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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141209 “Men among men, sweetest among sweetest”… TVXQ 4000th Day

SHINee’s Taemin and EXO’s Chen and Kai having the same pose as others. What is the meaning of the ‘T’ made with their hands?

"We are T"

You will know what it means if you are a SM fan. The right answer is, it represents the T in TVXQ.

TVXQ spent a special day. They welcomed the 4000th day since debut on the 7th. To commemorate this special day, they held Special Live Tour T1ST0RY concerts on 6~7 December at Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium.

Starcast was extremely busy as well. This is none other than for the ‘B Story’ of T1ST0RY. Firstly, please check the photo above. TVXQ are hold trophies and it was a present for a successful concert.

It is heard that this is a present prepared by SM Entertainment. Other than trophies, cups and red wine etc were prepared to convey their thankful hearts. The meaning behind this is “thank you for being with us for 4000 days and, let’s welcome 5000 days together”. They held the ceremony during the after party.

Of course cakes cannot be missed out in a party right? At the venue that day, both members of TVXQ blew the candles and cut the cake. Words such as “congratulations TVXQ” and “I love you” can be seen.

Let’s return to the concert stories. It had been 4000 days since debut, such day deserves a huge commemoration, so how was Yunho and Changmin like that day? We will reveal this now.

To start off, we met Changmin at the resting room. He was styling his hair leisurely. His outfit preparation was not finished yet and thus he was in a comfortable jacket receiving the final touches.

He changed into his outfit shortly. It was a gorgeous gold-embroidered jacket. Normally in such situations, we will say everything goes well with a handsome face right? No matter what he wears, he will look good in it.

Meanwhile, Yunho also finished changing. He wore the same jacket as Changmin. Before the final touches for his make up, he looked at the camera. Eye contact + killer smile.

It was finally time to go up to stage. TVXQ and dancers gathered and shouted cheers in an united voice. Even though they have been on stage for 10 years, they will probably still feel nervous.

"So, let’s~start now?"

Are you curious of the touched emotions that day? Let’s start with individual photos.

If it is Yunho, it must be charisma. If it is charisma, it must be Yunho. He held strong chemistry with his male dancers. He displayed an intense masculinity pose through Why performance. A little wave makes this a pictorial too right?

This is sexy Yunho. Standing with female dancers, he garnered people’s gazes. This song, Bang, is first revealed on T1ST0RY and Yunho personally composed and rearranged for it. Regardless to Yunho or Cassiopeia, this song must be special right?

If it is Yunho, it will be possible to carry out pink outfits. You who looked fine in pink suit and pink shoes, this is “Your Man”. Whenever they sing this song, eye contacts will be given as a bonus~ Please check out personally in the concert.

This time round it’s Changmin. Showing off his chic charisma on stage, he was singing Double Trouble. Even though it requires an intense dance, his singing remained stable.

He also used his sweet charisma to steal female hearts. They rearranged and performed ‘She’, which was recorded in their 5th album, in acoustic version at the concert. Changmin’s clean vocal was the highlight.

What stirred up a hot topic in the concert was Changmin’s fat-less abs muscles. He said he refrained from drinking for 2 months just to be topless. His muscles were trained by avoiding soup, strews and kimchi. This is really gorgeous.

Changmin showed off his abs while performing Heaven’s Day. He unbuttoned his shirt while saying “I really want to take this off that’s why I’m doing this”. His abs caused fan girls’ screams to reach a brand new high peak.

Of course, TVXQ are more stunning when they are together. We will next reveal their gorgeous stage appearances. Just by standing alone, they are already a pictorial. Their superior heights are outstanding right?

What makes TVXQ exclusive must be their enthusiastic stages right? Their magnificent performances attracted gazes of their audiences. They presented a knife group dance through Humanoids performance and became more stunning because they wore glittery clothes

Their stage manners were composed and at ease. They do not hold large scale concerts for once or twice only, and thus they were really natural in front of 12000 people. Honestly speaking, the choreography of Spellbound is really complicated and diverse and it can cause knockdown even if performed only once. But they did not show that (difficulty).

They prepared a special stage to celebrate their 4000 days. The members selected songs from existing albums and rearranged to acoustic versions. The touched emotions increased when they sang it with a live band. They told the audience they wanted to bring out the feeling of singing in a camp with the fans.

"Acoustic version is really sweet~"

This was the ending performance. In Show Me Your Love, they put their arms around dancers and the concert was at its third hour mark. One, two and stages created with everyone. So let’s continue to say TVXQ~TVXQ~.

TVXQ conveyed their gratitude while looking back at their last 10 years. The reason why TVXQ persevered must be because of their fans. They gave their greetings not only in Korean, but in Chinese, Thai and English etc.

You asked how did the fans react?

Words are unable to describe what was seen. “Hot”, the temperature of under zero degree cannot be felt. With this, TVXQ and Cassiopeia’s, Cassiopeia and TVXQ’s night ended in a passionate environment.

But it will not be starcast if this ends with this right? Here are some heartwarming pictures. Keep it~

EXO + SHINee + Changmin

EXO + SHINee + F(x) + Yunho

Credits: Naver
Translated by: yunjaery
Shared by: DBSKnights


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