Thursday, January 22, 2015

[FANCAM] 150121 Jaejoong 2015 J-Party in Japan (Day 1)


Opening *NEW*

Chatting about pics *NEW*

Boku no Soba ni (Hideaki Tokunaga)

JJ choosing 4 fans using blowgun + pics while filming SPY

Acting 4 scenes with 4 fans (full) *NEW*

Acting 4 scene with fans - 3rd scene Back hug

Acting 4 scene with fans - 4th scene Kabe don

Jaejoong with Guest Korokke-san *NEW*

Video message from JS & YC + JJ talking about his members

Letter to fans

9+1# *NEW*

Ment *NEW*

Bright *NEW*

Just Another Girl

Ending (One Kiss bgm)

Full audio of J-Party

Credits: Rinmaze + MikiLoveJJ + Natsu_0126 via karitaraa
Shared by: DBSKnights

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