Sunday, February 1, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150201 Changmin at Incheon Airport for 'Pit-a-Pat India' Opening

More pics: Story , Maybebaby [Please don't take out from weibo!]

  • Changmin, Kyuhyun and Jonghyun have appeared at Incheon Airport RT @UltraTVXQ
  • f: maybebaby0218 changmin filmed the opening but was not in the departure hall.
  • F: janedoeslave changmin has gone home. The luggage he had was choi minho's
  • Changmin took a car to go. the other members were filming until the departure hall. RT @thflfdpf
  • T/N: Changmin is still on the show (he filmed the opening!) just not flying to India with the rest today.

  • Fan said Chwangs was laughing so loudly he was shaking, and the whole airport area was filled with the sound of his laughter XDD [qingxin]
  • Changmin brought a pretend suitcase to the airport and inside he packed a stack of CDs; Spellbound and At Gwanghwamun [qingxin]
  • Changmin laughed till he was bent over many times, & even almost fell off his stool. He went home after sending his best friends off [上木月半]

Credits: As tagged + onlytvxq1314
Translated by: snxy + kikiikyu
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