Friday, January 9, 2015

[TRANS] 150108 Kim Junsu to counter sue for defamation, false accusation & attempted fraud lawsuit

Kim Junsu, who has been involved in litigation on a hotel construction payment, said on Jan 8th he plans to countersue the complainant.

Jeong Hee-Won, an attorney representing Jeju Toscana Hotel, criticized the complainants in the official press release on Jan 8th, saying " The construction companies’ claims to sue Kim Junsu for fraud are not only groundless but also even way beyond the defamation."

Kim Junsu's representative said they won’t condone the companies’ malicious intent to take the advantage of K-Pop Star by hurting his reputation.

Previously, CJ construction and Chunji Construction filed the claim asking Kim Junsu to pay back the loan, which was endorsed by the 3rd Division of Civil Affairs in the Jeju District Court. The court ordered Kim Junsu to pay back the loan in the amount of 3,030 million KRW and 1,870 million KRW respectively to each of construction company. In the mean time, Kim Junsu’s real estate asset including the hotel was reportedly sequestered.

Kim Junsu immediately objected to the court order, refuting, "Promissory note was issued on August 4 at the request of the construction companies as they needed the document for their accounting purpose. Therefore, this is nothing to do with payment obligation."

Attorney Jeong emphasized, "They sued again Kim Junsu for the fraud using the exact same clause with the previous case. This is actually not worth of refuting as the case has been already cleared with the promissory note being void. As there was no actual borrowing from the companies, their argument Kim Junsu has to pay back the loan is completely absurd.”

Jeong continued, "Furthermore, fraud can be established as one deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Yet, Kim Junsu has neither written any promissory note during the construction, nor met any of them in person. From the legal perspective, he cannot be the subject of fraud charge."

Jeong added, "If they really wanted to unveil the truth, common practice is to sue Kim Junsu's father, who actually managed the whole process with the construction companies, not Kim Junsu. Nonetheless, the construction companies are intentionally playing with the media by defaming Kim Junsu."

Kim Junsu will take strong counteraction against them. "During the course of litigation, with the false claims, Cj construction and Chunji Construction have willfully damaged the reputation of Kim Junsu, whose image is an important asset as a celebrity. This will be a libel of “spreading false information.”

Jeong said, “Pursing unlawful gain though relatively simple process of “payment court order” for non-existing loans is an attempted fraud abusing legal system. On top of them, their fraud claim this time is a false accusation. We will file a lawsuit against them on all these charges on January 9th."

Also, Hotel Toscana warned, "Cj construction and Chunji construction have gone too far. They will have to take legal responsibility for their irresponsible behavior abusing legal process."

Kim Junsu opened his hotel in Jeju island last September, which was a 28.5-billion KRW investment. The Four-story hotel was build on 2,1026㎡ with 61 rooms and four pool villas. Kim Junsu seemed to be quite successful as a business person, but was involved in the litigation with the construction companies in December. The case has been reportedly transferred from Jeju Eastern police to Gang Nam police in Seoul.

Credits: Star Today via Daum
Translated by: XIAHPRESS
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