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[AUDIO+TRANS] 150108 Jaejoong - KBS Cool FM Yoo In-na Volume Up


  • Q: Normally, do you like to analyse things? Jaejoong: No, I'm not good in such things.
  • Jaejoong: I caught a cold about 4 weeks ago and my mucus kept flowing. There are still a lot of outdoor filming. *sniffles
  • Jae was so cold filming outside his mouth can't open & his pronunciation was funny. He even burnt a bit of his hair while trying to get warm
  • Because Jaejoong is always not at home, Hiro is at An-chan's house nowㅋㅋ (S: 暖暖酱子呀)
  • An audience asked Jaejoong to help her dog get a name. Jaejoong said he's JJ so she can call it Jeje. HAHAHAHHA
  • Jaejoong said he can feel himself growing old. He feels it when he wakes up. In the past he won't feel tired when he woke up.
  • YIN: I wanted to see your face but you wore a reflective shades and I can only see myself. Jae: Isn't it good to have shades like mirror?

  • Yoo In Na said that today is double DJ~This person is quite famous and has lotsa fans hehehe~~ you know who
  • Yoo In Na: From tomorrow onwards, there will be a new drama called Spy~ Let's Introduce Kim Jaejoong sshi~~~~~
  • JJ: Hello. This is KJJ. It's been a long time so I'm not sure how should i greet you all.
  • Yoo In Na saying that Spy is a remake of an Israel drama. she asked JJ whether he watched the original and he said he didn't.
  • JJ: What's your blood type~ Yoo In Na: Have a guess~ JJ: This is hard~ I'm O blood type~ Are you B type? Yoo In Na: Yessss omg
  • Yoo In Na: Any funny episodes? JJ: Two weeks ago, it was really cold, there was only outdoor filming. Mouth was too frozen....usually you have hotpacks for body but not your mouth so it's really hard...(missed what they say)
  • Yoo In Na: Why are you wearing sunglasses? JJ: I'm afraid that I'll be caught lying to you xD I'm a fan of Cultwo so... Yoo In Na: beep
  • Lol Jae's hair was a bit burnt because of the lighting during filming
  • Not lighting but heater lol
  • Yoo In Na: Are there any action scenes in the drama? JJ: Currently there are still no action scenes prepared by the director...
  • Yoo In Na: Doing this with JJ sshi is really nice~ it's really good ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (talking about the acting just now) lol
  • Yoo In Na: It seems that JJ sshi doesn't really have lots of aegyo. JJ: No~~~ I have lots of aegyooooo
  • Yoo In Na: What do you think about acting and singing? Whats the difference? JJ: When I sing, I feel free and comfortable. JJ: When I'm acting, I have to practice but I enjoy it too during filming~~~~
  • Yoo In Na: What do you usually wear at home? JJ: When it's hot, I only wear underwear. When it's cold I'll wear pants
  • JJ: My manager is looking after Hiro because I'm too busy
  • Yoo In Na: How do you feel being in 30's? JJ: Cuz my bday is early, my friends are all 31. I don't really feel anything. In Na: That's good.
  • JJ: That's not good because I've become 1 year olderrrrr
  • Yoo In Na: Show your aegyo using a baby voice~ JJ: What do you want me to do using baby voice~ It's really hard
  • Yoo In Na: Do you know any children songs? JJ: Three little bears~ *Sings the song cutely*
  • Yoo In Na: Your voice is beautiful~ JJ: Aigoo yah~~~Thanks. Yoo In Na: Your image is really funny. You do everything that you're asked to
  • JJ: If the viewer ratings for Spy exceeds 10%, I'll buy electrical things for 30 people~~~

  • He said he caught a //slight// sinus cold. Slight.
  • He was asked if they practiced the action scenes already and he answered that there's no action scenes yet.
  • JJ: I have caught a slight cold because there are outdoor filming often.
  • JJ: There's also a remake of (SPY) in the United States. I haven't seen it personally.
  • Jaejoong: Ahh~ this acting~ it's not like this!
  • JJ: Why is that that that???
  • Yoo In Na talked about this pretty puppy and Jaejoong asked if it's Hiro
  • Hiro lives in Anjjang's house
  • omg jaejoong singing the three bears song!!!!!!
  • "I'm going to give you the piece of the original analysis?" JJ in a cute voice: "Uh huh.. You made a mistake~"
  • DJ: You've been active for ten years but you're still like this, you didn't grow old. I saw you debut when I was really young." JJ: Make gimbap. The point is acting.
  • JJ: It's not something that I particularly like. You yourself became one year older!
  • "While filming SPY, is there a funny episode?" JJ: Don't laugh, it was tremendously cold 2 weeks ago. During that time, there's nothing but outdoor filming for one week so because I was really freezing, my pronunciation is not that good.
  • DJ: Were you not using a heater or a hot pack? JJ: In fact, because I was trying to avoid the cold and went TOO close to the heater, I burned my hair.
  • Jaejoong said "Youngwo----" XDDD
  • JJ: Since my birthday is coming soon, my friends will all become 31 now this year. Even though I'm gonna be in my thirties now, my friends are already in their thirties since last year. So there's no particular fun [about it]. DJ: But aging one more year is not particularly good. JJ: In the past, it's okay to have a lot of "let's hug" and sleep but nowadays, it's really hard.
  • Kim Jaejoong today first said, "I really don't know how to greet you since it's been a long time [since I've been on the radio]."
  • JJ: I didn't watch the original Israel drama 'MICE' on purpose. Korea's 'SPY' is different from the original drama.
  • DJ: While usually alone, it's good to be together with Jaejoong. I didn't know I've worked this hard to go this far. LOOOOOL.
  • JJ: I have lots of charms originally. I have shown a lot of it 6-7 years ago but I haven't shown it that much these days. It seems that the fans like it.
  • JJ: There's no greed about the viewer ratings. I'm satisfied when I make good work. JJ: If it exceeds 10% in the last interview, I'm going to buy selected 30 people electronic products.
  • JJ about the difference of Israel's MICE and Korea's SPY: It's about a mom that loves her son, they are roles about NIS elite agents.

Credits: 딕펑스의터지는라디오
Translated by: yunjaery + KatHearsJJ + paulisteu
Shared by: DBSKnights

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