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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141230 XIA 2014 Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra

  • VCR
  • Fresh Blood (Dracula Musical)
  • Life After Life (Dracula Musical)
  • Opening Ment
  • The Longer I Live (Dracula Musical)
  • VCR - Junsu talking
  • She (Dracula Musical)
  • Loving You Keeps Me Alive (Dracula Musical ft. Cho Jung Eun)
  • Ment
  • Cho Jung Eun - I Dream A Dream (Les Miserables)
  • VCR - Talking about Tod?
  • Those Were The Days (December Musical)
  • Love That Is Too Painful Was Not Love (December Musical)
  • Ment
  • In the Name of Love (December Musical ft. Lee Chang Yong)
  • Ment
  • The Measure Of A Man (Rudolph Musical)
  • VCR
  • Something More (Rudolph Musical)
  • Saldabomyeon (Seopyeonje Musical)
  • Ment + Genie time
  • Genie Time - Beautiful Thing (JS old solo, Vacation OST)
  • Genie Time - Chocolate Girl
  • Genie Time - Little Red Riding Hood Junjjyu + Story telling? Renfield's Master Song
  • A Lover's Concerto
  • Between the Sky and You (Nakajima Miyuki)
  • ??
  • Fantasy
  • The Last Dance (Elisabeth Musical)
  • Ment
  • Musical Medley
  • Encore - Intoxication
  • Encore - Ment
  • Encore - Mother (Ra.D)
  • VCR

  • Junsu asked if he could drink water and the sound of him drinking can be heard clearly. "If only the water is red..."
  • Junsu was singing when the background board dropped on his back. He fell down while singing just now too. (S: onlytvxq1314)
  • Junsu's red hair color is fading 😂😂😂 his sweat that dripped down is red in colour 😂😂😂 (S: onlytvxq1314)
  • Junsu said there was 20s or so when he thought he was performing musical but he realised it's his concert because he saw his fans in front.
  • Junsu walked to the seating area and passed the mic to a fan sitting at the first row and asked her to make a wish. (S: duanmubu)
  • Junsu mentioned Jaejoong. He said Jaejoong likes to search Junsu's airport pictures online to show others. HAHAHA (S: 籽言)
  • Junsu said it's not that he doesn't know fashion, it's just that he doesn't care. He said people care more about airport fashion bc of himㅋㅋ
  • Junsu: It has been 5 years since I attended a variety show. I really want to participate in shows such as Hidden Singer & Infinite Challenge
  • After Intoxication, JS: I am XIA who knows how to sing and dance! Not only can I sing and dance well, I also composed lyrics for this song!
  • Junsu: I really want to be active just like I was in TVXQ era. Although we released an album, we still cannot go on broadcasts. (S: 籽言)

  • Junsu said that they casted Musical Director Kim Minjeong two years ago with difficulty. (loveyful)
  • JS: I didn't dance for the two songs before but it's harder than a tolerable dance song. (loveyful)
  • Junsu to Mina (of Dracula): Why are you crying? LOL. (loveyful)
  • Junsu thought it was the Seoul Arts Center XD (loveyful)
  • When the set props for Dracula's stage came down, because it was overlapping each other, it fell on Junsu's shoulder. ㅠㅠ cr: jyjnormally
  • Genie time noooow!
  • JS: This stage has more stress than the othersㅋㅋㅋ
  • The first wish is to sing Beautiful Thing
  • Junsu was singing Beautiful Thing WITHOUT holding a copy of the lyrics!
  • The second wish is to sing Chocolate Girl :
  • lol the fan who requested that is a foreigner fan
  • The fan has the lyric of Chocolate Girl in her phone and asked if he wants to see it xD
  • Third wish is to see Little Red Riding Hood Junsu
  • Junsu: Would you please not take photos? XDDDD (of him wearing the red cloak)
  • Okay so the real third wish was to sing Renfield's Master Song
  • Genie Time 3.1 wish: Storytelling of Red Riding Hood Junsu
  • Junsu about the fashion of Airport Junsu: Because I didn't know fashion, I didn't care about it at all.
  • Junsu: Because of Airport Junsu, this airport fashion was formedㅋㅋㅋ
  • Jaejoong's habit when drunk is to search for 'Airport Junsu' and show the people around him that photo
  • Junsu: Every time there are many hardships, while I listen and sing this song, it calms me. (Kim Bumsoo's 지나간다)
  • Junsu: When I woke up that time, I picked up and wore what I found. (Airport Junsu)
  • Junsu: Awoo why is it hard like this, right.
  • JS: I'm good in dancing and good in singing, I composed this song tooㅋㅋㅋ
  • JS: I'm growing (producing) red sweatㅋㅋ
  • Junsu: It's been five years since there's no broadcasting activities too but since (you) always fill up the musical or concert auditorium, I'm really thankful.
  • "When you go home and listened to this song, it's good if you give your mom a big hug and tell her that you love her."
  • Translated tweets from loveyful and 0101leon ^^

  • Junsu accidentally slipped and fell he was singing so hard lol. xD Be careful bb~ cr: 上木总
  • Junsu said he wants to drink the red coloured water(?) lop xD Blood? Haha
  • When Junsu was drinking water, he was complaining saying it'll be nicer if the water is red xD lol
  • Junsu saying that the stage is really close to the audiences. Then he asked the fans whether could they see his mucus just now
  • ahh Junsu said: do you know what Jae's habit is when he's drunk? He searched "Airport Junsu" on internet and showed the people around him
  • Junsu: It's not that I don't know fashion, it's just that I have no interest in it
  • Junsu said that it has been 5 yrs since he appeared on TV broadcast & listed a few programs he wants to appear on such as Infinity Challenge
  • Ohh Junsu said that if he could appear on TV programs just like when he was in DBSK.
  • Junsu mentioned that he wants to appear on tv programs such as Hidden Singer and Infinity Challenge, but it's such a pity that he couldnt

  • Junsu asked if he can drink water. While drinking, he said it'll be good if the water is red~ Everyone laughed~
  • Junsu stood too far back and was knocked by a backdrop that was coming down from the top. There was a "dong" sound. 😢😢😢
  • VCR: "I didn't know how it's like when I first started doing musicals. I was lucky to have met Mozart. I was thinking if I should do Tears of Heaven, I like challenges since young, I want to challenge myself. I'm very confident about my roles in Tod and Elisabeth."
  • While Junsu was walking towards the backstage, Jeong-eun looked at his back and said: "He’s really very handsome. I’ve became Junsu’s fan too, I understand why everyone likes Junsu so much.” She DL his song on her phone just now~^^
  • 1st Genie Wish: He sang "Beautiful Thing"~
  • 2nd Genie Wish: He sang and danced "Chocolate Girl"~
  • Junsu wore a red hoodie given by a fan and he looks like a red riding hood now!
  • Junsu talked about his airport fashion... He says not that doesn't know about fashion, he’s just not bothered, doesn’t care.
  • Junsu says he knows Jaejoong likes to go online and look for Junsu’s airport fashion and show it to others!
  • Junsu shaked a small bell while singing "Lover's Concerto" just now!
  • Junsu said that he’s very busy this year. Looking back at the past 10 years, he has made a lot of efforts in his life. But God still gave him lots of hardships... He felt lamented. However whenever he’s feeling down, he’ll sing a song and tell himself by this part of the lyrics: “everything will be better!"
  • Junsu after Intoxication: "I'm a #XIA that can sing and dance! I don't only sing and dance well, I wrote this song too~"

Credits: As tagged + withxiah + xiaholic0420
Translated by: yunjaery + paulisteu + KatHeartsJJ + Vichellelicious
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