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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141213 TVXQ Special Live Tour -T1ST0RY- in Taiwan

16 HQ pictures at Yahoo

  • in the venue \o/ as usual, updates will come if circumstances allow, otherwise i should do recaps after~
  • but before that, here's the props for fanproject today~ let's hope it all goes well xP
  • We were due to start at 6, so if there aren't any major delays it should be anytime now~
  • starting~~~~
  • futuristc intro video about changmin finding an old book(?) w cassopeia on it. and yunho catapulting into the sky
  • first ment~ doing greetings in Taiwanese & a couple of ni haos lol changmin left monetarily so yu ho is doing indiv greetings
  • yh" (in chinse) "on the left are you happy? on the right are you happy? then I'll see you guys later" yes child we are xD
  • changmin's turn, hes sweating buckets. and he's saying the weather wasn't that great when they arrived ystd so they worried if fans wld come
  • yh: this is the first time we're doing a concert as 2. we came for an award ceremony when we were rookies. that was more than 10 years ago
  • cm: it feels kind of awkward cos its almost been 11 years, so that makes us feel kind of old.
  • yh: but we'll show you our unchanging sides. so do look forward to it. are you ready to have fun?
  • yh: em. yeah. x3 cm: are you done with what you wanna say? yh:i prepared a lot but if i say all now i won't know what to say later
  • changmin solo~ and he changmin strip has begun
  • what a mood change lol they followed it by being utter dorks in Moonlight fantasy, moved to extended stage on the carts and moved back now
  • tossing out roses to the fans in standing
  • did i mention they're in thise bright pink suits of theirs + pink shoes. changmin's is florescent pink, yunho's is a coral pink lol
  • dance video now~
  • Steppin'~ with the pretty lady dancers hha yunho has a...zebra striped suit ._.
  • yh: (in chi) Good? VaysgwyaGg good? Geysgsyegg Good?" us: ????
  • changmin is... being odd. and waving his hand around towards the fake campfire they have set on stage. (with a tent and all)
  • yh: we've prepared a little present for everyone. we wanna go on a short trip w everyone. cm: we want it to be a special trip
  • cm: we wanna take a special trip back in time to sing w everone some of our songs yh: they are songs that were really well recevied
  • yh: I'm sure everyone can tell but its an all live band now, so even if we sing it wrongly there's nothing that can be done
  • yh: now that we're talking with the band playing in the background, i kinda feel like a radio dj
  • cm explained the meaning of Tistory. yh: at this point I'd like to try this.. " We are.." us: T!!!!! yh: the bgm is so beautiful how can you scream T!! like this? do it beautifully. once more~ us:(gently) T~
  • erm these kids are doing a strange rap of ni hao and yunhao (yunho in ch)
  • dancers break now
  • they made us all stand up and sing a verse of You're My Melody together~
  • yh: (jokingly) even if you mess up the tune, try to at least keep the pitch yeah~ most importantly, sing loudly! I'll be watching you~
  • SHOW ME YOUR LOVE~ they came out on kick scooters and yunho was having trouble balancing so he slipped & tripped but it didn't look too bad
  • vieeo interview~ yh saying the hardest thing preparing for this con was cos they wanted to make it something different and meaningfu
  • cm: really grateful fr everyone who's supporting for them because for him this all began w a coincidence for him - getting into SM
  • viseo interview - yh: we'll be satisfied if everyone could walk away thinking "this was a concert we could all be a part of together"
  • ment~ yh: we've always showed you very powerful sides right, but we wanted to present it in the form of a musical this time
  • yh is talking about his solo song "Bang"~
  • cm: we've come to the 'last' song of this concert. yh: why is it like this? it makes my heart ache
  • fans sang Balloons while waiting for encore ♡ (albiet two lines repreatedly) it should be starting soon:) video now
  • and its over~ will do a bit of recaps of the encore and dan projs once i catch my breath
  • proj #1: fans in the middle blocks of 2nd floor held white and red A3 cards to spell out 고마워요 ♡ (thank you ♡)
  • proj #2: during here i stand fans held up signs that said "We will meet again for sure"
  • proj #3: at the end of Always With You, we held onto one end of the red ribbon and threw the ribbon towards the stage
  • during encore ment- yh: if you hadn't called for an encore, i was thinking of going home. cm: yall sang our songs Balloons right? thank you
  • fan projs worked out great! i couldn't figure out the words at first cos i was in the middle of the 워 lol. but they flashed it on screen~
  • and the boys read out the words. yunho said repeatedly he was really touched by the fans, and that we made him feel like tearing up (aww ♡)
  • cm: its been a real long time since we've held a concert in TW under the name TVXQ. we're sorry for making you wait and thank you for coming
  • yunho's exhausted his chinese vocab today lol. randomly spouting 你好 (hello), 你们开心吗 (are you guys happy), 你们准备好了吗 (are you ready?)
  • yunho asked if we'll remember this con & we said yes. then he said everything we do together is memories & he'll remember this moment today
  • during Crazy Love(?), the boys sat on chairs and were pushed and spun around by the dancers. so when changmin stood up he made dizzy face xD

  • Yunho: we have prepared a lot today, so it would be great if everybody could have fun with us till the end.
  • Yunho during the mid portion of Moonlight Fantasy: "Now, shall we continue on together?!!"
  • Yunho: From now on, we want to go on a vacation with everybody.
  • Changmin: I'm thinking, how would it be like to go on a vacation with everyone? So while singing TVXQ's old songs which were loved by everybody, together with everybody, would you guys like to go on a time travel to the past with us?
  • Y: I'm thinking, shall we let everybody hear the songs which had been greatly loved before? C: Yes
  • Y: because everybody is curious on what songs we will sing..
  • Y: with the background music playing and my speaking tone like this, it feels like I am a radio DJ.
  • C: it seems like we have to explain why the title of our concert is called
  • C: in English, our group name is TVXQ, and together with "TVXQ's History", it becomes merged into
  • Y: Everybody,how were the songs? Actually although I think that everybody has detected it,we are now singing all-band live. So if we can't sing well too, there is nothing we can do about it.
  • Y: We want to shout together with everybody. We are~ (fans: T!) The background music now is beautiful, isn't it? But everybody is going T!! (loudly) We should go T~ (softer) ㅋㅋ
  • C: following on with such good atmosphere, shall we get high with everybody using another song to continue the atmosphere?
  • Y: So we are going to change the atmosphere a little. (Chinese rap: How are you? (Ni hao)) HAHA
  • Y: We want to enjoy such good atmosphere with everybody.
  • Y: just like earlier, everybody at the back, please stand up. It would be great if you guys can stand up. Ah, is standing up not allowed?
  • Y: Please raise your hands and clap them in the air. It would be great if everybody can sing this song together with us. I also do not know what song will come out next. I believe that everybody knows. So, shall we proceed? It is possible that your tune might be off, but you guys have to match the beat. And the important thing is to sing loudly!
  • Yunho: (Chinese) are you guys happy? (Korean) Are you guys ready? Say ho~ Say hohoho~ (Chinese) TVXQ!
  • Yunho: please switch on the lights on your mobile phone! (Chinese) Are you guys ready? (Korean) are you guys ready?!
  • Yunho VCR: for this concert, I want to show everybody different aspects of us which we had not shown before.
  • Yunho: How was it? Was it okay? Although as everybody will know from seeing this, what we have always shown everybody in the past are just powerful performances, aren't they? so this time around, we wanted to show everybody a musical type of performance. How was it? Did you guys like it?
  • Changmin: it's been an extremely long time since we stood in front of everybody and performed a concert everybody like this in Taiwan. So I am extremely excited / nervous. And I can't not explain this and let this slip past unsaid, it seems like I have to say this.
  • Changmin: Yunho's hyung solo song, please introduce it. Yunho: I tried preparing "Bang" in order to show an even more suave appearance through a self-composed song.
  • Yunho: how was it, everybody? Did you guys like it? Was it suave?
  • Changmin: And, at some point in time, it has now come to the sequence when we will be singing the last song of the concert today. Yunho: So, shall we let everybody hear the last song? Changmin: We will let everybody hear the last song "Why"
  • Changmin: While singing for Encore, you guys sang Balloons right? So, thank you very much!
  • Yunho: This moment now, everybody will also remember this right? Changmin: Now, we really only have 2 songs left.
  • Changmin: Actually, it seems like it has been a really long time since we had a concert in Taiwan using our name TVXQ. So actually because of that, we wanted to show everybody even more performances and things. But contrary to what I had expected, the time seems to have passed by really so fast. We are really sorry that you guys seemed to have waited for a really long time to come to the concert. Thank you for having waited for us. But even if it is a pity, now we really only have just 2 songs left right now.
  • Yunho: Everybody will sing this song together in loud voices right? I am looking forward to you guys! It's okay if I anticipate it right?
  • Yunho: Really, thank you so much for today! Changmin: Everybody, was today fun?
  • Yunho: Actually, because today is my first time greeting you guys after a really long time, I had many fears. But thank you so much for continuously waiting for us during those times. Other than the TVXQ members who showed a good performance today, there are actually a lot of people who worked hard for us too. First and foremost, please applaud the dancers who showed a suave performance today!
  • Changmin: Yes, and please applaud the band who played so suavely beside us so that we could sing the songs well today.
  • Yunho: And please clap for the staff who worked hard for us today in places which cannot be seen. And please clap for everybody here who are the main leads of TVXQ's concert today! We are really sorry for letting you guys wait such a long time, and I was really happy to have met you guys even if it is only now. And I will bury the good memories of today's concert in my heart. I was really blessed today!
  • TVXQ: So it has been TVXQ till now. Thank you! Y: Thank you! We are ~ (Fans: T!!)

  • Yunho: Everyone is so excited. We'll start our greetings now. Are you all happy? Thank you for coming to our concert.
  • Yunho: Actually you can really have more anticipation for tonight's performances. Changmin: Hello everyone, I'm Changmin.
  • CM: Actl when we reached Taiwan yesterday, the weather is gloomy and we were worried if people will come for our concert.
  • Yunho: This is our first time holding a concert in Taiwan. Speaking of Taiwan, we attended GDA here when we were rookies.
  • Fan received the flowers from Yunho! He threw while looking at her and purposely threw gently and smiled gently at her when she received it.
  • Yunho: What do everyone think? I believe everyone can see, this moment has become full live. We have no other ways if we sing wrongly.
  • Yunho: There is background music while we talk and this feels like I'm a radio DJ. Hello (in Chinese)
  • Changmin: Everyone is curious why our concert is T1ST0RY. This is because 东方神起 is TVXQ. This is TVXQ's history. And this is T1ST0RY.
  • HAHAHAHHAHA Yunho just rap to 你好 大家好 大家好 你好 我是uknow允浩 你好 大家好 好好 你好 好 好 Shim Changmin! 你们准备好了吗?! HAHAHAHHAHA
  • YH's rap: Hello, everyone hello, hello everyone, hello, I am Uknow Yunho, everyone hello, good good, good good Shim Changmin! Are you ready?
  • Yunho: Please clap & sing together if you know this song. Are you ready? We are singing now. I believe everyone knows. (You're My Melody)
  • Yunho: You must sing! It's fine even if your vocals are not accurate. But your tempo must be on time. Most importantly you must sing loudly.
  • Yunho: Until now, we have shown everyone a handsome stage appearance. Sometimes sexy, sometimes a bit pervertic.
  • Omg fans are singing Balloons as encore call!!!!
  • Yunho: Thank you for your encore. We were thinking to go home if there isn't any encore.
  • Changmin: It's like a portrait. The moments spent with everyone will become images and memories. You will remember this moment too right?
  • Changmin: We spent a lot of time to hold a concert in Taiwan as TVXQ. We are sorry and thankful because it took so long but you still came.
  • Yunho: Do you find it interesting? Although I wish to greet everyone one by one... Can you feel it? We are very happy today. Thank you.
  • YH: We displayed splendid performances for everyone today. We were a lil' afraid because we haven't been to Taiwan for a long time.
  • Yunho: I will bury the memories created today deep inside my heart. Until now, it's TVXQ! Thank you. I love all of you. We are? Fans: T!
  • Both concerts have ended successfully today. Thank you for reading my translations and thank you FAY for streaming!

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