Sunday, February 22, 2015

[TRANS+FANCAM] 150222 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Nagoya (Day 3)

  • When the fans always go EHHHH when it's the next song - CM: Everyone, it's becoming a bad habit! Fans: EHHH CM: Please fix that habit quickly!
  • Changmin talked about divorce again during Sakuramichi hahaha
  • Double Encore MENT - Yunho: Changmin and I will surely return again. Changmin: It's because we like Nagoya~ (dialect) Cr: dopi_yjbrownie
  • CM's last ment "Nagoya con also ends today. Are you sad? But I had so much fun, it was pleasant and I was happy. I'll surely return again."
  • Yunho: Yunho with Shim... Come to think of it. I wanted to say Jung with Shim, too. Changmin: It's relaxing to say Yunho than Jung. Cr: dopi
  • Yunho: I like NO?. I like Choosey lover too, and the rap also. Changmin: Also? Yunho: Doushite too. (Dopi_yjbrownie)
  • Changmin: I know Nagoya well since I used to support Seon DongYeol of Nagoya Chunichi Dragons when I was young. (Tvxqtohoeternal)
  • Y: What's the title of our new single? \SAKURAMICHI/ C: Kaerimichi (returning road 돌아가는 길)? I like it. I want to return quickly too. \EHHH~/

  • Changmin did a heart shape again during choosey lover! #TohoWithTour (Cr; Qingxin218)
  • Ment - CM: With music... (turns to YH) YH: Yunho with Shim, with you (Cr: qingxin218)
  • YH: My most fave song in this tour's setlist is 'NO?',then 'Love in the Ice',then 'Choosey Lover',and doushite #TohoWithTour Cr: nodako206
  • Encore Ment - YH: CM and me will be back here again. (Cr: nodako206)
  • Ment (gag) - YH: becuz havent seen everyone for a long time, so my heart is very Changmin Changmin Cr: yunhonho, aypoyo333 Jp-chi: 世界第一西皮
  • Double encore - YH and CM came out frm opposite sides today, YH frm the left, CM frm the right (cr: nodako206)

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Credits: As tagged + jiwvet + ME酱
Translated by: paulisteu + changmin_et_moi
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