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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141118 JYJ 2014 Japan Dome Tour ~Ichigo Ichie~ in Tokyo Dome (Day 1)

  • Backseat MV just started! 7 mins to (official) concert start!
  • Starting!
  • Dance break now! Concert's been awesome and i've been busy watching so far so will post recaps!
  • THEY DID LIONHEART! !! My feels
  • Omg NEW JAPANESE SONG!! Wake Me Tonight! They look so happy performing it ♡♡
  • Now waiting for the encore to start :)
  • _=#%% $ i thought it was over then they came out after encore and performed BEGIN and the feels just swept thru everyone like GAH
  • And its over!! The Japan concerts are always the best for me though! Food first please! Will try to start recaps soon
  • Ok Recaps! First ment - YC did his jyunbi OK and was tired after that xD Then JJ said sorry we got everyone pumped but its a slow song next
  • Also, the mics started off a bit iffy but it got better. They also rearranged most songs (including chajatta! )
  • The front of the T stage also moved all the way to the front of the crowd, it was pretty awesome
  • Then they did the standard "scream if you're in your teens/20s/30s" and Junsu was complaining cos Jaejoong said 20s was 20-30 and not 29 lol
  • They were impressed by the no. of guys in the crowd! There was a 14 yr old boy in the arena & I think they felt old after talking to him lol
  • Prior to Lion heart they were also trying to recall how many years its been since they sang it - yoochun said 7/8 and Junsu said 5
  • Athe last song (of the main perf) people were like noo and Junsu was like "the children will be wondering what time mommy's coming home! "
  • Junsu said Wake Me Tonight will be on sale, didn't say when or if its a single or album. Its mid tempo and comes with a fun dance!
  • It actually sounds quite like a summer release. The boys had so much fun with the song it was beautiful to watch.

  • (cr:yuyu0604yuyu) The red microphones which the 3 members held in their hands were so impressive.
  • (cr:TChamick) Yoochun was crying. After he sung Changmin's part, I saw tears...
  • (cr:aimi_TVfXQ) Yes, Yoochun looked very sorrowful when singing Changmin's part, but he seems to treasure every phrase he sung. When he finished singing the part, he seems to be crying, or, there seemed to be tears in his eyes..TT TT TT
  • (cr:akiechon) At JYJ's live concert, they sang Tohoshinki's "Begin" at the very last. Jaejoong and Yoochun were wiping their tears, turning backwards. Jaejoong was looking downwards all the time, holding back his tears singing the song. Yes, at last, you could sing the song. You should have many feelings towards the song...Oh, my tears won't stop running down.

  • Jaejoong: I feel that despite us changing, everyone else has not changed. We changed a lot when we were 26-27 years old
  • Jaejoong: We become tired easily. I felt tired after the opening stage. (Laughs) Fans: EH?!?!?!
  • VCR in front was a compilation of JYJ's solo productions. Jaejoong's Heaven Postman, Yoochun's drama, Junsu's Mozart etc. (Cr: 永恒的相守)
  • Junsu: There are different kinds of beauty in the 20s and 30s. Yoochun: You're so bad! JYJ said they want to eat hitsumabushi tomorrowㅋ
  • Junsu: I want to eat Nagoya's hitsumabushi! Yoochun: We want to see our fans from Nagoya too right JJ? Jae: Of course! (Cr: JYJCN)
  • JYJ asked fans for their age and requested male fans to scream. They even talked to a 14 year old boy named Hikaru (?) 😒 (Cr: JYJCN)
  • Yoochun asked Jaejoong if a 50 year old female can still date. Jae: Yes, it'll still be ok even if she's 50. (Cr: JYJCN)
  • New Japanese song from JYJ: Wake Me Tonight. Listen to it here: http://t.cn/RzzhdyV (Cr: 玫瑰班常老湿)
  • Security guards were screaming for JYJ too 😂 JYJ said Wake Me Tonight will be released soon and its choreography is similar to Back Seat.
  • Second encore. JYJ singing Begin!!! (Cr: w-eternal)
  • Jaejoong: Thankful to everyone who supported us & even tho we feel sorry our age is catching up, we will work hard to present better stages!
  • Jaejoong: Please also take care of JYJ's activities in Japan after the concerts end. (Cr: JYJCN)

  • JS mentioned Hitsumabushi a lot of times+he wants to eat. He said, Hyung-ah let's eat tomorrow since it calms him LOOL (blackjacket_cl)
  • They were looking for male fans. Counting those until 19 years old. (blackjacket_cl)
  • The area behind Junsu's back was quiet (when looking for male fans).
  • Junsu was confused with the 20's-30's. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Those in their 20's are beautiful, and same with those in their 30's! KJJ disappeared. XD (blackjacket_cl)
  • JYJ's now in the main stage. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Yoochun was bending in the roving carts to look at something~ the fans probably. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Junsu was throwing the balls too enthusiastically. With too much force lol (blackjacket_cl)
  • Jaejoong was throwing two balls at a time. (blackjacket_cl)
  • During In Heaven - the picture effect at the Screen during the chorus and main part. If the main changes, it was sparkling/glittering then slightly disappears. Then it changes again when it's the chorus. Really pretty. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Yoochun was being a tease during Valentine lol #JYJ一期一会 (blackjacket_cl)
  • They said that there's only one song left #JYJ一期一会 (blackjacket_cl)
  • Jaejoong's mic stand earlier was red, decorated with white butterflies. (raphaela_www)
  • The video during Thirty was really pretty. It looks like it's the streets of soul. After it is a video of JYJ laughing loudly.cr: (blackjacket_cl)
  • They played the video of Incredible before Junsu performed it. (blackjacket_cl)
  • Everyone was standing horizontally on the stage during Get Out
  • Most of the fans in the venue were crying during Begin according to this fan. ;;
  • Junsu: I have received a lot of strength from everyone. Tomorrow, in Osaka, and Fukuoka too, let's do this.
  • JJ: From now on (___) YC: Ending (already)? JS: I like 40 the mostㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • 50's To Jaejoong: Dating is okay and it's not marriage but dating! So, it's okay!ㅋㅋㅋ JS: ...okay!
  • They shot Junsu's face close up about the one in 50's part and he said, "It's okayㅋㅋㅋ"
  • Oh they talked to a male fan who's 14 years old. Born in 2000. A millennium baby

  • BEGIN - YC sang YH and CM's part...at that moment all venue really cried out in broken heart, it's real, JJ & YC cried out (f. parkchonata)
  • YC: plz support us for next activities in JP after this tour RT saki0126jj
  • JJ: as we became jyj, didn't we release our first English song? Fans: yessss, it's THE BEGINNING JJ: ...next... (F. penta)
  • In JYJ concert VCR, there are 5 babies placing their arm around each other's shoulder =A= RT @. M6002H_WEareT

  • Start
  • Empty!
  • Baboboy
  • Ayyy Girl
  • Let me see
  • JJ: Think we're growing old. Tired after performing 3 songs (laughs)
  • YC: how are you everyone???~~~~
  • In Heaven
  • No one knows the song.. either it's a new song or a very old song
  • JS solo - Sora to Kimi no Aida ni (Between the Sky and You) by Nakajima Miyuki-san
  • JJ solo was Arukitai by Cho Yong Pil
  • YC solo - Sai Ai by Fukuyama Masaharu san
  • Butterfly
  • JJ ment: The 3 of us have different personalities so please look forward to our solo stages.
  • Ultra Soul
  • I love you
  • YC ment: Jejung and I went to the ramen shop. Ramen shop-san wa yoroshiku (thank you). lol.
  • Thirty
  • JS solo - Story by AI
  • Now is... Junsu time!
  • JS: Sorry everyone, but I want to really do this in Japan... Now is... Audience: Junsu Time JS: woooo!
  • JS solo - Incredible
  • So So
  • Chajatta !
  • JS: I want to eat Hitsumabashi this time coz we are not in Nagoya. YC: We want to see our fans in Nagoya right Jejung? JJ: Of course!
  • They are calling out male fans again~
  • JS: There is difference in beauty when you are in 20's or 30's YC: You are bad (lol)
  • the male fans are doing their best to be heard!
  • JJ: 50's are still okay. YC: Ja... ok for romantic relationship? JJ: romance... aaaaa... (laughs)
  • Lion Heart!
  • Be my girl
  • Back Seat
  • Be the one
  • Valentine
  • JP single! new song!!!!!! They said it will be released soon!
  • New single is called "Wake Me Tonight"
  • Fans chanting
  • Get Out
  • Nine
  • One more encore!
  • Begin

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