Friday, February 6, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150206 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Fukuoka (Day 1)

Refuse To Lose
Keep Your Head Down
Choosey Lover
-Opening Ment-
Baby Don't Cry
Believe In U
No (from T album)
Time Works Wonders
Before U Go (Japanese ver.)
Duet (Only part of the song)
Doushite Kimi wo Suki Natte Shimattan Darou (Only part of the song)
Humanoids (Japanese ver.)
Break Up The Shell
High Time
I Just Can't Quit Myself
Love In The Ice
-Band Time (BGM: Catch Me, Spellbound, Disvelocity, One More Thing, Sweat, Mirotic)-
Rising Sun (Remix)
-Ment + Yunho's birthday-
With Love
We Are!
Somebody To Love

  • Changmin appeared sitting on a red car with the car plate as "CM0218"!! #TohoWithTour (S: qingxin218)
  • Both of them drove a sports car out! Yunho's fringe is gelled up and he's wearing leather gloves and coat!!! (S: nodako206)
  • Changmin is wearing black v-neck shirt and the v neck extends all the way down his chest! & he matched it with a black tie. (S: qingxin218)
  • The cameraman zoomed in at the crotch during Before U Go when they did the hip thrust thing (S: qingxin218)
  • Changmin: With (is) Tohoshinki with Bigeast, Yunho with Shim, with you you you~ (pointing audience while saying) (Source: qingxin218)
  • Audio of Tohoshinki singing doushite! #TohoWithTour (Cr: qingxin218)
  • VCR: They reviewed the past once again. After that, Yunho and Changmin both held out their fist and did a fist bump. (S: qingxin218)
  • they took out a very antique feeling fan and they are holding that while dancing
  • During Rising Sun, Yunho wore only a deep V necked jacket and fans can see his chest shining because of the sweat omg T_T (S: nodako206)
  • Audio of fans and Changmin singing happy birthday song to Yunho! (Cr: qingxin218)
  • Yunho's cake is full of fruits! They're eating it now~
  • Changmin hid the cream in his hand and he smashed it on Yunho's face
  • The staff helped Yunho wipe away the cream that Changmin smashed on his face
  • HAHAHAHAHA Changmin lovingly spread the cream on Yunho's face while saying happy birthday this bratㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #TohoWithTour (S: super_macy)
  • CM: Didn't we sing lots of old songs? Which song do you like the most? Fans: *screaming* YH: As expected it's just *mimicking fans screaming*
  • CM: We are releasing a new single on 25 February. Oricon... Oricon... We haven't been the first for long... (S: qingxin)
  • The screen when everyone thought it was over: Did you think it's over here? This is only the beginning! Then double encore!! (S: Super_Macy)
  • Yunho: Everyone, we are??? Fans: T!!!
  • "Love love love love~" Yunho: FUKUOKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Yunho: No one contacted me even when I waited until 12:04am, and there was no surprise during rehearsal. I'm blood type A, I'll feel lonely!
  • Yunho going on and on about being lonely Changmin: From the morning he has been talking about how no one contacted, it's a lil' irritating

  • When explaining WITH, Yunho said it's Yunho with Shim. ( ′·J·` ) CM: Ah, my name is called Shim. I am Shim.( tvxqyoonmin)
  • Because Yunho rarely didn't show up... (´・J・`) CM: Yunho-sa~~n cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • VCR Yunho became a rocker in a band and an adventurer. Changmin was a bullfighter and a pastry chef. cr: tvxq_2street
  • When having a talk about Softbank, Yunho said if he should say the company name. Changmin coolly said "Softbank!" again. cr: tvxqyoonmin

  • Boys appeared on stage in red sports cars. Changmin's was in one with his birthday CM0218 on his license plate. F: qingxin218
  • F: qingxin218 tohoshinki's hair is straight today ~
  • F: nodako206 yunho's bangs are up!! He's so handsome you can cry (op's comment not mine :p) #TohoWithTour he's also wearing leather gloves
  • cars drove right into the venue. The P seat restrictions (@ ent for 1st 4 songs) were bc the extended stage can move. f: super_macy
  • License plates on cars- Changmin's was CM0218; Yunho's was YH0206 ^^ f: qingxin218
  • F: qingxin218 master shim's hair is starting to curl
  • During DIRT, both held hands & bumped shoulders (like a side-hug) hence the screams, comparable to the head-to-head of WHY f: qingxin218
  • F: qingxin218 changmin is wearing a black v-neck down to his chest! Also w a black tie! Exposed chest + dangling tie = dying
  • Close-up shots of the hips twisting /coff/ during Before You Go f: qingxin218
  • F: qingxin218 changmin: with —tohoshinki with bigeast, yunho with shim, with you you you (points to audience)
  • F: qingxin218 the vcr was a reflective one. In the vcr. yunho stretched out his hand, changmin also stretched out his and they fist-bumped
  • When introducing the band, image of the boys backstage appeared #TohoWithTour “@janedoeslave
  • fans saying that this time they can't afford to go to the toilet (cos even band intro is epic)
  • Yunho had cream on his face. He said it's ok since Changmin's birthday was coming 😂 f: qingxin218
  • This time we sang a lot of old songs, right? Venue: sjsjabs Yunho: just as I had imagined ww f: qingxin218
  • F: qingxin218 changmin: on 2/25 our new single will be released.. Oricon.. Oricon.. We have not been #1 for a long time... Ok I understand
  • F: super_macy everyone sang yunho the bday song, and then the kid smeared cream on hyung's face; he was doing it and saying happy birthda
  • Just as everyone was ready to leave, the boys came back out ~
  • F: super_macy on the screen: thought it was over already? Now, it is just the beginning' and then WE ARE!T!

Credits: As tagged + qingxin
Translated by: yunjaery + snxy + paulisteu
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