Monday, February 23, 2015

[AUDIO+TRANS] 150223 Tohoshinki - InterFM 「Happy Hour!」


CM: All listening to Interfm Happy Hour and Thomsen Yoko-san, Hello, We are TOHOSHINKI's Changmin and Yunho.
CM: Yes, this new single, "SAKURAMICHI" will be released on Feb 25th and I think this song is best suited to the fast approaching spring, do not you think?
YH: Yes, it is. Graduation, New Semester and New Job… you will have new encounters but you also have some partings.. this is the season for those.. and I think this song is really suited to this season.
CM: Also, when we were filming the PV of this song, we took lip-sincing in front of a cherry tree that looked so real, and we also filmed lip-syncing inside of a train.
YH: Yes, inside of a train
CM: It was like the two of us were going on a trip to somewhere.. I think such an atmosphere in the scene was pretty good, right?
YH: Yes, it was a heart-warming PV. I hope many people will think over their own experiences and listen to it.. Everyone, please listen to it.
CM: Yes, please.
YH: Additional concerts are already scheduled at Tokyo Dome. Please check out TOHOSHINKI Official Webpage.
CM: The favorite song these days is .. For me, Changmin, is Sam Smith's album. I love all the song in the album. But in particular, Leave Your Lover. I really love this song. I think this song demonstrates Sam Smith's very attractive vocal, his signature falsetto voice is amazing. so Please listen to it.
YH: I agree.
CM: Sam Smith's (Leave Your Lover..)

Credits: BANBI☆MAX
Translated by: beriko0214
Shared by: DBSKnights

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