Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[FANACC] 150114 Changmin in SM Hologram Musical 'School Oz'

  • In the part 4, Female!Changmin was wearing shorts and also has a padded breast. ;___; (vyoback)
  • Changmin sang these: some new songs, MAMA, Twinkle, Sherlock, Genie, Everybody (choreography only), Hope (heygorgeous218)
  • School Oz = Harry potter + Wicked + Sailor Moon + Disney etc. LOOOOL (tvxq_macaron)
  • "I surely want to say butㅋㅋㅋ the hero is Max Changmin" cr: ymamylim
  • Female Oscar quickly transferred his hair (wig) to someone elseㅋㅋ The whole crowd laughed lol cr: 8862186
  • Changmin's solo song is entitled, "One day, One Chance" cr: heygorgeous218
  • Changmin's hand was under the hook of the bra. /cries (vyoback)
  • "Oscar, his legs are shining under the light during Twinkle" LOL cr: tvxq_2street
  • Changmin was in the main part. For SNSD's song, he's Taeyeon and Jonghyun for SHINee. XD cr: heygorgeous218
  • 1.CM's the visual vocal.
  • 2. There were lots of Oscar parts.🎶
  • 3. Since the music was not in sync, it was an inconvenience the whole time.
  • 4. Didn't imagine the musical numbers
  • 5. Twinkle!Oscar is pretty and his legs are slimmer than the back-up female dancer. (I'm in tears)
  • 6. Oscar is very handsome again
  • 7. Trick about a fake Oscar and Key. (Can't describe it. Body's cute lol)
  • 8. Many amount of Oscar parts in songs. cr: yunhoworld

  • So Changmin will be singing Mama, Genie, Sherlock, Twinkle, Everybody, Hope and other new songs in the musical
  • Apparently Changmin's Twinkle costume is similar to the one in the right and he was messing arnd touching his chest😒
  • Changmin's costume for Twinkle was really well made and this includes the chest area. He was pushing it up while performing
  • Fan said that Oscar (Changmin) has powerful ability - he is a student council president who is handsome, popular and a heir of OZ Enterprise
  • Sch OZ: CM & Key were walking on Seoul streets in female wear when a group of guys came to flirt with CM. Key scared them off with a glare

  • Changmin and Key dressed to Twinkle, and when both of them walked along with those costume, there was little boys chasing Changmin. When Key looked at the back, the boys are surprised. www Changmin looked really pretty (2/2) (Japanese trans: tvxqyoonmin)
  • (heygorgeous218+tvxqyoonmin) Seems like Changmin and the RV kid (Seulgi?) have love line in the musical but it wasn't really obvious.

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Translated by: paulisteu + clefaire + yunjaery
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