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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150122 Jaejoong 2015 J-Party in Japan (Day 2)

  • It's a female MC for Jaejoong's birthday party in Yokohama day 2^^ (S: 那个镜子) #jparty
  • The gondola lift where Jaejoong was in shook in mid-air. Jaejoong: Ah! This is scary! (Super cute!) #Jparty (S: W-Eternal)
  • Jaejoong: After the previous JYJ concert ended, I searched online and everything was "Jaejoong sex talk" "Jaejoong AV"
  • JJ: Isn't this too much~ What if people who dk me see this? Will they think I film AV? Please be specific next time! ie. "Recently, JJ, AV"
  • JJ: I was scared. When I was on top, I thought, what if I drop down? What will happen to the people below? But I think it's ok if I die here
  • Jaejoong: It rained again today. I really am rain man. Why? Am I related to rain? Yes? What is it? Are you all wet? ...Sorry. (S: 玫瑰班常老湿)
  • MC kept praising Jae for being pretty. JJ: Every time I am called pretty, I feel a bit shy. Normally you don't call (men) pretty. I am a man!
  • Jaejoong blew three darts to the stairs and one dart to the aisle.
  • the four fans were standing in sequence but he forced them to change positions. Jae: Must be according to height
  • 1st scene - Jaejoong is supposed to say "you are so cute" but he changed it himself to "let's go to the saunas together"
  • 2nd scene - Before he fed the egg to the fan, he said the gag Junsu said before: I like egg yolk, and I like you too HAHAHAHAHA #jparty (S: super_macy)
  • Jaejoong said that it was his first time hugging someone from the back yesterday. (S: W-Eternal)
  • 3rd scene: Jae forgot his lines & R2, he put his hand on fan's shoulder, pushed the fan's hair to the side & his mouth was beside fan's ear. Jaejoong's mouth was so close to the fan's ear it looked like he almost kissed it. The fan's ears were super red
  • 4th scene - "Jaejoong pushed the fan to the wall and even though the fan was shy, he got closer and closer. He was so dominant!"
  • They were still far away from the wall until Jaejoong dominantly walked forward forcing the fan to go backwards until she reached the wall.
  • Everyone's singing happy birthday song for Jaejoong!
  • Jaejoong: I have never bought underwear these 10 years. Everything I wore is given by fans. Jaejoong's underwear size is S.
  • Jaejoong said that his pelvis is small/narrow so he can only wear underwear of size S
  • when asked about his underwear, Jae was answering "Actually...these 10 years...I never..." Fans: ...wear underwear! Jaejoong: I WEAR!
  • Jaejoong said there were fans who sent him elephant underwears
  • JJ: I want to film...something more the room, on a white bed, after a male and female showered...(laughs)
  • After Jae's sex talk, he said his parents are here but it's great they don't understand Jap. He told the translator beside to not translateㅋ
  • Jae: Yoochun grew a lil' fatter due to filming so we went training. YC stretched once & said "tsk, I don't want to do alr"ㅋㅋ (S: super_macy)
  • Jaejoong: Why are there Jap subtitles for Junsu's VCR? Although Junsu was speaking Korean, I read the subtitles throughout~
  • Jaejoong said he envies Yoochun's adam's apple because his is not very obvious. Awwww #jparty (S: super_macy)
  • Fans are shouting "Jaejoong~ Jaejoong~ Jaejoong~" and Jaejoong replied "Mina (Everyone)~ Mina~ Mina~"
  • Jaejoong didn't cry. But he told fans they don't have to go to Korea within these 2 years because they won't be able to see him. T_T (在在d小善)
  • Before he left the stage, Jaejoong mentioned that Junsu will go to Japan for concerts. He asked fans to give him (Junsu) a strong support. Jaejoong kept repeating that fans must stay healthy and be happy, and wait for him to come back.

  • The MC (Yumi) for today is out already~
  • Practicing the Happy birthday song right now
  • Yusuke (Jaejoong's friend) came today~^^
  • Jaejoong's father came today and he waved
  • Jaejoong's dad waved to the fans and the fans clapped in return
  • Jaejoong appeared the same way just like yesterday ^^ (heedolijjang)
  • Boku no soba ni
  • Talking about him being the ~rain man~ JJ: Were you all drenched by the rain?
  • The set is the same as yesterday's. Bar setting
  • cr: dopi_yjbrownie Jaejoong: The balance of red and in front of me is...good....
  • A photo of Jiji was shown Fans: KYAAAAAA😍😍😍😍😍 JJ: It's nice~ Jiji also appeared~~ cr: dopi_yjbrownie
  • Costumes in Fukuoka con - MC: Is it cute? Is it cool? Wasn't it embarrassing? JJ: Already..what the other 2 wore is no joke...I was okay
  • lol so Jejoong kept on failing the part about choosing the fans and he did it for seven times
  • Same scenes as yesterday. Sheep head, feeding with food, back hug, slamming on the wall.
  • The invited guest was the comedic duo Hannya. They shook hands & was asked how it felt. Kanda - The feeling is moist, soft & the best.
  • For the sauna scene, Jaejoong changed the lines. It's now, "Let's go to sauna together"
  • 2nd scene: Jaejoong placed the napkin on their knee first. The utensils are spoon and chopsticks
  • There are three boiled eggs today. Jaejoong fed the first two to the fan and they held the third one together for the photo "The third egg is a souvenir"
  • Before doing the mission, JJ said, "3, 2, 1 action!" There was a twang and the 'action' became "Ekssyong!" so JJ laughed so he did it again more seriously then laughed again after it.
  • Jaejoong said that it was his first time yesterday doing the fourth scene. Pushing a girl on the wall :O (dopi_yjbrownie)
  • JJ's facing the fan today and approached her with quick steps. The fan of course ran backwards and hit the JJ gradually had the chance to push her on the wall RT 100thero
  • Kurokke-san appeared again today with a towel hanging on his neck lol
  • The guest yesterday came again today. JJ again is in his usual kind attitude. He doesn't change even when he's drunk. He's still nice cr: dopi_yjbrownie
  • He's wearing a dark gray cardigan with a black skull and black pants exactly.
  • Kurokke-san praising Jaejoong again today. He was also impressed of Jaejoong even when he's drunk. When JJ's asked of a phrase, there's a unique point at the end of his words when talking. It's like, "~Desu↑ka?". Very cute. cr: dopi
  • JJ: I'm going to sing Yui's Goodbye days. I was not able to practice this song much.
  • Kurokke-san imitating Junsu by singing Happy birthday to Jaejoong
  • Kurokke-san (as Junsu) and Jaejoong duet of Rainy Blue
  • Kurokke-san was imitating JS during Rainy Blue, he did the high notes & imitated the shape of JS's mouth when doing that. JJ praised him
  • JJ: The underwear I'm wearing is small. S size? I have a small pelvis... so S size is good. cr: dopi
  • Jaejoong showed his waist
  • Kurokke-san: Can I ask a question again today? Underwear...which do you wear? The shape or preference... JJ: For the past 10 years, underwear... Fan: Didn't wear any! No..I never didn't wear any underwear! I never bought any for the past 10 years. I wear all the fans gave me.
  • What do you want to spend when you're 29 (JP) JJ: Well...I'm 30 in kr. But, I'm a man from the 30s!! And I like it now that it's like this!
  • If you became a father with a daughter? JJ: I want to have a daughter...At a young age...I want to be a young dad that's married around 26.
  • JJ: I want to walk with my daughter too and...I don't know if my wife may hate me. I don't know if she'll become a daddy's girl.
  • If you became Junsu one morning? JJ: If I became Junsu, I want to sing. Me and Yoochun will not sing as soon as we wake up in the morning and Junsu does sing (during that time)
  • If you become a wizard, what magic will you cast on YC? JJ: I want to give YC's body muscles. YC really...really..don't manage his own body.
  • JJ: During the day after work, one should avoid late-night snack but Yoochun and I eat those. But, I do exercise and Yoochun doesn't.
  • After watching Junsu's birthday message JJ: Junsu, why do you want to talk alone in Koreanㅋ It would be great if it was in Japanese. Junsu's grinning expression is cute. Junsu's smiling face is really good
  • After watching Yoochun's birthday message - JJ: Yoochun is really good...ah! The part of Yoochun's adams apple is really nice. Me and Junsu don't have that...It can't even be seen well.
  • final stage - JJ: I'm a happy person. Nowadays...[if] I can have a performance again in Yokohama arena last year...I was worried....Thank you.
  • JJ: I may not be here for my birthday next year...[but] I'll come back with an unchanged person and as a tough man.
  • When throwing the signed balls, Jaejoong removed his jacket and is now wearing his sleeveless shirtㅋㅋㅋ (100thero)
  • When throwing the balls, Jaejoong made a heart with both hands + kissed his hand in front of the camera. (100thero)
  • End!!!! I (Jaejoong) will not be able to meet you for awhile but because Junsu will stay for 1 year in the future...Yoochun and I will not be here and during that time, I ask you to still passionately support us. T_T (coolboarder)
  • Jaejoong saying 'bye bye'

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Translated by: yunjaery + paulisteu
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