Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[NEWS] 141216 Park Min Young Talks about Singing and Dancing to TVXQ′s Hug in ′Healer′

Park Min Young recently shared the story behind singing TVXQ′s Hug.

On December 16, Park Min Young brought up JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong, whom she′s worked with in Dr. Jin, during the location unveiling and press conference for KBS′ Healer in Paju.

On episode three of Healer, which aired on December 15, Park Min Young sang and danced to TVXQ′s Hug, receiving much attention. Receiving a question on this, Park Min Young answered, "The writer put in Hug in the scripts, and it said that I should dance to it excitedly. So I watched the video a lot."

"There′s a choreographed dance for the group and I practiced it, but it didn′t really show well," said Park Min Young. "I acted with Kim Jae Joong in my previous project. And someone I′m close with is close with Kim Jae Joong, so that person told Kim Jae Joong, ′Min Young is dancing to TVXQ,′ and he sent me the main points of the dance."

But Park Min Young brought out laughter as she said, "But it was so hard that I couldn′t dance it."

Healer is an action romance drama that began on December 8 and is receiving hot response.

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