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[TRANS] 150111 Tweets Compilation of Tohoshinki 'WITH' Album Release Event in Osaka



Taepoong is ALIVE~
He's with a new owner who is living far away

  • (leaftealemon) How does it feel to know that Tohoshinki is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary in Japan? Yunho: We already went through everything earlier, so for now, to spend joyous time with everyone makes us really happy.
  • (Hug__w) MC: The 10th debut anniversary is approaching soon, how is it? Yunho: No words can exactly describe how happy I am Changmin: Nah, It feels great! MC: So Changmin san could describe it in words~
  • (tx_hm0224) MC: The tour will be started at February 6..... *YH started grinning* MC: Why are you grinning? YH: February 6~ *grins*
  • (Ari3ming) The first greeting: Yunho: Minasan! I miss you all Changmin: Happy new year! Please guide us well again this year~ (t/n. he used abbreviation あけおめでーす。ことよろでーす. XD this man)
  • (hana2tone) Today Changmin was very cute. He said okaome, kotoyoro (2 of them are abbreviations explained in prev tweet) and shikato (literally means ostracism) he knows many Japanese words.... I'm impressed
  • (changminute) Talking about the upcoming live tour - Yunho: We already started the rehearsal eventhough it's not that intensive. The setlist has already decided. Changmin: Until now we still at the stage where we're discussing with staffs about how to make this live tour to be the most impressive live tour ever.


  • They sang "Suri Suri"
  • Greetings from Minshiru-san (the MC)
  • ??
  • Talking about the WITH Album
  • Talking about WITH Live Tour
  • WITH Offshot Video and Quiz
  • Lucky draw for posters
  • Kakizome (t/n: a Japanese term for the first calligraphy written at the beginning of a year)
  • Minshiru-san come down from the stage
  • Both introduces the songs of the album
  • They sang "Chandelier"
  • About the signed posters - Minshiru: Those who were selected, if you do not collect it within 30 minutes from the end of the show, you'll be disqualified. CM: (You're) strict... RT @All_About_Yunho
  • When they were talking about WITH tour, which is about to start on 2/6... Minshiru-san: Yunho, why are you grinning there? Yunho: No, just imagining something... Changmin: Ah! Speaking about that! It's your birthday right!? RT @Hug__w
  • How YH drew Takoyaki... RT @tx_hm0224
  • During Spinning Offshot i think, Min taking photo of YH on the sofa.. (f: @HRRN_tvxqlove)
  • When Changmin was taking photo of Yunho on the sofa during the jacket offshot... Minshiru commented: He looks like 篠山紀信 Shinoyama Kishin (a Japanese photographer) RT @shikaxtora212
  • When the boys answered the second question wrongly during the quiz, Changmin said something to Yunho, then a really big smile appeared on Changmin's face, and same goes to Yunho. Changmin seems really excited as he held his chest... They looked like they are in their own world www @changminute
  • A day before the shooting for Chandelier PV, apparently as Yunho was riding in the car, a deer suddenly jumped out in front of the car and surprised him! He was really adorable when he reproduced the moment when he got surprised by the deer. RT @shikaxtora212
  • YH rest both of his feet of the footrail of the chair. Then, during the quiz, he was seen scratching his left leg.. RT @changminute
  • Kakitome (t/n: a Japanese term for the first calligraphy written at the beginning of a year) - Yunho: Ei-en 永遠 | Forever - This year is (our) 10th year anniversary (since their debut in Japan)! We'll keep working hard to bring good songs to everyone. Let's continue this forever. And Changmin exist in that "forever"! RT @mayamin26
  • Yunho seems really excited when he's talking about WITH tour, and he also said that the set list for WITH tour has been decided. RT @sayasaru0517
  • Today's Yuncasso (1) Tokyo Cinema Club (the place where they record Spinning PV) - He drew the venue in a round shape, but i don't understand the rest of the drawing. (2) Wolf - The head looks like a wolf, but the body looks like some mystery creature. (3) Takoyaki - A plate (or frying pan??) with lots of potatoes on it. RT @All_About_Yunho
  • First Greeting - YH: Everyone, long time no see! I miss you. I'm Yunho. Today our time (here) is a bit short, but i would like to enjoy together with everyone here today. Please take care of us! RT @All_About_Yunho
  • First Greeting - CM: Good afternoon, i'm Changmin. I think it's been a while since we came to the venue, but i would like to have an enjoyable moment with everyone here in Osaka. Today as well, please take care of us! RT @All_About_Yunho
  • Minshiru: What is the meaning behind the title (of the album)? Yunho: WITH is W, I, T, H. Minshiru: You started (explaining) by spelling it... Yunho: It's not W,I,Z.... RT @All_About_Yunho
  • About Taepoong (this is based on what was witnessed by @takoichiyum) The boys didn't not mentioned outright that Taepoong has passed away. Yunho just mentioned that he gave it to a friend from Siberia, and now Taepoong has went to some where far away. Then, Changmin goes "Ahhh..." and opens up his arms. And following Changmin's line of sight then, it made her *thinks* that Taepoong has gone to the heaven. RT @takoichiyum
  • The name of Yunho's Takoyaki \ Yunho-Yaki \ Yunho-Takoyaki \ It's because i'm Yunho chef! I (cooked) it on a frying pan! RT @banbi_chibi
  • (translated by @snxy) Yunho was really sexy! black hair wearing a white t-shirt black leather pants black jacket with a long back. the white shirt was buttoned all the way to the neck and in the gaps between the buttons you could see triangular sectionof the chest .. it could be constantly seen. the leather pants were also tight-fitting especially sticking to the leg muscles. i was watching until i almost could not control. f:さやさる via wenerqilei


  • the calligraphy section - Changmin wrote "Shi-m" hoping just to be himself. Yunho wrote "eien" meaning "forever" in Japanese
  • Yunho seemed really happy to have a concert on his birthday and Changmin really seemed to envy his bro
  • CM"The next tour will be the most moving ever." They've just started rehearsal but they decided songs to sing.
  • CM said he enjoys "takopa"(means takoyaki party in Japanese) with friends&YH seemed to envy him.




  • 2nd part) Let's ask the meaning of WITH. Yunho WITH Changmin, similar to Tohoshinki WITH Bigeast...Yunho ˚(˚′Д`˚)˚ cr: yunoppy+tvxqyoonmin
  • When asked their favorite line in Chandelier, Changmin said 'you my chandelier'. Yunho said in a small voice that he wanted to write it too but he doesn't know the spelling. He was going to write 'S(handelier)' but then CM wrote 'C(handelier' HAHA cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • MC: Even after 10 years, TVXQ's skil is still smooth, right? CM: It's regrettable in this world but..the spirit during LIVE is different 10 years's tiring to sit too.. MC: It's not regrettable! (laughs) CM: It's not pleasant. cr:tvxqyoonmin
  • What has changed in 10 years? C: YH accomplished his original task from the old times, I haven't changed. It is the same now. (tvxqyoonmin)
  • YH during the quiz: The magic cap fell on the floor, he picked it up and quickly threw it away at the back with a whooooosh sound. He then said, "Was it wild?". cr:tvxqyoonmin
  • At the first writing for the new year, Yunho hardly wrote anything. When he's barely complete, Changmin secretly placed YH's brush again on the inkstone. cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • MC: Heard 'WITH' now for a hundred times! BE: Yes! YH: You're lying that it's really 100 times, right? cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • BE: SHIM!!! CM: You cannot call me the way you like it! cr: tvxqyoonmin
  • This year's plan. C: Middle- Big "SHIM" and on the left is "why not?" Y: "Together 'with'". Small on the left, "Painter YH" cr:tvxqyoonmin
  • When they started singing Chandelier, Yunho's eyes were shining at first when he's looking around the venue. He gave a message after the song ended. " I was thinking...even though I felt a little bit of strange feeling, there's still the dome tour." cr: 0206yhken
  • CM: YH didn't change even once his original aim from 10 years ago. I will compliment him. MC: YH is pleased~ his nose is flaring~ (0206yhken)
  • Coming to Japan for first time and going to eat pork cutlet. (playing that they're shop owners) CM: Welcome~ Yunho: Eat well! cr: 0206yhken
  • Q: How did you spend the end of the year? Y: TVXQ in a Korean music program. CM: I'm at a year-end party. This Shim in a bar!!! cr:0206yhken
  • For the aims this year, Yunho wrote 「Forever」 during the first part and wrote 「WITH together」 in the second part. cr: kyoumo0206
  • When Yunho vigorously knocked over the lottery box for the sign presents, he secretly held the box. Changmin's reaction is enough to be be used by everyone.ㅋ (a too precious reaction lol) cr: kyoumo0206
  • (M∀C) How was your holiday? Y (∵) Showed the power of TVXQ in Korea. C (´・J・`) This Shim is drinking in a party!!! (M∀X) ...please let us know the one for this year, too. C(´・J・`) Yes? Alchohol? (M∀C) TVXQ! cr: kyoumo0206
  • CM was the one who once again picked the paper for the signed poster lottery. The venue became agitated. YH: I think CM's gentleness will choose the winner again fairly. cr: kyoumo0206
  • TVXQ wrote the Japanese word for Crab wrong. Changmin: (katakana+hiragana) 【カに】 Yunho: (hiragana+katakana) 【かニ】 cr: kyoumo0206

  • After many explanations about "WITH", Yunho summarized: It means "Yunho with Changmin" "Tohoshinki with Bigeast"
  • Changmin said that his current looks is the best. He used to get called "old-looking" in the past but his looks finally match his age now
  • Yunho drew a crab with 4 legs and this is how it looked like (fan-drawn) 😒😒 (Cr: Usako0206YK)

  • Tohoshinki was asked about the meaning of WITH. Yunho: "Yunho with Changmin, Tohoshinki with Bigeast." (uknownylovemax)
  • (C_Maxbot) The favorite part in Chandelier? *Changmin answered "baby you're my chandelier* Yunho: I was thinking the same as Changmin but I don't know how to spell it (Chandelier) Changmin: ........ I'm speechless
  • (cr.anywhere4u) At the ment before Chandelier, BE shouted 'Shim' and Min said "Don't call me like that without my permission"
  • (cr.miyumiyu1006) At the beginning of the second round, Yunho greeted everyone as "Everyone's Yunho."
  • (cr.lovesmiletvxq) About Japan's 10th debut anni; Min said his face didn't change at all, almost the same as during his childhood
  • (yunoyachamina) You absolutely have to buy the tour's pamphlete bcs there are YHs pictures and selca taken by CM's camera

  • Changmin, when Suri Suri finished, he wiped away his sweat as soon as he sit down. The way he wiped it with his towel, bit by bit, it seems like how an actress will do it www RT @u_y_ringo
  • Fashion for today -- Black jacket, white shirt, black leather boot. Especially the long jacket, it was superb!! Because it's long, when they danced during Suri Suri, the way it waves it caused my heart to skip a beat. Both of their hairstyle is fluffy. Changmin looked even more adorable than a Poodle around the neighbourhood. RT @u_y_ringo
  • Yunho spelled "Chandelier" as "Shandelier"... Changmin goes "I'm at a loss for words"... @kyouninndoufu
  • Changmin: The last song is a song selected from the (WITH) album, please listen to it. Audiences: Shim! Shim! Changmin: Don't simply call (my name)! RT @sayu_urin33
  • Yunho: Ad-lib life! (t/n: Ad-lib means that it wasn't planned and he take it as it comes... impromptu...) RT @noa2652
  • About the meaning behind "WITH" - Yunho: It has the meaning of "Yunho & Changmin". BE: Fuuu... Yunho: It also means "Tohoshinki & Bigeast". BE: *claps* RT @shokorara
  • Yuncasso's crab that looks like horse or frog... He mentioned he had crab when he was at Hokkaido (f: @banbimax218)
  • It was mentioned a couple of times that "I'm at my peak now" (referring to his face). From before he already have this "matured-looking" face, and now it's finally matches his age. RT ‏@SIMITON
  • Changmin: I think my face has changed as compared to 10 years ago. Since long time ago, i was a kid with a matured looking face, now my face finally matches my age. Now i'm at my peak! Now i'm at my peak! RT @t_explosion
  • Talking about what has changed since their debut 10 years ago... Changmin: Yunho has not changed at all. Yunho: .... (his nose twitching)--he seems to be really happy wwww
  • What is your favorite part of Chandelier lyrics? Changmin wrote - "You're my chandelier". Yunho wrote "ただいまのこえ" (The sound of "I'm Home"), but he also wrote "You're my chandelier" but he spelled Chandelier ... as "Shandelier" and it was immediately questioned by Minshiru-san. RT @mayu26218
  • Initial Greeting - Yunho: Everyone at Osaka, it's been a while. I'm everyone's Yunho. This is the first event of year 2015, an event to express our gratitude (to the audiences who bought WITH) The venue went noisy as he said that. RT @sivasingh

  • Yunho participated in the year-end festival in Korea. Changmin is having a year-end party with friends, said it was fun. by @SaranheMax28g
  • On Sapporo Tour, What do you want to eat? They answered "Crab!" then Yunho the Master Painter had make a picture of crab and then said "My hand, ne. Banzai!" the way he said that is so cute! @hmngc212

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