Monday, December 15, 2014

[PHOTOS+VIDEO] 141215 JYJ - Dancers SNS Update + Japan Dome Tour Photo Slideshow

12 years of friendship~
In a few weeks it'll be 13 years~
Dome concert hwaiting~
Yoochun, Junsu, where are they??

( #Jaejoong ) saw us taking picture using selfie-stick and said, "Girls, girls... I didn't come here to take picture~ absolutely not." And he silently comes in. Kkkkk And gave us Honeybutter Chips! He is number one among girl dancers' popularity vote! We didn't vote for you because of Honeybutter Chips~absolutely not! Kkkk #jyj #jj #jyjdancer #idmyo #jyjconcert

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Credits: joohyejin83 + MinD3365 + zerotic0124 + gwanggi
Translated by: crystalmoon64 + li-an
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