Sunday, January 11, 2015

[VIDEO] 150110 Jaejoong & SPY Cast Interview on KBS Entertainment Weekly


[Partial trans]

This interview was done after the SPY press conference (BEFORE SPY is being aired.)
Q: SPY was aired yesterday. So we are doing this interview ASSUMING that SPY is a HIT.
JJ: "Thank you~many of my friends called me to tell that SPY is great and they had watch it well"

Q: How do uu normally call Bae Jong Ok ssi?
JJ: Umma.
JJ to BJO: Does it make u feel bad? Should I call u noona?
BJO: No, call me umma

JJ: I sent a message to her (GoSeongHee) before filming the kissing scene, 'have you eat?' ..she told me that she is going to eat SamGyeopSal.. but there is no SamGyeopSal smell during the I think that actress is really different (doesn't smell bad even after eating meat)

Q&A - X and O

Q: I am handsome guy / beautiful lady.
YOS: Well~ I have 2 eyes, 2 I am handsome
JJ: It's really funny

Q: I have a past that I don't want to be revealed
JJ: My past is very interesting..and cute
*show Hug video*
JJ: Ah~~ I should have choose "O"

Credits: KBSEntertain
Translated by: The_Little_Pear + 0702veronmjjeje
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