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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141119 JYJ 2014 Japan Dome Tour ~Ichigo Ichie~ in Tokyo Dome (Day 2)

  • Starting soon! Btw did i mention that the opening video starts in the snow but ends up in a club? lol
  • Waiting for encores! Dvd recording today and their ments were definitely longer! They said they were going to learn gags for Osaka & Fukuoka
  • Today was even better than yesterday :(( Everyone was teary after begin but Jaejoong cried lots and everyone was cheering him on
  • Quick recaps while waiting for food! Junsu changed his outfit for Incredible today - his pants were a lot less distracting under his coat
  • Also, Jaechun tried to trick Junsu into saying he preferred fans of a certain age but he was not fooled! Smart child xD
  • They also made Junsu do his oyaji gags + chum chuwaaa lol Junsu was trying so hard to get out of it but it didn't work xD
  • Junsu managed to get back at Yoochun though, made him do his baby voice lol so cute
  • Junsu asked the crowd who was here yesterday and a lot of people raised their hands! And he was like but why would you come again then??
  • And Junsu kept talking about the reality of how their fans were older (compared to other groups) and Jaejoong was like they're still young!!
  • After Begin, Jaejoong cried while saying he remembers the good times from before on this stage ,and how this would become a great memory too

  • Junsu said the I like eggs I like you gag. When the male fans screamed for Junsu, he asked if they were tired
  • Yoochun: I feel like cutting my hair~ Fans: No!! Yoochun: This is my own hair~ 😒 (Cr: JYJCN)
  • Jaejoong: Friends on the second and third level, please be careful when you move around.
  • JYJ asked male fans to scream. Q: Why did you become a JYJ fan? A: Because handsome! Q: Since how long? A: 5 years ago!
  • Yoochun: The ramen shop mentioned, was first visited when the 5 of them went Japan for the first time. Roughly 8 years ago. (Cr: FAY)
  • Jae rmb his 80 years old fan who came to see him before. At the moving stage, he bend forward & close up the distance between him and fans.
  • Jaejoong said the douiu koto soyu koto gag and said... no more soyu (soy sauce) 😂 Jae: It's really an old gag.
  • Junsu: Is our performance better than anyone else's?? Fans: YES!
  • Apparently tonight's concert is recorded for DVD. Prepare your money guys 💲😉 (Cr: JYJCN)
  • Jaejoong: I want to keep this enthusiasium till the end. It's so warm, is everyone sweating? This is so awesome, thank you everyone!
  • "You can hear Jaejoong choking on his tears. He must be controlling really hard."
  • Yoochun: We sang this song at this exact same place long time ago. It's a beautiful memory. Jaejoong: It was really blissful at that time
  • Jaejoong cried really hard. He couldn't speak. Yoochun is crying too. Jae: We hope everyone remembers this concert is a great concert.
  • Jaejoong cried to the point he had to stop speaking for 3 times. Junsu: They (dancers) accompanied us since Hug. It has been 10 plus years.
  • After Jaesu left the stage, Yoochun pointed a heart shape to fans before leaving. They took a photo with all the fans today. (Cr: 永恒的相守)
  • Translating from W-eternal, JYJCN and Fay! Thanks for the Chinese translations. :-)
  • Yoochun: We were just saying this at the hotel... We exist, because of all of you.
  • Oh the real conversation was - Jaejoong: Douiu koto? Yoochun: Shoyu nai ne~ (no soy sauce)

  • JJ: "I think it's good we kept the heat/excitement up till the end, but still, it's hot. Everyone, aren't you sweating??" (cr Angel33Wing)
  • JJ: "I think this was a good live, thank you very much" YC: "Because all of you are here, we (JYJ) can exist" (cr Angel33Wing)
  • JJ: "Even people who couldn't come because they live too far, please keep cheering on us!" (cr Angel33Wing)
  • Junsu said to check JYJ official Japan site (probably for the picture they took of themselves with fans) (cr. Angel33Wing)
  • Jaejoong: "I want to come up with new gags for Fukuoka & Osaka" x'D (cr Angel33Wing)
  • Yoochun: What's on my mind recently is.. I want to cut my hair.. Fans: YOU CAAAN'T Yoochun: It's MY hair!!!! (cr gttk1128)
  • Begin. JJ cried so much he couldn't talk and people shouted his name, the audience applauded. You could see YC tears on screen. Some laughed because of YC panda eyes after he cried (make-up) xD Then he went to hug JS by the shoulder cr motokoiroiro
  • Yoochun: "Everyone who is here with us today, you know... right now, we are falling in love youu~" cr. yuchan6002
  • (cr _misa6002) Yesterday: "I love you all~~" Today: "I love you all today as well~~"
  • (cr nanosei3015) JJ: "Memories of Tokyo Dome are not memories from the past. Rather, they became happy memories of those two days." "today Junsu kept asking questions" 1. To a 20yo male fan "Are you really a fan? Why do you like us?? Who do you like??" 2. Tot a junior high school fan "Why are you a fan? We aren't even on TV, so why?"
  • (nanosei3015) Abt "Beloved" (Sai Ai) JJ: I remember singing this song with YC at karaoke in Japan nee?~ YC: Jaejoong? Karaoke? I don't remember. JJ: LIAR!!
  • (cr nanosei3015) JJ: People in their 40s are pure~ JS: Pure? What do you mean "pure"? JJ: 20 years ago right.. people married early~ YC: "We went to eat ramen right~ There were XXX~" (wrong word) Fans: ??? Zazai? Zaazai? ..Then.. Fans: "ZAASAI! (pickles) This!"
  • (cr nanosei3015) Junsu: "As usual... I feel more pressured by the talking than by the singing"
  • (cr nanosei3015) "Junsu even said "shut up!" (uruseyo) to Yoochun from time to time"
  • (cr nanosei3015) JJ: "It's super hot! Aren't you hot Junsu?! You're sweating so much! Someone please bring a towel" A staff then came in a hurry with a towel but Junsu didn't notice bcos he was talking, Jaejoong quietly passed it to him.

  • Junsu is crying...and Yoochun also can't hide tears when he saw Jun-chan crying T_T RT yuchun6003
  • At the ending part, JaeJoong is not just crying.....but he's crying aloud
  • JaeJoong cries out when he is talking. Junsu keeps "uh-huh" (sound indicating agreement) and fixes his eyes on what JaeJoong is saying by a soft facial expression...Yoochun just keeps in silence and only pays attention to JaeJoong's words. But when they get back to center stage, Yoochun runs up to JaeJoong who is walking ahead, claps to shoulder and places arm around his shoulder, then can't hold back tears.(f. JJ_Naaa)
  • After encore, JaeJoong: everyone, did you enjoy today? are you sweating? could you sweat? did you really sweat? That's great, though everyone bought ticket to come and support us, not just only us who are enjoyable.(f. M6002H_WEareT)
  • After encore, Junsu: we tried best with much effort/strength, and this strength is come from everyone~ we're sure to put all effort in Osaka and Fukuoka concerts as well. Thank you very much (f. M6002H_WEareT)
  • Yoochun: Yesterday, after returning to hotel, our members talked to each other that JYJ can exist because you guys all are here.
  • JS: You guys also came yesterday, as well? Fans: Yesss!!! JS: Why do you go to the same concerts even in 2 times?
  • JS said he's worried about MC talk more than singing, dancing. he's afraid if he will say sth weird, then asks fans "my Jap is OK, rite?"
  • YC: I think if I cut hair Fans: NO! YC: NO? Doesn't man look good in short hair? I will think a bit cuz of my own convenience (laugh)

  • Jaejoong's hair today is parted in the center. XD (blackjacket_cl)
  • This fan said they sounded better today than yesterday.
  • Jaejoong did the opening again with too much energyㅋㅋㅋ (blackjacket_cl)
  • Jaejoong was humming Sai Ai, lol. Imitating Yoochun?
  • Jaejoong and Yoochun sang Sai Ai at a karaoke in JP together. (kjj_onlylove)
  • HAHA Jaejoong did a short dance when they're playing the accompaniment only in Ultra Soul. LMFAO. It was cute! (raphaela_www)
  • Yoochun wants to cut his bangs. However, the fans are against it. Hahaha RT @Runging1226
  • Yoochun pronounced Kyary Pamyu Pamyu wrong. He did it as 'Kyary Ppamyu Ppamyu" lol RT @Runging1226
  • Yoochun: I want to cut my hair... Fans: Ehhhhhhh?
  • Junsu's wearing tight shorts and a coat during Story. lol (blackjacket_cl)
  • Junsu changed into a red jacket!
  • Last phrase at the end of the vcr before So So - You and me. With love that will always not change. RT @Runging1226
  • During Found you, in the roving cart, Jaejoong knelt to look at the fans. (raphaela_www)
  • They want to know if what is the age of the most fans there. YC and JS said any age is good because they don't care about it really
  • Junsu threw his towel earlier and they said it doesn't have a smell haha
  • First, they looked for teenagers (10's). Then those in their 20's. Then 30's. There were lots of fans who are in their 30's.
  • Jaejoong: I am in 40's. 40's prideㅋㅋㅋ That woman who's from the 40'sㅋㅋㅋOh~
  • This male fan who's 20 kept on trying to get their attention lol
  • To the male fan who's 20 years old "How did you become a fan? Why do you like us?"
  • The friend of the 1st male fan was a male fan who's 47 years old. He became a fan five years ago which is 2009
  • Jaejoong: Will you remember to come before you're in your 80's?
  • Jaejoong did some aegyo and Yoosu lowered both of their heads lol
  • The remaining of the fans who didn't raise their hands are 50's and above. JJ: This is like the talk yesterday
  • They shouldn't see the boys when they turn off the lights but before Valentine, the light made them able to see JS's leg lol
  • Curious Junsu: Those who came yesterday, and coming again today. That's incredible
  • Jaejoong said that he'll do an old gag. Then he did, "Do yu koto? Shoyu koto!"
  • When introducing Lion Heart today: This was a song 4-5 years ago that was sang by this group. RT @chapapabug
  • Junsu: Who came yesterday? JS: Eh? Came yesterday and went again today? I don't get it..It's the same so why watch again, right? Right? Right? JJ: What did you say just now? cr: chapapabug
  • JS: To anyone who's here. There are many ages, everyone's ages, right? JJ: They're not many. JS: Then those whose ages are different than the singer's are many, right? JJ: Not that many. JS: ... (became stiff LOL)
  • Junsu and Yoochun doing aegyo to the crowd. Jaejoong to Junsu - Jaejoong: Can you be quiet......💢 cr: chapapabug
  • When doing the Syoyu Koto gag... Jaejoong: Ah... there's no soy sauce... (sighing sadly) cr: chapapabug
  • Jaejoong and Yoochun is crying now too so they can't talk
  • This is the reason why people are crying. Jaejoong was crying first then Yoochun followed.
  • Jaejoong was crying to the point that he can't talk (to give the closing words).
  • The memories of the old days... Even if the time for today's live passed by, it will be a memory - 141119 Tokyo Dome Kim Jaejoong
  • Yoochun did a heart sign before leaving the stage RT @Runging1226:

  • Junsu asked Jaechun to do the baby talk but JJ refused and said the old oyagi gag 'shouyu koto'
  • JJ said he'll learn new gag for Osaka and Fukuoka.
  • Jaejoong lost for words and he is crying
  • Yuchun was tearing too and Jaejoong cried. He sat down on the stage and crying.
  • Junsu was crying too. the 3 of them are crying..again... it makes fans cry too
  • Yuchun's make up was ruined because of his tears

  • JYJ said there is camera for DVD recording . it means they will release DVD of this concert, right?? :) RT @Rinmaze
  • JJ: I thought it was nice if the passion continued, n u guys have it. r u sweating? RT @Angel33Wing
  • JJ: I think it was nice LIVE. Thank you. RT @Angel33Wing
  • YC: we talked in the hotel though, we can exist because you all are there RT @yuchun6003
  • Jaejoong are at a loss for words because of tears... ;A; RT @midoyot
  • JJ and YC can't talk well because they are crying, so JS is talking instead of them.. RT @shachong
  • YC said to JJ "Don't cry...I said so, right??" and he is also crying.. RT @JJ_Naaa

  • JJ: Hi everyone~ welcome to JYJ Japan Dome tour Ichigo Ichieeeee~
  • YC: tanoshiiiii jyunbi okkayyyyyyyyyy......
  • JJ to YC: you are more energetic today~ lol
  • JJ and YC sing Sai Ai in karaoke~~
  • JJ: to everyone in the 2nd or 3rd floor, please be careful in jumping~
  • YC: I want to cut my hair. Fans: Nooooo YC: it's my hair!
  • JS: I was worried about my ment today but I think I'm doing well. Eukyangkyang lol
  • They are asking the age teens - 20s - 30+ fans to scream
  • They called out the 40s~ JJ said 40s are pure. JS asks what is pure? JJ was like ^^;;
  • Last song... No one believes JS~ haha!
  • Junsu asked, who among you came yesterday? Fans scream. JS said you also came today? Haha.
  • Junsu also asked, JYJ performance is better than other artists right? fans said yes~~~
  • JJ: I'll learn new oyagi gags for Osaka and Fukuoka (coz he only says the shoyu koto one)
  • JJ: This concert has been great. Thank you~
  • YC: We can do this because you are here.
  • JS is asking YC and JJ to baby talk. JJ said no, too old for that lol
  • JJ is crying omyyyy
  • JS and YC too ~~
  • JJ said they'll be together forever as JYJ.

  • "Good evening everyone, we are JYJ, welcome all to Ichigo Ichie concert!"
  • Jaejoong: "Are you guys feeling cold? But I’m very hot ah! Only sang 3 songs but my strength is a little…"
  • YC: "Is everyone ready to have fun till the end?" JJ: "Feeling very nervous for JP concerts this time round!"
  • Jaejoong: "Is everyone happy? What do you feel about our solos? Junsu and Yoochun indeed sang very well! There are many more songs to get “high” with everyone! Fans on 1st and 3rd floor, be careful~
  • Junsu: "I'm worried about speaking Japanese during talk time, even while I’m sleeping and dreaming at night…"
  • JJ asked JS he likes woman of what age... JS: "I like anyone, long as it's JYJ fan..."
  • JJ: "I like 40 years old woman, I like 40 years old woman's body..."
  • JYJ: "How did everyone became fans?" Fans: "Because you guys are very handsome!"
  • JYJ: "How long ago have you liked us?" Fans: "5 years ago~"
  • JYJ: "Anyone came with family and how old are you?" Fan: "Yes, I’m 43 years old." Junsu laughed and bowed~~
  • JYJ says they will release a DVD on Japan Dome Tour 2014 Concert!
  • Junsu: "We haven’t been on programmes for a very long time, why are there still 20+ years old people liking us?" Jaejoong to Junsu: "Didn't everyone already said! Because they like you ah!!!"
  • Jaejoong is very crying very badly now... He's wiping his tears while they say goodbye
  • Junsu and Yoochun cried too and their eyeliner smudged... Fans crying together with them...
  • Jaejoong said he's feeling very blessed while crying.

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