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[TRANS] 150113 Tweets Compilation of Tohoshinki 'WITH' Album Release Event in Tokyo


  • Both Yunho and Changmin wrote down With Love as their favourite song in With album. Both of them had a surprised expression
  • "Yunho drew a deer that looked like his rhino"
  • Yunho: Have you all bought the album? Changmin: They must have, and this is why this event is called the Purchaser Event.
  • "What do you anticipate 2015 to be?" Changmin: Shimly (Shim + ly) 😂 (S: qingxin218) pic.twitter.com/A37FfzR7rw

  • WITH tour spoilers☆ Changmin said that the songs for the tour until now are probably songs that everyone hasn't heard of. Yunho replied, "It might be songs from the old times. He then said that it will only be up there. No more spoilers LOL (tvxqyoonmin)
  • Yunho and Changmin after watching the video of the filming - MC: The relationship between [you two] is really good. YH: Yes. cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • Changmin dropped Yunho's bottle. Picked it up. Wiped Yunho's straw. I thought will use it once, opened the lid and drank from the bottle Changmin closed the cover of the bottle. cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • CM's sweat didn't stop at the end of Suri Suri. He mouthed the words to staffs to ask for a towel. It was a desperate demand. cr: typeb
  • Off shot video filmed on a couch - YH: When taken photos in that manner by CM, I felt a strange feeling! Very embarrassed! CM: HAHAHAHA cr: ymamylim
  • CM: Because of One Piece's 10th anniversary, this cartoon's been here for a long time. I have thought that we became the people of the past too... Ah...Everyone also, right??? cr: ymamylim
  • MC: Series Quiz of What do you want to eat in Osaka? CM: O...osake? (sake). MC: It's Osaka not Osake! How much does Changmin like it! CM: I'm sorry. I'll have self-reflection. cr: ymamylim
  • This year's aims - YH: Yakusoku (promise) CM: Shimly cr: ymamylim
  • YH: When himatsubusi, hitsumashu~ (When bored, eel on rice) CM: This wordplay is on its 10th year, I want you to stop. CM: Please level up a bit more. There's not much change. cr: ymamylim
  • MC: What was yesterday? YH: We've prepared for the tour! MC: Of course, Changmin too? CM: Ah~ yes~ eh~ I participated once. cr: ymamylim
  • Since Yunho was embarrassed during the quiz, his pronunciation was hichu-hichumabusi. cr: ymamylim
  • YH: I heard that there are selcas too in the pamphlet right...oh? You still haven't seen it? BE: [today] It's before the release cr:ymamylim
  • Yunho said that there are also photos taken by Changmin there *__* cr:ymamylim
  • YH: Today's chair is very high. CM: If lowered, it's good. (woosh then lowered until shoe level) YH: Which one? Ah this! (woosh) cr:ymamylim
  • The aim's of Changmin this year 『Shimly』 CM: The meaning is like 〇〇ly and 〇〇? Since it's Shim before, the meaning is like Shim. YH: So, I'm Uknow-morous. (Yunho + humorous) MC: You're born as God of words. Shimly and Uknow-morous. cr:ymamylim
  • CM: Congratulations on the 10th year, One piece! (like a voice actor) YH: Congratulations on the 10th year, TVXQ! (voice actor) cr:ymamylim
  • CM: I am Shim, right. So, the meaning is like Shim. YH: So 「Yunhomorous」. It's Yunhomorous' Yunho. CM: Is it similar to something? YH: Yes. I imitated Shimly. CM: Stop. cr:ymamylim
  • Yunho: Hello everyone in Tokyo. Everyone in Tokyo, happy new year. MC: It's Yokohama. LOL cr:ymamylim
  • YH: It's good if you listen to it everyday. And then recited the spelling of 'every day'. E-V-E-E-R-Y. CM: Fluent in english! cr:ymamylim
  • Favorite song from the album. Yunho wrote WITH LOVE without any hesitations, Changmin wrote WITH LOVE after agonizing about it. Yunho looked sideways at the board, he saw the answer and gave a heartwarming smile after seeing it. :3 cr:ymamylim
  • How Yunho and Changmin wrote WITH LOVE: (´・J・`) Yunho: with L💘VE (∵) Changmin: wiTh LOVe cr:ymamylim
  • CM: One Piece's 10th anniversary...I feel like we became the people of the past... everyone too. (laughs) CM: It's good if we can greet One Piece's 20th year, 30th year together with TVXQ's 20th year, 30th year. cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • CM: Today's snack is chicken wings, right. YH: Eh?! CM: Yunho can't remember the snacks. YH: Yesterday's was cheesecake! CM: The day before yesterday. YH: Ah... the day before yesterday.... cr: tvxqyoonmin

  • Q. What did you do yesterday? YH: I prepared for the tour! Q. Ofc Changmin too? CM: Aaah they asked me to join just in case~ XD (cr cmh_189)

  • The event today is going to be recorded \o/ "kaon0206
  • (amesizuku_tv2xq) The question was "What's your favorite song in WITH?" The both of them wrote "With Love". The answer matched ^^
  • (t_2618) Yunho: Tokyo people, good afternoon~ happy new year to you all, Tokyo people! MC: .... but, this is Yokohama.....
  • (hfbrn) Q: What do you want to eat in Nagoya? Changmin: Tebasaki (Chicken wing) Yunho: If we have spare time (himatsubushi), hitsumabushi
  • (airockers) CM: Congratulations on 10th anni of One Piece! (anime voice) YH: Congratulations on THSK's 10th anni! (also in anime voice)
  • (pero115117) MC: Yunho surprised by a deer is so cute right~ Yunho: No no noo it's not cute!
  • (naduna39) YH's gags today - 1. Himatsubushi (if there's spare time), hitsumabushi. 2. Bcs I'm a nice member (naisudakara). it's a no (naissu)
  • (sim_max218) ~What are you doing yesterday?~ YH: The setlist are already set. I'm preparing myself since the dome tour will be started next month. MC: What about Changmin san? CM: I joined the preparation only when I've been asked. MC: Changmin san, you're a Tohoshinki member too right?
  • The both of them have the same haircut with the ones they had in King's Brunch RT sivasingh


  • What do you want to eat in Fukuoka? Yunho - Motsunabe. Changmin - Shin Shin Ramen cr:ymamylim
  • YH: TVXQ's everyone!!!! It's been a long time!!! Fans- laughing/CM- teared up. MC: The fans are also members of TVXQ, right! cr:ymamylim
  • What has changed in 10 years? CM: I was able to talk freely without worrying. cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • What has changed in 10 years? YH: When looking around, I'm very glad to have the number of my colleagues increase. cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • The question seems hard so CM said, 「Like who do you prefer, dad or mom?」 The MC answered, 「Neither.」
  • Changmin - While talking about TVXQ's 10th anniversary, it's getting divorced and becoming a single person too...While continuing the story, he said that divorce is not a bad thing. It's the same as a Divorce Criticㅋ cr: typeb
  • "Chammiiiiiiiin!!" like the shouting fans Changmin: Yes yesss♡ - said in a sweet voice cr: ymamylim
  • Changmin talking about taking photos of Yunho in the off-shot video - CM: Filmed it and was thinking of Gravure. But because it was not Gravure, I'm sorry. YH: it was embarrassing. cr: ymamylim
  • When picking the winner for the signed poster - Female fan: Pick me! CM: It's impossible. Male fan: Pick me! Changmin: I'm sorry. FF: Chamiiiiiin♥ CM: Yes yes~ (sweet voice) cr: ymamylim
  • Changmin: 沈昌ミン (Wrote his name in kanji + Min) 2015 is like Shim Changmin too. Yunho: 約束 (Promise) cr: ymamylim
  • If there are changes in the 10 years? YH: It's great. Meaning elementary students becoming adults. cr: dopi_yjbrownie
  • If there are changes in the 10 years? CM: An adult person too in the first place? Since that person is now divorced, a single person that's divorced being happy by being able to marry again. cr: dopi_yjbrownie
  • YH: There...the divorce also stayed in my head (shy) MC: Hey. This is a release event. Because this is not an event talking about divorce. cr: ymamylim
  • YH: When 10 years passed by, the child grew up too... CM: Already an adult when divorced and...about 2 times... no, divorce like that is not a bad thing. It's a nice thing to meet new people. (skipped to another topic after mentioning divorce)

  • (homin106) During the kakizome session, listening to the cheers fans making, Changmin went like "yes, ye~s" so cute ww
  • (yukamin0711) First talk - Changmin: firstly please everyone. Please sit down! Yunho: yes, bcs this is not punishment game!
  • (hiro_kgm) Yunho: Tohoshinki no minasan! Kon..... (he said wrongly) With this, we (fans) are officially Tohoshinki's third member!
  • (anyonkan25) The last quiz; what dish you want to eat in Fukuoka? Yunho: motsunabe. Changmin: shinshin ramen
  • (saminaa2280) Seems like Yunho wrote something wrongly again. He wrote illumination as 'イルミねいしょん' and he erased it right away. Cute~

  • Yunho's first word - YH: Tohoshinki no Minna-san (Minnasan means everybody/everyone, the way he said it, it's like he's implying the audience are Tohoshinki) CM: ?!!!?! BE: You are Tohoshinki! RT @okachimachi
  • Talking about their 10th years anniversary - YH: Elementary school schools has grew up into adulthood. CM: Adults from 10 years ago... CM: (now) would have married, divorced and then got married again. RT @Asukaxo
  • Yunho said "Wabiko", the correct one should be "Biwako" | 琵琶湖 Lake Biwa, is the largest freshwater lake in Japan, located in Shiga Prefecture RT @Asukaxo
  • Sometime in the middle of the event, when Changmin talked about the word "Divorce 離婚 Rikon" - CM: Just let me talk to myself... Minshiru: Divorce is about "not meeting", right!? YH: I'll write an article on it when i go home. Minshiru: I'll wait for the release (of the article)! RT @Asukaxo
  • YH: Although (our) time here is short, but we have spent some happy time (here). Concert will start (soon), and i would like to create new memories with everyone. Thank you very much for (being here) today. RT @misaunyo
  • Minshiru-san: Where was Chandelier PV taken? Yunho: Moto... moto... moto... what was it again? Minishiru-san: Mo-to-su-ko (本栖湖, Motosu Lake) RT @uknow212max1
  • Things you want to eat the most in Fukuoka - Changmin: It's a difficult question, that's like asking me whether do i like my father more or my mother more... Changmin: Shin Shin Ramen (a classic style of tonkotsu ramen, well-known in Fukuoka). Yunho: Motsunabe -- he drew something mysterious. Changmin: I want to eat it... Yunho: No way, what about your "Shin Shin Ramen" (laugh) @misaunyo
  • Changmin: Divorce is... Minshiru: This is a release event. It's not a discussion about Divorce. RT @maaaadooooh
  • YH: Congratulations to Tohoshinki's 10th anniversary! YH: It's also the 10th anniversary for One Piece~ BE: Ehh? What? *getting noisy* CM: Alright, let me provide explanation on his words just now. (This year) is also the 10th year anniversary since One Piece anime was aired (in Korea?). Congratulations on 10th year anniversary to Luffy of One Piece RT @tvxq_minho
  • As they were seated, Changmin doesn't move much, but Yunho will be keep moving his legs, scratching his thigh, having different facial expression, drinking water, he just doesn't calm down. RT @13Mohichan
  • Quiz to win the poster: What's the concept of Type B Jacket (referring to the album)? YH: Illumination WITH LOVE *The right answer is WITH MUSIC RT @Asukaxo
  • Yunho mentioned that although he's the type that will feel nervous/excited when standing on stage, but for the WITH tour this time, he already started to feel nervous/excited... RT @yuyumouse
  • What kind of tour would you like to do for your Dome Tour?
    YH: I would like do a tour which is fun and impressive.
    CM: Why is that the divorce rate is right? I would like to have a live (concert) that can heal people who have divorced. (Changmin just kept talking about Divorce www) RT @ykChihuahua
  • Quiz #1 Where was Chandelier PV taken? Both have given the wrong answer (they answered 琵琶湖 Lake Biwa, the correct answer should be 本栖湖 Lake Motosu) Minshiru: Did you manage to see the Fuji Mountain? YH: I saw! The weather was good! Minshiru: You can't see Fuji Mountain from Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) you know.. YH: .... RT @airockers
  • About their 10th year anniversary - Changmin: In 10 years time, i think there are people who got married and then divorced. Maybe there will be people who got married, divorced and then got re-married... Minshiru gave Changmin a "stop it" look... Changmin: Ehh? Isn't it a happy thing to be able to marry twice? RT @ykChihuahua
  • Minshiure: People who have listened to the album for 100 times? Fan: YESSS! Minshiru: How about, people who have listened to the album for 1000 times? Fan: YESSSS! Yunho: No way! It takes 2 hours to listen to the entire album! Even if you have listened to it everyday since it was released, you won't be able to listen to it for 1000 times!! RT @na_ta_song999

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