she's one of my favourite singers. (nodako)
  • Yunho: It's strange. There is a delay in the voice from the ear mic. Changmin: Hmm? Yunho: I said, your voice keep having echo. CM: Because the dome is huge, this is one special feature of the dome. YH: Ok, please listen~n~n~n~n~n (purposely pull the mic away)
  • Changmin was "lectured" by the director because of his divorce gags during MC. But he revealed this today, he'll probably get scolded again

  • day 2 yunho said his pants had torn again.. he confessed it himself.. pants have torn again.. f: 时雨蝶_在我心中
  • Yunho is Changmin’s “reliable person” T_T #tohowithtour day 2 RT @yunhonho
  • today’s #1 impactful remark is.. Yunho: Actually..I have torn my pants RT @m_m_tvxq
  • At the end- Yunho: Meet again. Changmin: Thank you Bigeast Yunho: Thank you (Korean) Cassiopeia RT @with_Yunho
  • f: panee0202 the audience was surprised that the boys knew who ai otsuka was. yunho: i am an amazing artiste ya~ (what's so funny about knowing this song?) changmin: no need to say it, it is embarrassing, even though deep in both of our hearts we know this, we don’t have to say it out.’ ww scolding shim.
  • f: super_macy yunho: are there still people who have not heard the WITH album? -some people raised their hands- Changmin: Pls go home. I really don’t understand why you are here.
  • f: @camellia206 in the VCR before Special One, Yunho was really cute! He transformed into a rocker-like style, with hair combed really high, holding a red guitar and eyeliner. Then he transformed into a adventure-like stle, wearing a backpack that those japanese schoolkids carry, and a hat. his hand held a flashlight and he had blusher one, so cute~ changmin was styled like a spanish bullfighter and a chef.. at the end the two's styles merged together and changmin held the flashlight that yunho held previously, and yunho carried a white cat. so cute~

  • Yunho's last words for today "Thank you, Cassiopeia" [probably because the Cassiopeia tour is today ^^] (0206yhken)
  • Last greeting - Yunho: We will meet again. (sy0206yh)
  • Changmin: Arigatō, Bigeast. Yunho: Cassiopeia, kamsahamnida.
  • YH kept on failing because he can't get the rhythm of the gag. He was covering his face w/ his hands because he was embarrassed! (0206yhken)
  • Yunho wa's embarrassed of his gag so he covered his eyes and laughed.
  • Changmin was looking at the camera from his bangs when singing while making circles with his fingers. (like in Scream!!)
  • so Changmin's face while looking at the camera and making circles with his finger was ((erotic)), his tongue on the left of his lipsㅠㅠㅠ
  • The MC ended and it's now the next song. Everyone was still going "EHHH~~". Yunho though no matter how much the fans will go 'ehhh~', he said that they will do it on 'MY PACE (in english)'. The fans' reaction was, "Eh? Kao (face)? Kao (face)?ㅋㅋ cr: 0206yhken
  • Yunho shouted during Somebody to Love, "Everyone's favorite, WOOOW!" cr: sy0206yh
  • Yunho: The name TVXQ is not made by just only two people, it's because it's made by everyone. Today was really happy! cr: mj81208
  • Yunho asked, "At the end, were TVXQ's feelings passed to you?" Everyone clapped but, 「I want to do well a little bit more! hahaha 」
  • Because Yunho's pants got torn... Yunho: This bridge is transparent!! It's a little nasty, the audiences below can see my butt (T___Holic)
  • Because Yunho's tension was too high.. CM: You're a bit too much excited. Please get your feelings arranged soon. YH: Can I only laugh for 10 seconds? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! cr: natsu723summer + T____holic
  • Male fan: CHANGMIIIN!!!! (•J•`) I like pretty girls more than boys. (∵) CM be honest~ (•////•`) … (∵) Oh? CM's blushing? (•//////•`) (shy)
  • ChangminShould we start the explanation about the tour's title, WITH? Yunho: YES! DO IT! DO IT! Changmin: Start from now. cr: ninoming64
  • Yunho's talking about ripping his pants - CM: Don't be shy. Please do it proudly. cr: ninoming64
  • Encore MC - Fans: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (claps) Changmin: Please don't clap. We will explain the new song from now on. cr: ninoming64

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