Wednesday, December 3, 2014

[NEWS] 141203 Kim Junsu Is The 2014 Best Male Musical Actor

[by Park Seul Gi, translated by Sora Ghim] Group JYJ’s member Kim Junsu ranked first as the best male musical actor of 2014.

On December 3, his agency C-JeS Entertainment announced, “A musical specialty magazine released a poll for the ‘Top Musical Male Actor’ which placed Kim Junsu in first place. He received over 50% of the votes and got a heated response from the audience this year.”

Starting in July until September, Kim Junsu was in ‘Dracula’ as the count himself. He showed an impressive performance that left an overwhelming presence, obtaining love in all dimensions.

A representative from The Musical stated, “Kim Junsu displays the greatest ticketing power. Playing the role of Dracula in the musical ‘Dracula,’ he continues to be fantasy characters since Todd from ‘Elizabeth.’ He enhances the mysterious aura of Dracula for a great visual and impactful portrayal.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu is preparing to greet the audience through the ‘2014 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.3’ on December 30 and 31. (photo by OD Musical Company)

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