Thursday, January 8, 2015

[TRANS] 150108 No Minwoo talked about Jaejoong in an interview

Q. Recently you've posted some two shot photos of you with JYJ Kim Jaejoong up on Instagram. How did you became friends with Jaejoong-san?
We originally came from the same company, we had met when we were around 16 years old and have watch each other grow til this day. I think that time fly really fast. I'm not the type that can become friends with celebrity that put on airs. But Jaejoong-kun and I have manage to remain unchanging. He listen when I talk, we both like 'rock', we would always talk about music.

Q. As artist, the two of you are also actors, its has been your 10 years anniversary since debut, the two of you are beautiful as well, I think Jaejoong-san & Minwoo-san have a lot in common. Was there anything that was inspired from Jaejoong-san? What is Jaejoong-san's existence to Minwoo-san?
Both of us share a same dream, the thing that we have in common are acting and our music. There are also some tough time that we eventually get through. He became my mental support, he has a healing presence. We would say to each other "I'm looking forward to the future!"

Credits: Korepo
Translated by: Evy901
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