Thursday, January 1, 2015

[VIDEO+TRANS] 141231 Yoochun receiving the 10's Star Award & Top Male Excellence Award for Mini Series at 2014 SBS Drama Awards


10's Star Award

Yoochun joked saying, I thought this is 10s Star Awards. Jihyun also joked about it. Hwijae: "This is Top 10 Stars Awards, not 10s Star Awards". Hwijae then turned around to Yoochun and Yoochun quickly bowed to Jihyun saying "Sorry, sorry!" Everyone laughed. (S: 朴有天吧官方微博)
Hwijae "thanked" Yoochun more than 4 times because of his 10s star award joke which the other awardees joked about too HAHAHA

Top Male Excellence Award for Mini Series

Translated by: Shinkipeia + yunjaery
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