Friday, November 7, 2014

[VIDEO+TRANS] 131107 Tohoshinki - PIA Channel Interview


Changmin: Our new single "Time Works Wonders" is a song carrying the meaning that "time brings miracles".We'd like everyone to listen to it remembering past experiences and memories. It's a song that resembles the cold season now~
Yunho: Talks on Time Works Wonder PV (not translated)
Yunho: New album "WITH" has the meaning of "together". The idea behind this is "gathering" love, like it is one big love song. It has wonderful songs, once completed it feels warm... we put a lot of love songs in it that can make you feel warm.
Yunho: It is the 2nd time we'll hold a Dome tour. Because we received so much love from everyone, Tohoshinki are now doing their very best. We'll meet again there, you can all look forward to it. We want to hold beautiful lives together with everyone.
Changmin: (Message to fans) It's winter so everyone, please be careful not to catch a cold~ Tohoshinki is releasing a new single this November. Also, we're really working hard for the 2nd Dome tour next year, we want to go so thank you for giving us so much support, then…
Both: This was Tohoshinki!
Changmin: Listen to the album a lot!
Changmin: bye~

Credits: ぴあチャンネル
Translated by: TVXQSound
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