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[TRANS+FANCAM] 150221 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Nagoya (Day 2)

  • At Nagoya Station underground shopping area - Right to Nagoya dome. YH: Turn right CM: Please~ (pic)
  • (cr:5Megyuu) I reached the Nagoya dome. Coming here, I saw Kyuhyun of SJ at the subway xDD
  • [Kyuhyun in Nagoya] (cr:fly_high_money) I went to the Nagoya Castle! Kyuhyun was there! Though it is warm, it is still winter. But he was eating soft-serve ice cream, wearing sunglasses xD
  • [Kyuhyun in Nagoya] (cr:r__cs) Kyuhyun was at the Nagoya Castle! He was buying 2 pcs or so of these xDDDD Magnets xDDDD Should he stick these to his refrigerator? xDDDDD
  • [Kyuhyun in Nagoya] (cr:max_tvxq0218) When I was walking towards the Nagoya Castle, I walked passed a man who looked very much like Kyuhyun... But his had rough skin, and I thought he should be a different person...but afterwards, my friend and I said "Should that man be Kyuhyun?" He was very tall, wearing sunglasses, and a rucksack on his back.
  • [WITH Nagoya Meet & Greet] (cr:LuvTVXQhomin) (pics) I was able to go to the meet & greet ... (;;) I cried so much... Before Yunho left the room, he said "Please do not cry" I broke down and cried...
  • (cr:Usako0206YK) Hey, Kyuhyun-san, you shouldn't take photos with your smartphone inside the dome xDD
  • (cr:my2miho) Kyuhyun seemed very happy when he caught Changmin's autographed ball (which Changmin threw) from the trolley, but immediately Kyuhyun threw it backwards! For the first time I thought Kyuhyun was a handsome man! The Kyu-line is the best!
  • (cr:yc____cy) The seats second to me, there was a middle-aged couple. Tomorrow, I'll take my father and mother with me (who seems to be the same age with the couple), so I was interested in how they will react xDD But, they were laughing during the MC, politely swinging their sticklights, and were keeping time to the music during Sakuramichi, I was very happy.(cr:yumi0083) Kyuhyun was sitting in the first row of the stands. He was holding the T sticklight with his both hands, he looked so cute xD
  • (cr:sami0126) The setlist is all god. It contains everything of Tohoshinki up to today. The set is simple, but the stage changes minute by minute. You are able to enjoy the concert from any seat. All of their dancing, songs, and performances are at full power, it was difficult to catch up with their pace right from the beginning. They were showing us with all their strength and all their heart, what is the Tohoshinki 10 years after their debut.
  • (cr:uknowbite) During "We are T" at the backstage, Changmin was on-camera and showing his cuteness, yes, he was very cute. Next to him, though he was off-camera, Yunho was continuously dancing, dangling his arms and feet, he looked super cute, too!!! xDDD
  • (cr:mocaminnie) During the "Red sticklights OFF" time, Kyuhyun correctly switched off his T sticklight

  • CM didn't take off his clothes today. People wrote his name in Korean but there were a lot of people who wrote it as [MinChang] cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • Yunho's ment "Even though I also receive a lot of love now, I want to be an artist who receives love much more in the future." (tvxqyoonmin)
  • Kyuhyun did the We Are T action excitedly when Changmin was near. (tvxqyoonmin)
  • During the part that should be for Rassun Gorrerai, Changmin said that we would sing a Korean song today that he personally likes. It was Kyuhyun's At Gwanghwamun! As soon as Yunho heard it, he said "Where's Kyuhyun?? Kyuhyun!!" Kyuhyun who was at the audience stood up. Changmin looked so proud to see his friend. (ymamylim)
  • When introducing Doushite, Changmin suggested that it should just be called "Do-u-da-ro" because the title's really long. OTL cr: jyk064
  • During the last part of STL, Changmin did a huge jump while the moving stage was still connecting to the main stage. The gap was really big so Changmin landed while doing a roll. cr: ymamylim
  • Yunho: I saw the fans' comments a few days ago on Live monster. Everyone...really...lots of you have their own individual personality. I know that I speak warm words (touching words), right?? So leave that to Changmin later. [Changmin's expression> ㅎ_ㅎ?] cr: ymamylim
  • Changmin: I saw a lot of people today who wrote my name in korean on their name was written in the wrong order and it became MinChang... However, I was really moved by that thanks to everyone. cr: ymamylim
  • During the MC, CM untied the black cloth that was hanging on his neck. He threw it at the staffs below the stage and people screamed. YH: Everyone, please concentrate on me! I'm talking right now! CM: I'm sorry for interrupting you. YH: No, it's okay since CM is sexy. cr: ymamylim
  • Changmin: I was just thinking. Please listen to the next song. I think this title 《Doushite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou》 is really long, right? If only you can say it nicely and refreshingly just with 2 characters. Yunho: So, what should we do? Changmin: Since the first two characters 'Dou' will be combined with the last two characters 'Darou' and it will become "Doudarou (meaning: how is it)", how is it?? Well, please listen to the next song, Doudarou~ Yunho: How is it, everyone?
  • Meaning of WITH - Changmin: So, please do the last one. Yunho: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with YOU! cr: kyoumo0206
  • (∵`) Since the bottom is transparent, my butt can be seen. My butt first of all is not dirty. (*´・J・`*) Thanks for teaching that good info.
  • Changmin: Divorce is not an embarrassing thing. "Sakuramichi would be like the 'Support for Divorce Song'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
  • YH: My not dirty. CM: Thanks for that good information. YH: I think it's a good information
  • Changmin: Yunho, I'm soaked in sweat. I'm not a person who sweats like this. Yunho: Yes. It's because you worked hard particularly today.
  • Yunho's last ment - Yesterday: I'm sorry if I can't see all the audience properly. Today: People at the top! Did you have fun? I saw you really well today. One person by one person, I saw you properly. I'm really happy.
  • (Those who have never listened to WITH) YH: Oh! The least one! (in terms of ppl who raised their hands) CM: It's a lie, I assure you. Yunho: Ehh I will ask once again. Everyone who have never listened to... BE: NE~~ Yunho: No, please don't produce any sound. CM: You don't need any sound! (`∵)ノシ Since it became like this, go home quickly! cr: kyoumo0206

  • Changmin: We ate hitsumabushi last night so we will give our best today on stage as well. Nagoya's hitsumabushi is still really delicious~
  • Yunho: I feel embarrassed that all of you can see my butt on this transparent bridge. But my butt is not dirty. CM: Thanks for telling us such wonderful info. YH: Hmm, this is indeed a wonderful info. Glad to know your butt isn't dirty :-) (nodako206)
  • Yunho did the gags he did in the past including the famous three count Bruce Lee gag. He shyly covered his eyes after performingㅋㅋ (nodako)
  • Changmin sang At Gwanghwamun and Yunho interrupted with his rassungorerai gag. And the screen cut to Kyuhyun who did a T with YH's gag.
  • Jung Yunho's cold joke: Choosey Lover in the Ice. He tried to be funny but everyone was speechless. 😂 (Source: nodako206)
  • Changmin's ending ment: I'm thankful that fans made fans using my Korean name but someone wrote it as Min Chang... 😂 (Source: qingxin218)
  • "Kyuhyun who ignored the regulations in the dome, kept taking pictures"

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Credits: As tagged + jiwvet + 老牛的照相馆
Translated by: yunhosmiley + paulisteu + yunjaery
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