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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141223 JYJ 2014 Japan Dome Tour ~Ichigo Ichie~ in Fukuoka (Day 1)

Audio of JYJ mentioning Changmin here (cr:shinkipeia)

  • JJ: we'd done that before here... the Tai Tai. Junsu, Yoochun, and who....? YC and JS: Changmin! JJ: ahhhh yes that's Changmin! (cr.BMSJURI) [See: YooSuMin ver. | JYJ ver.]

  • Jaejoong just called Fukuoka as Tokyoㅋㅋㅋ he apologized for his mistake.
  • Junsu: It has been 5 years since JYJ came to Fukuoka. We haven't meet you for such a long time. Please keep this excitement to the end!
  • YC said he had flu and won't be doing "ready ok". It was then pushed to JS & JJ but he still did it anyway which resulted in him coughing.
  • Jaejoong: We were just talking about it just now. There's not much meaning for Christmas. (Because everyone is single) (S: 端木不_小瑟)
  • Yoochun: How is it meaningless? It's meaningful! Junsu: It's meaningful to spend Christmas with everyone! (S: 端木不_小瑟)
  • Jaejoong's singing Make Up for this concert.
  • Jaejoong said it's hot and he is shy because he is not wearing clothes under his coat.
  • Jaejoong back-faced the audience and took off his coat and the camera zoomed into the TVXQ soul tattoo!
  • Opening ment YC: We had sex talk during the opening ment in Osaka on day 2. JS: Can you release the sex talk energy for later? (S: 端木不_小瑟)
  • Jaejoong's TVXQ soul tattoo, thank you cameraman! (Cr: 純在獨秀唯天) pic.twitter.com/Dv14NipG9l
  • Jaejoong: I am worried because I did sing with all my best but I did not sweat and everyone might think I did not put in effort. (S: 端木不_小瑟)
  • There was this fanboy who kept screaming and Yoochun asked him to stop shouting HAHAHA
  • Yoochun: I can't dance Mission after 40 years old. Every time I return to the hotel after concert, my body aches all over. (S: 端木不_小瑟)
  • YC: Do you like JS time? Fans: Yes! YC (joking): Really? Don't you think it's boring? JJ & I thought it was boring when we were at backstage
  • Staff helped Junsu took off his clothes & was about to leave, Junsu: Hey you took the clothes I'm wearing for the next stage! Fans laughedㅋㅋ
  • Junsu said he had been anticipating Jaechun's gifts since he returned from Osaka. Jaejoong contacted him continuously but Yoochun did notㅋ
  • All the fans are shouting because Yoochun and Junsu are whispering to each other's ear.
  • Yoochun sang his lyrics wrongly in Lion Heart and laughed. Junsu and the fans laughed too. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • It was Junsu's first message to Yoochun and the content was "what happened to the coat?" HAHAHAHA (S: shachong)
  • Jaejoong said Junsu's first love in Japan is from Fukuoka and that person attended Fukuoka fanmeeting before. :O (S: shachong)
  • YC: We don't have handphones at that time. It seemed like Junsu communicated with the girl via letters. JS: Nothing like this!
  • Jaejoong: JYJ's new single Wake Me Tonight to go on sales on 21 January.
  • During the closing ment, Jaejoong suddenly disappeared from the middle because he squatted down to tie his shoesㅋㅋ right shoe then left shoe
  • Yoochun: Ever since JYJ started, I focused a lot of acting. But as expected, being a singer is the best. I hope to work harder as JYJ.
  • Jaejoong: No matter what difficulties are there, how tired it is, we still succeeded, no? ♥ (S: kitakitune)
  • 3 people learned tai tai tai in Fukuoka. "Yoochun, Junsu and who?" Fans shouted Changmin. Jae was asked to learn and do it together. (S: 糖糖)
  • All 3 cried. They said although the concert has ended today, but there will be one more concert tomorrow. They will continue to work hard.
  • JYJ bowed & the screen behind them showed a "Merry Christmas" message. JS took the fan dancer gave and started dancing the weird dance again
  • day 1 ended! Thank you fay for streaming and the streamer for translating throughout the concert.^^
  • Junsu suggested everyone to use tai tai method and line up to dance to the back. He danced extremely high!ㅋㅋ (S: SkyE灬)

  • Jaejoong's face during Empty looks really 'powerful'.
  • Lol Jaejoong said Tokyo instead of Fukuoka
  • "All the energy received from Tokyo and Osaka will all be released in Fukuoka!!" - Jaejoong
  • During the talk, Jaejoong asked the fans if what will they do tomorrow. They'll probably be at the concert tomorrow too LOL
  • Jaejoong's accessories for today: Gold accessories and rubber bracelet~ (코윳키)
  • Jaejoong: Today, I'm kind of embarrassed.
  • Jaejoong's embarrassed to take off his clothes again today. But because of the call of the fans, he did it again JJ: I have a mole like this
  • YC: When the live ends and then taking a bath at the hotel, I have severe muscle pains. Jaejoong probably thinks like that too.
  • JJ: Since it's too hot in Tokyo and Osaka, today is cold. YC: It's cold because there are less dances now compared to the old days.
  • The staff only changed the microphone for Incredible and forgot to give Junsu his jacket and everyone laughed.
  • Junsu: The second and third floor... Yoochun: There's no third floor.
  • A little bit during Junsu time, two people was seen on the left exit. ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Junsu: I waited three years for Yoochun's letter. And then the content of the letter became a coat?!
  • Jaejoong chose the tree gift to Junsu when he's shooting a drama. Junsu was happy.
  • Junsu's oyaji gag today is "I bought clothes in Fukuoka" and Jaejoong looked annoyed xD
  • Jaejoong's shocking statement (LMFAO): Junsu's Japan first love is from Fukuoka.
  • YC was asked if the fans here are more pretty and cute. He said cute and he will not give in (to what? lol) JS dropped then to his kneesㅋ
  • Junsu: Me and Yoochun and CHANGMIN. (About Tai Tai)
  • Junsu met his first love (the one from Fukuoka) when they're learning Japanese eight years ago
  • About first love. YC: Since you don't have a handphone, can't you contact each other through letter? JS: I can't write in Japanese!
  • Junsu's first love in Japan was from Fukuoka who is a 15-year-old girl. She's the child of the restaurant owner they eat at in Fukuoka so they meet her every time they come there. That girl went to a fansign before and he gave her a sign.
  • Jaejoong: JYJ'S new song will be released on January 21st!
  • Jaejoong: Finally! In Japan! It will be on sale! (wake me tonight)
  • Name of Junsu's first love is Yuki. XD
  • Jaejoong: I know the video (of Wake me tonight) will be released on YouTube
  • Jaejoong was tying his shoes again after Get Out
  • Junsu: I'm happy thanks to everyone.To stand again today on the stage with a special feeling is the happiest. We will try to come to Fukuoka more in the future!
  • Jaejoong: I want to have a concert where we'll be able to see the faces of everyone.
  • Jaejoong: It's hard to introduce the last song. I do not think that I'm alone. Everyone is here.
  • Jaejoong: Fukuoka is close to Busan and it holds a special feeling. The feeling doesn't go that far. You are always close!
  • Yoochun said that he'll concentrate in acting while also working hard as a JYJ member.
  • Jaejoong's crying again. ;;
  • Jaejoong: We'll do our best tomorrow too
  • They exited the stage while doing Tai Tai
  • Jaejoong when he showed his back Jaejoong: Dots (moles)... it's many like this! LOL (dopi_yjbrownie)
  • Jaejoong: We have done Tai Tai before. Junsu and Yoochun and... YooSu: Changmin too! (Dopi_YJbrownie)
  • unsu: When we went back to Korea after the Osaka concert, I was waiting for a present from these two people! Jaejoong-hyung gave me a call...I didn't have a contact to Yoochun.(Dopi_YJbrownie)
  • Jaejoong: For coming to JYJ's Dome Tour in Tokyo... Ah... It's not Tokyo. (laughs) (Dopi_YJbrownie)
  • 141223 Shown at the screen during the end~ Happy Merry Christmas =3= (jyj_ssuny) pic.twitter.com/TMGlzcoKVJ
  • Yoochun: I concentrate on being an actor not but I prefer being a singer. ;;
  • Jaejoong kept on saying "Tree right~ Tree~" when they were talking about the Christmas Tree.
  • Male fan: Yoochun-ah I like youuuuuuuuuuuuu~!!! YC: I know! But I like woman more! Male fan: Me tooooooooo~! RT @T___Holic

  • (cr:Akane032126) We were able to hear the name "Changmin" from the members themselves. \\ JS "8 years ago, was it Yoochun and myself that went to Fukuoka? (t/n: for the Secret Code album promotion) YC "Changmin! Changmin, too!" \\ "Changmin, too"... They haven't forgotten....
  • (cr:tv5xq_jyjcy1226) When they were talking "Did we do 'Tai Tai' by the two of us?, Yoochun said the name "Changmin". Tears were runnning down my eyes.
  • (cr:yuyu0604yuyu) During the "Tai tai tai" talk, Yoochun and Junsu said the name "Changmin"!
  • (cr:toho_pikarn_yj) Again Jaejoong dropped the bomb xD JJ "Who went to Fukuoka to do the tai tai?" JS "Me, Yoochun, and..." YC to JS "Changmin, it was Changmin!" (in a small voice)
  • (cr:aim0610) During the song BEGIN, Junsu looked so happy singing the song, it was so impressive. I was very happy to see that smile.
  • (cr:miujjeje) Jaejoong had his tatoo zoomed on the screen, and he said "Oh, was there a mole here?!"
  • (cr:kajj0126) Before, it seemed that they couldn't even say the word "Tohoshinki", but now they are singing BEGIN, saying the member's name, and talking about the past with a smile, it is just GREAT!! We OT5s are super happy!!
  • (cr:Mihonko6226) At the last greetings, Yoochun had tears in his eyes, and he seemed that he wanted to say something, but the words didn't come out..Looking at his expression, we were in tears, too...

  • Junsu's first love in JP is a person from Fukuoka =)) RT @. shachong
  • Yesterday, Junsu said "Does that person still live in Fukuoka, rite?" RT shachong
  • Yoochun keeps going on: "Until now still wanna meet?" =]]] RT @. shachong
  • Cuz of Junsu's first love story that made Yoochun keep memorizing and bursting into laughing to the extent he can't sing now lolz
  • JaeJoong chose X-mas tree for Junsu as present when he was surfing Internet during filming (drama)
  • Junsu: ME, YC and..who??? Yoonchun said in small voice to remind him: "Changmin" Junsu: Right, that's ME, YC and Changmin
  • Even though it was story from 8 years ago, Junsu still got flustered as Yoochun mentioned his first love story (f.kitakitune)
  • All 3 of them Junsu, Yoochun, and JaeJoong said "Changmin" in "TAI TAI" part (f. Juri) (I'm sorry for missing JJ's word) T_T

  • JJ: “We were just saying that Christmas is not very meaningful~~” YC: “Why not meaningful! It’s meaningful!” JS: “It’s meaningful to spend Christmas with everyone ahhh~~!!!”
  • JJ: “Fukuoka’s venue is different from Tokyo, it’s pretty cooling here! But I’m afraid despite singing with all my might, everyone might think I didn’t put in effort as I didn’t sweat!”
  • Junsu: “Everyone on 2nd and 3rd floor…” Yoochun: “There’s no 3rd floor…”
  • Jaejoong said he bought the Christmas Tree for Junsu while he was filming SPY~ Junsu says he’s very happy~ ^^
  • JJ and YC talked about JS's Japanese girlfriend 8 years ago! She went to their FM when she was 20 years old!
  • YC: "We didn't had phones during that time, seems like Junsu and that Fukuoka lady dated through letters!" JS: "No such thing!" YC: "Oh, it's not the truth~"
  • YC sang and danced wrongly after trolling Junsu about his ex-girlfriend
  • JJ suddenly disappeared after 1st encore song. Fan saw screens then realised he was squatting down to tie his shoelaces.

  • Yuchun: "Every time i finish concert and back to hotel, i feel whole muscle pain after bath." (cr: 端木不_小瑟)
  • Yuchun sms with Junsu since three years ago.. and the content of the first sms after three years is "Where the coat?"
  • After Yuchun talking and spilling junsu's secret, Yuchun keep singing wrong and dancing wrong he also laugh for twice.. cr: skye
  • On talk time mentioned they learn tai tai tai in fukuoka.. the 3 person is yuchun, junsu and who? fans shouting Changmin cr: 糖糖_YuSoocomeon
  • For the ending, Junsu suggest everyone use Tai Tai method and line up to dance back to the backstage.. cr: skye
  • Junsu was thanking Jaechun for the presents. Junsu said he finally knew jaechun love him so much after he knew the price of present cr: 薇鸯竹落

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